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Alice, Where Art Thou? By Elizabeth Cadell,

  • Title: Alice, Where Art Thou?
  • Author: Elizabeth Cadell
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 128
  • Format: Paperback
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    Alice Where Art Thou None

    One thought on “Alice, Where Art Thou?”

    1. LameThree air head girls with 1950s views of men, marriage and morality take part in a limp mystery which never takes off until the denouement when in an explosion of activity we learn who and why It is short enough to be expensive candy fluff If you are a fan you will enjoy, otherwise you might want to save your money.

    2. It had potential but it felt rushed and like the author didn t really care about it Cadell has written much better stuff.

    3. Full of humor The protagonist s observations and comments regarding other characters or situations was simply hilarious.

    4. Great Wonderful story Quick love interest Interesting mystery Actually than one mystery Elizabeth Cavell is one of my favorite authors and I m so happy the family decided to publish all her out of print books

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