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Three's a Crowd By Mary Lydon Simonsen,

  • Title: Three's a Crowd
  • Author: Mary Lydon Simonsen
  • ISBN: 9780615653372
  • Page: 475
  • Format: Paperback
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    One thought on “Three's a Crowd”

    1. This was a brilliant breakout start into the world of detective fiction for Mary Lydon Simonsen I have been reading her work for a few years now in the Romance genre and was very eager to see how she would do not just writing a mystery with a police detective, but making the detective British She did a terrific job I ve read and watched a lot of British drama mysteries and it felt the same The main plot centers around the mystery of who attacked Police Detective Sergeant Patrick Shea s former lo [...]

    2. In her latest novel, Mary Simonsen steps away from Regency England, to dive into a post 9 11 London, introducing us to Patrick Shea, a new detective for the Hampdon Crime Unit in London Shea seems to have it all easy cases, a great partner in Molly, a brother who is getting his life together, and a shot at moving up quickly in the police force.The novel talks a lot about what cops of his stature give up to be where they are family, friends, nights, weekends, and basically their lives Patrick s w [...]

    3. Celebrated Austenesque author, Mary Lydon Simonsen released a new book, yet it is not a Pride and Prejudice re imagining Simonsen hits the ground running in her debut mystery, Three s A Crowd.Detective Patrick Shea is the quintessential good guy who is on the fast track to becoming the newest detective on Scotland Yard s Murder Investigation team But when his ex girlfriend becomes the victim of an assault, things get complicated After learning of Annie s assault, Patrick Shea makes finding her a [...]

    4. Mary Simonsen has stepped out of the Austen world and into a modern English detective story with Three s a Crowd I did have to laugh when she mentions Collin Firth This is not her first non Austen work but I believe it is her first mystery It s a modern, edgy mystery that I thoroughly enjoyed Detective Sargent Patrick Shea is one hot copper He works for the Criminal Investigation Department CID in London s Metropolitan Police He has dreams of advancing to Scotland Yard He also has a high ethical [...]

    5. Mary Lydon Simonsen is very well known as a writer of Austen fan fiction But in this case, she surprises us all with a mystery novella It has nothing to do with Jane Austen, so I say that for a debut mystery story, she did really well That is why I give her 4 stars.Patrick Shea is a British copper, working for the Metropolitan Police His big ambition is to promote so he can work for Scotland Yard That is his dream But his dream may be in jeopardy when one of his ex girlfriends is assaulted one n [...]

    6. I discovered this author through a separate genre of writing but was willing to read her modern police procedural set in London This story is set in 2003 and introduces us to Patrick Shea who is a detective working in an imaginary district in London he and his partner police are on the trail of a burglar who is only striking the posh area and only sporadically He then learns of an attack on his ex girlfriend Patrick has a lot of exes, an ex wife, an ex one night stand , the ex girlfriend and a s [...]

    7. This was quite a short book but I liked it although at times there seemed to be an odd way of writing and strange expressions used The author right away points out that though this series is set in London she s kept the Americanised spellings, which I found a little peculiar I think she maybe meant bus fare but she referred to a bus transfer a couple of times Also someone being on the inside as opposed to being inside She also referred to a minor at 17 which isn t the case here There were a coup [...]

    8. Three s A Crowd by Mary Lydon SimonsenA mystery novella length 193 pages that introduces Detective Sergeant Patrick Shea Shea is new to the Hampden Station, and is making his mark When his ex girlfriend is assaulted in another district, Patrick Shea involves himself in the investigation unofficially This book reads like a full length novel with one plot flowing into the next No guts, gore or bodice ripping Mild swearing, but in context Ms Simonsen includes a Glossary of British Terms which was v [...]

    9. I stayed up all night to read this The characters were very well written, and I look forward to seeing them in future books I hissed and booed at the baddies and cheered the good guys and was surprised at who the true villain was Even the minor characters got me hopping mad there is a set of nasty greedy sisters who I hope receive retribution in a future book.I enjoyed this book very much, and gladly recommend Mary s writing.

    10. I have read many of this author s Austen esque novels and enjoyed them, but I was happily surprised at how very good this mystery is I had to read through it and finish it all in one night.After the classics, a mystery is my favorite reading In this one, the hero is quite appealing and the plot is well done I hope this will be the beginning of a new series

    11. Detective Sergeant Patrick Shea, based in Hampden, London is hoping soon to be placed at New Scotland Yard But can his personal life interfere with that as he continues to catch criminals, some interesting secondary characters keep the story moving.Shall watch out to see how the series develops.

    12. We meet Patrick Shea, a new detective in the Hampton Crime Unit in London He s good looking, charming, and has a great sense of humor That helps when the rest of the unit decides to lay a joke on him He s the golden boy of the station or the nick as it s called He s just solved an important case but the assault of an ex girlfriend has brought complications to his personal life that could have serious ramifications on his career.What I loved about this novella was that it was a complete story It [...]

    13. I do follow the PBS mystery series on TV, which seem to all be British mysteries, don t usually read mysteries Therefore when the latest in the Patrick Shea series Dying to Write was reviewed on Austenesque Reviews due to its being a murder mystery set at a Jane Austen Convention and received a good review on the site, I responded that I could not read the fourth in a series without reading the prequels So the author informed me that the first novella was only.99 for the kindle version on I have [...]

    14. I normally don t read murder mysteries or crime stories, particularly about police detectives.The closest I generally come is Robert Goddard s novels which often feature a murder or two but in quite a different context so this was a challenge I was surprised how quickly I finished Three s A Crowd, even allowing for it being a novella.Patrick Shea is a pleasant, honest, cheerful and most importantly good looking London copper He s very likeable but I felt he could have done with something other t [...]

    15. Three s A Crowd is an introduction to the world of London based Detective Sergeant Patrick Shea For Patrick Shea, after his young son, being a policeman means everything He s aiming for Scotland Yard s Murder Investigation Team, and the chance to join the MIT seems close enough he can smell it.Right now, though, DS Shea and his partner DC Molly Updike are dealing with the elusive Hampden Burglar, a missing teenager, and re opening a cold case Then there are the added complications of the assault [...]

    16. I am familiar with Ms Simonsen s work in her many Pride and Prejudice variations that I have mostly found to be very well written and compelling, with great dialog and character development I was a little disappointed that this was a novella, as it lacked as much of the details of Ms Simonsen s other work as far as character development The main character is likable though his somewhat messed up personal life takes over the story in the case that he investigates I m not conversant in British pol [...]

    17. Patrick Shea is on the fast track to working at New Scotland Yard He as excelled in solving cases and has an excellent new partner, Molly.His ex girlfriend is assaulted one night walking in a bad part of town and Patrick finds out about the assault Even though it s in another precinct, he takes over the case risking his chance to move to New Scotland Yard.He needs to find out who assaulted her and why.A very fast paced read I enjoyed it very much

    18. Here s a great start to a detective mystery series Mary Lydon Simonsen has done a thorough job creating a visual work with well defined characters and enough detail without being written in foot pounds I highly recommend this series.

    19. Two comments 1 one of the least authentic British police procedurals by an American author Can t hold a candle to Elizabeth George or Martha Grimes 2 Double standard for sexual behavior Patrick can be a horn dog, yet he judges Annie harshly.

    20. I liked this short novella, a police procedural but with a personal touch for Patrick Shea the main character He doesn t always get things right with his personal life but I like the man and look forward to reading from this author and her new genre.

    21. It was nice to read something from a genre I m not used to reading much of I enjoyed the author s change of pace from her other works I didn t see the ending until almost the end itself I enjoyed the character development of Detective O Shea.

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