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Nadpozemská By Cynthia Hand Ivana Svobodová,

  • Title: Nadpozemská
  • Author: Cynthia Hand Ivana Svobodová
  • ISBN: 9788074471360
  • Page: 396
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Zjistit, e jste ste n and l, nen zrovna b n rutina ani proch zka r ov m sadem, zvl kdy v te, e m te naplnit na Zemi posl n , e m te kol, kter byl sv en jedin a pr v v m, ale nikdo v m ne ekne, jak ten kol p esn je Nicm n Clara, hlavn hrdinka trilogie Nadpozemsk , se s t m state n pere Dokonce se sna zjistit, kdo je ten pohledn kluk, kter ho v Zjistit, e jste ste n and l, nen zrovna b n rutina ani proch zka r ov m sadem, zvl kdy v te, e m te naplnit na Zemi posl n , e m te kol, kter byl sv en jedin a pr v v m, ale nikdo v m ne ekne, jak ten kol p esn je Nicm n Clara, hlavn hrdinka trilogie Nadpozemsk , se s t m state n pere Dokonce se sna zjistit, kdo je ten pohledn kluk, kter ho v d ve sv ch snech a kter zjevn n jak pat k jej mu posl n M ho zachr nit Je tohle smyslem jej ho ivota Nadpozemsk je p b hem nejen o and l ch, ale zejm na o l sce, p telstv , osudu a volb ch, kter n kdy mus me u init, ani bychom cht li.
    Nadpozemsk Zjistit e jste ste n and l nen zrovna b n rutina ani proch zka r ov m sadem zvl kdy v te e m te naplnit na Zemi posl n e m te kol kter byl sv en jedin a pr v v m ale nikdo v m ne ekne jak ten

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    15. I feel it only fair to warn you guys that I am involved in a one sided fictional relationship with Cynthia Hand In which we spend our evenings sipping martinis and laughing hysterically at the craptasticness of all the recent angel novels, while Jericho Barrons kneels at my side sporting a Galactica flight suit and feeding me chocolate dipped cherries Apparently, my fantasies have a knack for getting out of control at times Just roll with it.Anyhoodle, Unearthly is a delicious cheese filled Happ [...]

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    28. TBR Reduce Challenge 5 2011 Jess Now this is an awesome book It s no secret that I love Angle books, the whole element fascinates me, it s alluring, and lustful and just really fun reads So I m happy to say that Unearthly just added to one of my favorite Angel books of all time It s made of pure awesomesauce First off, I d like to applaud Cynthia Hand writing style Sometimes I get lost in terminology when one is reading these kinds of books, but she writes in a fluent steady pace, captivating me [...]

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