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  • Title: Change
  • Author: Soraya Lane
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 464
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • When her twin sister dies of a mysterious heart condition, Riley King is sent to her grandma s ranch But instead of the isolation she s been aching for, she learns of a family secret that s been deliberately kept from her, until now.As if finding out she s actually a leopard wasn t enough shock for one vacation, Riley meets Hunter Logan the guy she s promised to For liWhen her twin sister dies of a mysterious heart condition, Riley King is sent to her grandma s ranch But instead of the isolation she s been aching for, she learns of a family secret that s been deliberately kept from her, until now.As if finding out she s actually a leopard wasn t enough shock for one vacation, Riley meets Hunter Logan the guy she s promised to For life But Riley has no intention of being told what to do by anyone, certainly not some stubborn, dominant shifter Even if he can make her purr, her claws are slicing out Until Riley realizes that not fulfilling her destiny would commit her sister to a life on the other side without her.
    Change When her twin sister dies of a mysterious heart condition Riley King is sent to her grandma s ranch But instead of the isolation she s been aching for she learns of a family secret that s been delib

    One thought on “Change”

    1. This book was a very pleasant surprise, and I am hoping that this will be turned into a series because I would love to know about Riley Please hold while I go stalk the author s site to find out muzak playing Ok, I don t see anything that says there will be another sigh Soraya, if you read this please consider a continuation Edit Correction Soraya says there will be a sequel So make sure you sign up to stalk her on Twitter and her website to get the latest and greatest Ok, back to my review If [...]

    2. When Riley King lost her twin sister she felt like she lost a part of herself Trying to grieve she goes to stay with her Grandmother who she hasn t had much of a relationship with There she meets Hunter Logan who she is promised too, but she also finds out that she is a leopard shifter Everything she believed about herself has taken a strange turn and Riley has to decide if she wants to be with Hunter and the life they would have or walk away.This was a unique twist for a shifter story had a ot [...]

    3. Deze recensie is als eerste geplaatst op Carpe LibraChange was niet voor mij bestemd Na het lezen van de blurb was ik super enthousiast geworden, misschien te, waardoor de teleurstelling toen ik begon te lezen des te groter was Het belangrijkste element dat een boek voor mij leuk maakt, ontbrak namelijk het verhaal kwam niet tot leven Elke keer als ik een boek lees cree r ik een soort 3D film in mijn hoofd Daarin zie ik hoe de wereld eruit ziet, de personages en vorm een band met ze Dat lukte me [...]

    4. Ever since the death of her twin sister things have been going downhill for Riley and they get even worse when she is sent to her grandma s ranch There she learns of a secret that her family has been keeping from her She finds out that she is a actually a leopard and worse yet that she has been promised to Hunter Logan for life Intent on controlling her own life she does her best to resist him However she soon learns that not fulfilling her destiny would commit her sister to a life on the other [...]

    5. Mediocre and anti climactic Maybe it was just me, but the way this one was written made it really hard for me to get into the story I was constantly sighing, rolling my eyes and thinking really, please tell you you did NOT just say that The romance was a one day instalove that was so corny it wasn t entertaining, believable or even likeable The fight scenes were a joke it was like watching a movie fight where the camera is pointed at their feet.unds terrible right It was There was no incentive t [...]

    6. I found this book easy to read enjoyable The character were interesting the story was good It is well written i found no problem s with the editing I would recommend this book i would read by the author to read this review like it visit bookprotagonist

    7. From Lilac Wolf and StuffThis is a fairly well written, fast paced novel Riley isn t such a bad heroin, and Hunter is obviously smokin Riley can t think of any other way to get over her sister s death than by spending the summer with her grandmother But turns out she can shift into a black panther, along with a bunch of others in that area Her grandmother is the leader of the pack and wants Riley to take over Oh she s also supposed to mate with Hunter.The story does grab you and it reads so fast [...]

    8. CR TICAAcabei de ler Change a 17 de julho de 2012 e achei a uma boa hist ria dou lhe quatro estrelas.Quando comecei a ler este livro, franzi o nariz e vacilei em dar lhe s duas ou tr s estrelas O in cio demasiado apressado e as coisas voam A autora n o soube veicular bem os sentimentos nesta fase e as frases soaram me for adas e ditas apenas por dizer O inimigo apresentado tamb m n o me pareceu cred vel e devia ter sido mais trabalhado, pois algo deveras estranho sobre cuja natureza ainda me int [...]

    9. Riley has been shipped off to her distant Gran after the tragic loss of her twin sister Claudia Out in the middle of nowhere woods, Riley is thrust into the presence of Hunter He s big, strong and commanding Then he tells Riley the stupidest thing she s ever heard She s actually a shape shifting leopard and not just any leopard but the next in line leader as her Grandmother Sophia is the current matriarch There s , Hunter is also her chosen mate Being seventeen just isn t what it used to be.Ever [...]

    10. Change is one of my favorite shifter books that I have read this year I never really used to be that into shifters I was always on the vampire end of the spectrum so I never really read shifter books until the end of 2011, and the first few I picked up didn t wow me I am so glad that I didn t give up on shifters because a few months ago I picked up this book and I loved it Since reading Change I have read a few shifter books and I have really enjoyed them all Riley is the perfect character for [...]

    11. I liked this book I m very weary of reading shifter novels werewolves included because they come off as such animals The whole beasts wearing human skins theme doesn t exactly thrill me However, the author wrote this novel in such a way that I liked the voice I liked the characters too.However, I thought the pacing was sometimes too slow, and sometimes too fast, skipping over vital information The plot seemed a bit too simple to me, but maybe the sequel will surprise me If this book doesn t have [...]

    12. Change is an interesting young adult paranormal romance novel The book focuses on Riley King, whose life is turned upside down when she loses her twin sister, is shipped off to stay with her grandmother and then discovers that she is actually a shifter a leopard shifter.On top of all this craziness, she meets Hunter the boy she is promised to be with forever Riley must come to terms with who she is and her destiny, or it may cost her than she could bear.I found the description and concept of th [...]

    13. This book is probably perfect for some YA audiences Unfortunately, I found Riley s internal struggle a big farce Even though she repeatedly doubts Hunter s actions, she continues to do nothing about it I understand she s 17, but she acts like a 12 year old no offense, 12 year olds I can understand her confusion and indecision, I can even give her extremely loneliness, but that s no excuse for her lack of mental processes.Also, I found Sophie really, really weird I don t care if you re an elder o [...]

    14. So I guess it all ends well D I liked Change though I still can t say I m a fan of the way the characters acted in the beginning I can see why they did act the way they did but it still felt odd to me Plot was a little rushed and mostly focused on Riley deciding if she wanted to be with Hunter.I would have liked to learn a little about the world Maybe meet a contender, another young shifter Not necessarily a love triangle but still someone else The only shifter we got to meet by name besides Ri [...]

    15. I enjoyed this paranormal story The characters were believable and easy to fall in love with Sometimes, I wanted to smack one or the other though The story starts out with me wondering if this was a second book in a series,since it started off talking about the loss of Riley s sister, but it wasn t and I felt a little lost at first And leaves me wondering if there would be another book because I want there to be , but I don t see any mention of it.The story is about taking charge of your life, f [...]

    16. This book is amazing, with a brilliant story line Even though it does tend to repeat itself and Riley s emotions tend to loop too much, it picks itself up with it s brilliant action and fluffy scenes There is one major problem with this book, though.There isn t a second Not yet at least But this book is definitely one of my very favorites, along with Hollowlands, Maximum Ride, Chaos Walking and The Thirteen series.

    17. Riley is a 17 yr old high school senior that is trying to deal with the death of her twin sister.She is going to her grandmothers home to try and recover from the depression she is in.Hunter is a warrior, Soilder and destined mate to Riley She hust doesn t know it yet This was a fun YA Paranormal read A twist on the bad guys is interesting The romance between Riley and Hunter is sweet Hot and great

    18. Ok, so I gave this 3 stars because I am unsatisfied with the ending I WANT MORE a longer into the future epilogue But i truly did like this book a ot, I wasn t quite into it at the beginning but then I wanted t know eery decision she was going to make Liked it alot, didn t love it though Really fast read though I was reading another book too at the same time soo took a little longer.

    19. I believe this is a stand alone but I would like Perhaps there will be There was a lot of teen sexual tension, some action and a lot of shifting I do enjoy shifter books with the whole mating thing, I just wish there was story with it It was a very good read, loved the characters but if there was a little bit to the story it would have been 5 stars for sure.

    20. This book was okay I m not sure why exactly but I just couldn t get all that into this book It was a clean read and for a YA book, that is good, but I think even the action scenes were just too tame for me It felt like scenes people were missing for me All in all this is a pretty good story for the YA genre but it was just missing something for me.

    21. Change was a good book All about change and something you find yourself going through in your life However I don t think many of us find out that our change is literally changing into another form or animal as Riley finds after the death of her twin Looking forward to reading of this author and her books Really enjoyable and fun.

    22. ChangeRiley has finally agreed to being Hunter s and now she s leaving to finish her last year of school What happens to them and when she gets back to her grandmother s do Hunter and Riley finally mate and does it get any easier for her to see her sister even though she is now here guide.

    23. I am half way thru the book.Can anyone tell me if there is actually anything exciting that will happen is this book.So far it is boring Riley is just to agable for me.Maybe i should ask the author to teach my teen to be so complaycent.I dont think to many authors out there remember what a teenager s are like.

    24. Ein wirklich nettes Buch, sehr spannend und absolut weiterzuempfehlen.Auch wenn die Details leider etwas unausgegoren waren, mit den Seelenr ubern und den Guiders aber ich gehe jetzt mal davon aus, dass das nicht die ganze Geschichte war und hoffe auf eine baldige Fortsetzung

    25. Amazing book in desperate need of a sequel Avoided cheesiness really well, which tends to happen in shifter books But Soraya keeps it s believable and classy Plus, a adorable romance that successfully incorporates mates without making the reader roll her his eyes.

    26. I really liked reading this book I loved Riley s character She was great Hunter is definitely hot The story as a whole was great Well written All the characters were great I would love to read a sequel to this story Definitely recommended.

    27. Easy read and was fast,interesting and the whole leopard shifters,enemies thing added up.Riley was confusing and weak at firstbut her progress as character was great and i loved Hunterhes hot messLOL Overall good one Sri.

    28. Good characters interesting story line I don t think the soul steals were explained enough which took away from the plot The book mostly focuses on Riley learning she s a shifter and her relationship with Hunter The soul stealers feel like of an half thought.

    29. This was a cute shifter romance It was interesting following Riley as she discovered her new life, her abilities and her destiny I would read from this author.

    30. I thought the book was good I hope there might be a sequel to this series I would like to see where Riley Hunter end up

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