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The Awakening of Ren Crown By Anne Zoelle,

  • Title: The Awakening of Ren Crown
  • Author: Anne Zoelle
  • ISBN: 9780985861308
  • Page: 265
  • Format: ebook
  • In a world where layers of magic create worlds on top of our own, a girl desperately hunts an elixir for death Through the hallowed halls and criminal underworld of the magic world s most elite institution, time and glittering evil stalk her steps.Animated creations, enchanted gadgets, and marvelous machines vie with the students themselves mischievous engineers, diaboliIn a world where layers of magic create worlds on top of our own, a girl desperately hunts an elixir for death Through the hallowed halls and criminal underworld of the magic world s most elite institution, time and glittering evil stalk her steps.Animated creations, enchanted gadgets, and marvelous machines vie with the students themselves mischievous engineers, diabolical tacticians, battle hardened warriors, and terrifying roommates But even amidst an eclectic and powerful student body, there is something off about Ren s magicd the wrong people have started to notice.Where art comes alive and the bonds of destiny are forged, Ren will find the answer to who and what she is.A secret inside a secret world.The series The Ren Crown series is a New Adult and College Fantasy series that deals with art magic, magical science, and technology The Awakening of Ren Crown is the start of an epic adventure featuring a protagonist who would rather be diligently working in her lab than saving or ending the world but who will do anything to protect her family and friends.
    The Awakening of Ren Crown In a world where layers of magic create worlds on top of our own a girl desperately hunts an elixir for death Through the hallowed halls and criminal underworld of the magic world s most elite instit

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    1. 10 29 17 4th reread review still love this book with my entire heart although a few of my opinions regarding my review have changed and i ve made minor edits of this previous review to reflect that for full clarification, see my review for book 4 the unleashing of ren crown 10 10 still and i absolutely positively adore ren.2 1 17 holy SHIT wowis book quickly jumped to the top of my favorite books, only behind my ultimate favorites i have never enjoyed reading a protagonist from the first book r [...]

    2. 3 10 17 Loveeeeeeee6 6 14 3rd re read and STILL excellent Now to reread book 2 24 8 12 Even though the start is a wee bit slow, it was totally worth it I hadn t read a book that meshed that book s plot line with the over all plot line of the series so well since Harry Potter The real selling point for me was the incredible world building It was all so painstakingly thought out, every little piece connected with each other to form one hell of a world The way the magic works, how the Layers are co [...]

    3. This took me so long to finish I had other things going on at once so it was really hard to get into this book because there s a million different things going on in this book as well.I really liked the world building The magic layers Zoelle created was a really neat idea If you slack on reading the details anywhere in this book, you get lost so easily Probably why it took me a while to finish.The story behind everything was awesome I loved the whole idea of these twins losing each other The MC [...]

    4. last third of the book was GREAT, i feel in love with the characters, tho the world building and plot was a bit all over the place i got good expectations for the next one

    5. probably closer to 3.75 than 4 but bumping up for the charactersAppreciation for the existence of Constantine Leandred.

    6. The Awakening of Ren Crown is a rich, deep and engaging novel The story deals with the struggle many of us face, of not being able to let go of those we love when they are gone It also addresses the issues of finding out who we truly are and what we are capable of Although this novel is directed towards the youth fantasy audience it is written in a captivating and intelligent style that can suit all ages of fans of fantasy and magic As you journey with Ren , Florence Crown, through her adventure [...]

    7. 3.5 starsThere s a lot to like about this book, but the 1 was the characters and friendships We all know that found families is one of the best tropes and this did it well My biggest problem with this was the resurrection plot I ve always hated that type of plotline Anyway really looking forward to seeing what the crew get up to in the next book.

    8. I actually loved this for a first novel There s so much potential for a world and a story like this and I m really excited to get through the rest of this series Ren Crown might just end up being one of my favorite MC s, but she s got a long way to go with her magic and so much to learn about the world she s found herself in and it s rules before she becomes truly great Still, I very much enjoyed this cast of characters so far and look forward to getting to know them immensely The magic system [...]

    9. Re read review I m the kind of reader who doesn t really do rereads a lot because there s a tiny little annoying voice in my head saying, but what about this other book you had to read However, for the final installment of this amazing series, I decided that the tiny voice inside my head had to shush and I NEEDED to reread all 4 books so that I had everything fresh in my mind before diving into the gorgeousness that is going to be the 5th and final book The Destiny of Ren Crown view spoiler ahem [...]

    10. i loved loved LOVED it we ve got several amazing, well built friendships relationships, we have multilayered characters with complex emotions and impossible goals who have to make hard decisions and no matter how many times they evaluate the risk, something always turns out to be wrong despite their good intentions and it s just SO fascinating you have magic, girls supporting girls, platonic f m friendships, important lessons either veiled or shown said directly on page, character development an [...]

    11. I had this book lined up on my Nook for awhile, but it did languish, based on the cover I thought it would be another book featuring a girl, who would be, as they often are in YA, slightly disappointing, lackluster, while everyone around them seems entranced just the same.Though she is a bit mono focused, she isn t one of those annoying people who perfectly adapts to new skills and abilities and suddenly knows karate and three languages effortlessly She s confused, lost and heartbroken, and has [...]

    12. Rating 3.5 StarsThe Story From what I understand, the story is about a girl who recently lost her brother by magic they did not know about From there, she is sent to therapists and such, and surrounding herself by her most talented skill art She draws and paints, losing herself in her drawing with her art teacher who appears to be her friend But, he is not what he seems Soon, she is drawn into this world she has no idea about, trapping a boy in one of her paintings and hearing her brother s voic [...]

    13. I GOT TO SAY THAT IS ONE BEAUTFUL, STRIKING AND GROGEOUS COVER Absolutely entrancing It s captured my attention and drew me in and I was completely helpless WOW JUST WOW I love it As for the book It starts fast, then slows down, goes faster, then slows down again Sometimes I was confused and there s so much going on even when everything moves slow.BUTOverall it is acquire a touching book Everything Ren the heroin does is for her brother Christian, never stopping to think of the consequences she [...]

    14. Slow af but the characters make the book Shall continue series later Needs shorter chapters each with mini mini mini sub plot Besides that good shit

    15. Flowers bloomed beneath him, spreading everywhere The winning moment of the game The feel of a perfect second extended forever.He smiled A glorious, lovely smile.This book was amazing and I loved it so very much I kept getting a Harry Potter vibe which was awesome The love that Ren has for her brother made me so emo and I adore her friendships with Will, Olivia, Constantine, and Neph Will was absolutely adorable Ren s punishments and community service hours were so amusing and I enjoyed her inte [...]

    16. BotW 4.1.13 FINALLY DONE i am not sure how to rate it its around 3.5starsere are so many good aspects about this but also big drawbacks.Review finally I know I know This book split me right into two because there were many aspects I really liked about it and many I really didn t Which makes rating it really had.Its 3.5 Stars because it is better than good but not quite that great either My biggest issue is definitely the length it s incredibly looooong Usually that doesn t put me off a book, I a [...]

    17. This is one of those books that knocks you out with the sheer scope of the imagination It s juste magic is just fucking cool The world in this book isgod, like so carefully drawn but alsoen through the eyes of a protagonist who knows next to nothing so we discover things along with her in a haphazard manner This makes for a really fun, intense ride, with whacky stuff happening to Ren on every page I hesitated to give this 5 stars because it took me weeks to get through, but I don t feel as if I [...]

    18. You can see this full review and at Book Briefs bookbriefs The Awakening of Ren Crown is the first book in the young adult fantasy magic series, Ren Crown, by Anne Zoelle It was very fun and very magical I really enjoyed this book And instead of doing a traditional review, I am going to give you reasons you should read this book, and this series I love a magical boarding school setting The Awakening of Ren Crown takes place at Excelsince University, and it is every bit as magical as you would h [...]

    19. This was surprisingly excellent This was PACKED with magic and humour I mean a school for magical students and everything magical and enchanted Really this is just my type of book What I loved Magic, every page I read was full of magic and interesting magical beings and devices Magical guard rock and flying gophers sighs The dialogue.The characters were all wonderful and I craved of them The concept was original What I didn t like The book was very long and unnecessarily so There were many slow [...]

    20. holy world buildingit s definitely info heavy in the beginning, mentioning different things about layers of magic, but the farther you go, the it makes sense it is so intricately thought out and so refreshingly original i absolutely love this book and all of the characters in it ren crown is an extremely relatable mc, completely frazzled by all of the new things that come with being a mage and going to a magic school she also has that strong love for her brother, doing whatever it takes to get [...]

    21. 4 starsA set up novel for sureI have to admit there were a lot of times were I was TOTALLY stumped by the magic system It got to a point quite a few times where I closed the book and thought I don t actually have a clue what s going on It doesn t speak badly on the writing, but the world is just really complex and has a lot of components still really fun though Layered worlds LOADS of different types of Mages Protection Wards Shields Necromancy YES to all The last 1 3 of the book was really grea [...]

    22. I was pleasantly impressed with this book While it gives off a Harry Potter Fablehaven vibe, it is a distinct world of it s own.Never did I feel it to be predictable or cliche The dynamics of the characters were undeniably remarkable, and I find myself ready for the next book.There was a weird section in the beginning that felt disjointed and hazy, but after further reading it just added to the brilliance of the book.And I love that the character didn t have to be involved in some romantic trian [...]

    23. This is a very confusing read Most of the time I didn t really understand what was trying to be conveyed by the author The heroine is somewhat interesting through the first stage of the book, but it is the world around her that kept my attention Forgo logic, embrace dynamic insanity if you want to vaguely grasp the twisted oddness of this book The story pacing is disjointed, odd, and difficult to categorize Sometimes it was too academic and preachy for my taste, but such scenes were usually foll [...]

    24. The world that Zoelle creates is compelling I wish there had clarity in her descriptions of it Ren is a typical teenage heroine, yet the addition of magical elements kept what might have been a stale rehashing of other books interesting The great revelation at the end is neither, but the developing friendships were nicely detailed Zoelle loses track of time in the novel in several confusing ways Overall, I liked the world and the concept better than the writing.

    25. I LOOOOOOVED THIS BOOK I saw the book s cover and was compelled to read it right away.It has a bit of a slow start, but the world building is completely worth it Ren is an amazingly well written character and it felt easy to connect with.I hope the next book comes out soon, because the ending left me craving for waaay .

    26. I liked it a lot, the magic used in this world was complex and interesting I liked the fact that it kind of matches your personalty I did get a bit frustrated with ren s continued hunt to resurrect her twin I understand that she misses him but, obviously it is a bad idea to continue on that project.

    27. I have no idea what to rate this book I m not saying this because I think it s bad or good I just don t know Took me since it came out to finish it.

    28. I loved this book Her world building is really terrific, weaving together art and magic in a really interesting way Will recommend this book whole heartedly

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