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Alice in the Country of Hearts: My Fanatic Rabbit, Vol. 01 By QuinRose,

  • Title: Alice in the Country of Hearts: My Fanatic Rabbit, Vol. 01
  • Author: QuinRose
  • ISBN: 9780316229203
  • Page: 346
  • Format: Paperback
  • After being swept down a gaping hole in her garden, Alice Liddell finds herself in the Country of Hearts, an outsider among the land s peculiar inhabitants Taking up residence at Hatter Mansion, Alice occasionally forgets that her host, Blood, is the head of the Mafia But she is quickly reminded of that fact by Blood s violence toward his most loyal follower, the MarchAfter being swept down a gaping hole in her garden, Alice Liddell finds herself in the Country of Hearts, an outsider among the land s peculiar inhabitants Taking up residence at Hatter Mansion, Alice occasionally forgets that her host, Blood, is the head of the Mafia But she is quickly reminded of that fact by Blood s violence toward his most loyal follower, the March Hare Elliott has never known the care and attention Alice shows him, and her ways are as fascinating to him as his rabbit ears are to her But can love truly blossom between two who are so different One day, a mysterious rabbit eared man named Peter suddenly appears in Alice s garden and kidnaps her, whisking her off to a dangerous world where every resident brandishes a weapon Trapped in this land in the midst of a three way power struggle, Alice accepts an offer to stay at the Hatter s mansion At the mansion, Alice meets the Hatter s right hand man, Elliot March, who is likable and charming and sports a pair of bunny ears And yet, Alice cannot get over the fact that Elliot is actually a Mafia hitman, willing to kill people without hesitationIn this popular Wonderland manga, the March Hare has finally arrived
    Alice in the Country of Hearts My Fanatic Rabbit Vol After being swept down a gaping hole in her garden Alice Liddell finds herself in the Country of Hearts an outsider among the land s peculiar inhabitants Taking up residence at Hatter Mansion Alice

    One thought on “Alice in the Country of Hearts: My Fanatic Rabbit, Vol. 01”

    1. I m not really sure what to say about this one, I bought it on a whim solely because it s characters are based onAlice in Wonderland It s cute, that s about all I ve got to say lol Cute, brainless entertainment it s refreshing Like mint ice cream between courses forgettable but tasty.

    2. Somehow Alice was different this oneke, aggressive or something Not a fan of the artwork in this one Everyone seemed too tall and narrow I am honestly tired of hearing Alice s thoughts because she says the most obvious shit Also, when the hell has she ever been sarcastic Why is she comparing herself to Blood Why do we still know nothing about the guy she was in love with in her world I like Elliot a lot but Dee and Dum are so intolerable for me I just wish Alice wouldn t be such a close minded [...]

    3. I LOVED this It made me love manga again and now I just want to sit and read all the other spin offs and the other original.

    4. Surprisingly really enjoyed this I didn t like how you got no back story on how Alice ended up in the country of hearts, it just jumps in at a random point There are many points where I was confused but I still found it enjoyable.

    5. Alice decides to stay at the Hatter mansion, even going so far as to get a job there She slowly becomes closer to Elliot, until the day she witnesses him doing his job killing people for Blood That awakens doubts in her, which deepen when view spoiler Elliot tells her he ll kill her sister for hurting her and making her unhappy Alice leaves and ends up traveling with Ace to Heart Castle He gets lost, so she joins up with Peter when he shows up, but Peter ends up locking her up to keep her from l [...]

    6. A delightful twist on the original Alice in the Country of Hearts series Instead of Blood Dupre being the main love interest, Elliot March is the beau Alice has fallen for Elliot is adorable and sweet but also vicious and deadly Falling for a double sided man is at best confusing, at worst, painful Volume one ends on a cliffhanger with Alice in danger, leaving the reader wanting the next volume.Note The Alice in the Country of Hearts series is based on an Otome dating game The resulting manga by [...]

    7. In this spinoff of Alice in the Country of Hearts, Alice makes her way from Julius and the Clock Tower to the Hatter Mansion After meeting Blood Dupre, Alice has decided that the man who resembles the man she loved is not the same person Granted, everything in this world is different, she falls for Hatter s second in command Elliot March Elliot March is kind, gentle, and very cute especially his rabbit ears , and Alice adores him in every way However, when she realized that Elliot is Blood s top [...]

    8. No No no no no I am not being fair but no.I read the first volume of Alice in the country of heart about a year ago and was slightly fascinated, mind you I had stopped reading manga ages ago, I just read it because I love Alice in Wonderland When I bought that mega volume I also bought this one because they both were part one and I did not understand why At all.After doing some research, I have concluded that I still don t understand a sh t Is this a companion Something else Something that happe [...]

    9. The Alice in the Country of series are adaptions based on the otome maiden games of the same name Each installment places the lead character Alice amongst a reverse harem where her decisions change so that she becomes romantically involved with a different character for that story Loosely based on Alice in Wonderland, the original six volume set, Alice in the Country of Hearts, explains her arrival and introduces us to the entire cast Both the hare and the rabbit take centre stage in My Fanatic [...]

    10. This story is basically a what if Alice had met and stayed with the Hatter Mafia instead of at the clock tower with Julius when she arrived in Wonderland It plays much like an extended version of scenes we ve already seen between Alice and the mafia members, but there should be new content next volume since this one ends on a mini cliffhanger I just finished re reading the first five volumes of Alice in the Country of Hearts, so the change in art in this manga seemed radical The new artist also [...]

    11. This is another spin off from QuinRose s Alice in the Country of Hearts Clover Joker series While it can be read as a stand alone, I would recommend reading the original series of Alice in the Country of Hearts first since that gives readers a much in depth look at the world and series.My Fanatic Rabbit takes the original Hearts story on a different path, leading to a different pairing that of Alice and Elliot, the March Hare My interest in this particular series came from my interest in Elliot [...]

    12. This book jumps right into the middle of the story and then chugs on from there Although it explains things, understanding the story and characters is difficult It is all so odd in an obnoxious kind of way, and perhaps even boring Still, interesting idea.

    13. Alice in the Country of Hearts My Fanatic Rabbit takes place shortly after Alice first arrives to the Country of Hearts She doesn t understand how the world works and still believes that she s just dreaming Unlike later stories that explore Alice s relationships with other characters in greater depth, this romantic pairing occurs before Alice has really gotten to know anyone And perhaps because of that, the romance feels forced and rushed I like Elliot March, but he s too different in this what [...]

    14. I like Dee and Dum to be honest even though they love to kill and don t think of Alice as a friend, but a sister for some reason but I won t judge So if I get this straight Heart no kuni no Alice comes in different series Clover no kuni no Alice, Heart no kuni no Alice, Joker no kuni no Alice, and Clock no kuni no Alice And they involve all of the characters Vivaldi, Blood, Elliot, Peter, Boris, Dee, Dum, Gray, Nightmare, and Pierce I like Boris and Pierce s relationship though Cat chasing after [...]

    15. Ok this is the only spin off so far that I completely did not like For some reason the art style is different and it s printed by a different publisher.I just think it s bad The things the characters are saying are so random and literal I think it might actually be a translation issue but the relationship between alice and elliot just seem forced Like it came out of no where I realised about half way through that I m not going to keep it I didn t like the story, I didn t like the art style, this [...]

    16. I love the Wonderland theme it has the same concept of Alice in Wonderland, but has its own little twist What really caught my eye was the cover All the food made it so colorful and appetizingWhat I didn t like was the way some of the characters were drawn Most of the time they looked fine, but, for example, one time Alice s head looked way too small for her body The plot seemed to be going a little fast too I wonder what s in store for the rest of the mangas view spoiler because the Queen is al [...]

    17. Strange, disturbing, intriguing and seemingly insipid Yet once you begin to read them you must wonder if they aren t in fact deeply rooted in archetypes and or existential metaphor This is a world where things make no sense A world where everyone likes or loves Alice A world that seems to hyercontextualize the bad elements of humanity and its hierarchal structures.I like this series as a RA choice, because it has elements of both the romance and stupid humor that are usually separated into guy a [...]

    18. I liked the art style in this one The characters were not so super pretty all the time, but the poses and outfits were always good There was inconsistency in some of the heights amongst the characters, I don t think it was perspective The story was rather weak In this one Alice moved into the Hatter Mafia mansion and has a thing with Elliot and his ears The basis of the affection was too light and it was not that believable So, I probably won t continue reading Elliot s route.

    19. Puzzling I already read the three larger compilations of Alice in the Country of Hearts, and figured this would be a sequelbut it appears to be a retelling of the same story, with Alice making different choices My understanding is that this was originally a game, so perhaps this reflects the different pathways players could pursue.

    20. A very quick read I m abit upset I went through this so fast I m new to manga but I have to say this was a good start This story was cute, silly, and so light to read At the same time the twist of romance makes you keep reading wanting to know why everyone is in love with Alice and who is she really falling for And will the nightmare guy come back

    21. EhhI used to love Mangas, but this one is simply trash She s romantically involved with pretty much every guy in the story and is infatuated with someone who treats her like trash Not only that, but the book I read included an almost rape scene which I felt really uncomfortable with This is not a good role model for young women, and it is also hard to enjoy as an adult Stay away.

    22. Blood and Elliot were and are my favourite characters in this series And this mini spin off focuses on the Hatter Mafia However, I feel like Alice is different from the original series I don t understand her violence towards Elliot s ears And stop calling him a rabbit He is a hare Did you not see how crushed he was when you called him a rabbit I m ok I ll just keep reading.

    23. Different artist than the others, and it s pretty obvious at some points.This is a revisit to Country of Hearts in which Alice gets together with I m going to assume Eliot since he s on the cover.It s cute, but if you didn t like Eliot, I suggest not reading this series.

    24. Contains Episodes 1 7 This series seems interesting and allows the reader to get to know Elliot March the March Hare better I really enjoyed learning about Elliot s personality in this volume and am looking forward to seeing what happens next.

    25. I wasn t expecting much when I picked this manga up But, this dark take on the Wonderland story has just the right mix of romance and mystery to suck a reader right in The guys with bunny ears are an adorable bonus.

    26. Ugh This is not the type of manga I prefer The description made it sound interesting, but since I haven t read the first series I didn t know what I was getting into No meat to the story, the art is weak and Alice is annoying Fifty Shades of Mary Sue minus the naughty bits.

    27. Went with three stars because there wasn t much going on literally just Elliot Alice shipping without any real foundationbut whatever If you re reading these it s all about rectifying unfulfilled OTPs of the original books and set up for book 2 Now to find 2

    28. i love this series with all my heart but my is it hard to follow i love that it branches out to all the characters but i dont like that the artwork changes four stars for great plot development and characters but almost subpar art

    29. There s not enough of anything, actually it feels like Quin Rose just ended it too abruptly There s not much explanation and too much speculation on how things are goingBut I guess 2 stars is enough to the beautiful artwork and doki doki fangirl stuff

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