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The Collection: Short Fiction from the Transgender Vanguard By Tom Léger Riley MacLeod Ryka Aoki Susan Jane Bigelow Imogen Binnie Everett Maroon Katherine Scott Nelson Casey Plett,

  • Title: The Collection: Short Fiction from the Transgender Vanguard
  • Author: Tom Léger Riley MacLeod Ryka Aoki Susan Jane Bigelow Imogen Binnie Everett Maroon Katherine Scott Nelson Casey Plett
  • ISBN: 9780983242208
  • Page: 274
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A dynamic composite of rising stars, The Collection represents the depth and range of tomorrow s finest writers chronicling transgender narratives 28 authors from North America converge in a single volume to showcase the future of trans literature and the next great movements in queer art.
    The Collection Short Fiction from the Transgender Vanguard A dynamic composite of rising stars The Collection represents the depth and range of tomorrow s finest writers chronicling transgender narratives authors from North America converge in a single vo

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    1. In all honesty and transparency, I m giving this 3 stars instead of 2 or 1 solely because it is what it is and I m glad that something of its kind does exist But 3 stars is generous just considering the quality of the writing here And of course quality will vary among stories in any anthology, but way too many of these stories are just bad bad irredeemably are you kidding me who would publish this shit bad Some were just plain poorly written, like sentence level poorly written Some just didn t h [...]

    2. it s usually kind hard for me to get excited about anthologies, but this one is amazing Sensitive, witty, experimental, philosophical, visceral, cerebral, soulful, sexy, it s all here The pieces capture what I love best about short fiction a form that does not get nearly enough appreciation in a novel dominated literary world

    3. Obviously, a Roman Incident by Red Durkin what a fox was my favorite story, but there is SO MUCH between these beautiful covers

    4. Founded in 2011 as a specialty publisher focused on transgender narratives, Topside Press brings their first work to market with The Collection Short fiction from the transgender vanguard edited by Tom L ger and Riley MacLeod.Like most collections, this one is hit or miss, with some absolutely outstanding entries, as well as a few stories I admittedly skimmed through to the end On the miss side of the spine are a few bland, boring, slice of life stories that unfortunately tended to revolve aroun [...]

    5. The variety of themes, genres and styles in this collection is exciting the inconsistent quality is discomfiting The best stories aren t necessarily the ones by the most prolific and recognised writers But I think it makes for an awkward anthology when some of the pieces seem patently better than others and I mean that the characters are developed, the writing is engaging, the ideas are interrogated deeply, there is a greater subtlety of emotion, it is persuasive or pleasurable, there is ju [...]

    6. Twenty eight emerging authors each unique and surefooted in their narrative prowess together make for an outstanding anthology In particular, stories by Red Durkin, Carter Sickles, Casey Plett and Alice Doyle have remained on my mind since reading an early copy of THE COLLECTION My biggest thanks and appreciation for editors Riley MacLead and Tom Leger I can t wait to watch this book garner accolades it deserves.

    7. DNF People I respect and admire adored this book, and I probably went into it expecting too much There s a LOT of drug references, and the very first story comes from a weird place that I can t connect to at all I skimmed through others and they all kind of do This might be a great book for others, but it just wasn t for me.

    8. There are some great stories in here I liked Imogen Binnie s story about fandom and brooklyn and histories a lot, and Casey Plett s other women was great And I loved Red Durkin s piece I mean OF COURSE it features an eating contest and name checks my idol Sonya Thomas In fact there are a lot of celebrities in The Collection Maybe someone can develop a literary theory about that There s also quite a bit of fantasy fiction and even though I never read fantasy books I kinda loved those stories, a f [...]

    9. Like any anthology, this one has its ups and downs There are wonderful stories, such as RJ Edwards standout Black Holes, and some weaker entries, but the sheer fact that this collection exists is reason enough to buy and read it The mainstream perception of trans literature if there is such a thing is pretty exclusively focused on coming out stories and or tragedy Here instead are superhero stories, slices of life, romantic vignettes all of them with trans people at the center Trans people are [...]

    10. as with all anthologies, some works were better than others but all in all, i really enjoyed it i laughed, i cried, i got turned on, i got turned on while crying.you know, the whole transgender experience.i really loved its unapologetic presentation like, here is our shit, like it or not, it doesn t matter because we didn t make it FOR YOU i identified with a lot of the stories, even ones that weren t narratives i have identified with in the past a must have queer reader, published by a trans ow [...]

    11. The stories in here are so varied as to break the stale concept of the trans narrative Thank Xena The only improvement I can think of here other than making my own story in the anthology better is for there to be anthologies like this one, so we can start laying down not only this snapshot of trans literature, but also our development as a writing community over time.

    12. While the themes and issues dealt with are all really interesting, in terms of actual writing this collection is a bit of a mixed bag Some of the stories are really great, but there were a few that I had to skip.

    13. It s a really diverse collection of short stories that seemingly have nothing in common other than the fact that they have a central character that is trans This collection shows how diverse trans people really are That being trans doesn t define anyone, it s just a part of us.

    14. Nicely varied collection of short stories that are unified by transgendered points of view I liked this book and learned from it, which is sorta what I m always hoping for Blue bookcase review thebluebookcase 2

    15. Massive collection that pushed forward the field of trans lit Quality of stories ranges, some are pretty incredible, but with this many in the book they can t all be Still, very much worth the read.

    16. Great collection by talented writers featuring fictional transgender characters in a variety of imaginative situations There is even a Necronomicon.

    17. 3.5, rounded up favs saving carter sickelsthe caf r drew THE favother women casey plettgreenhorn k tait jarboethe queer experiment donna ostrowskymasks of a superhero mikki whitworthstones stand still madison lynn mcevillyrunaways calvin gimpelevichramona s demons susan jane bigelowbirthrights m robin cookpower out adam halwitzless poc disability rep than i d like tho physically disabled trans people please

    18. A collection spanning multiple genres and authors centered around transgender characters.If I had to pick a single favorite, it would be Donna Ostrowsky s The Queer Experiment, written in the a 1920s sci fi style.

    19. So I thought I d wrapped up with The Literary Others event after Annabel, but I realized I had time to sneak one into the group And what better to do than add one that someone else suggested Tom, one of the editors, filled out my lovely comment form and offered me a review copy of The Collection Short Fiction from the Transgender Vanguard and I figured why not add it to this month s event And it was at this point I realized I d read at least one piece of work from Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Int [...]

    20. This was an incredibly uneven anthology, and I was a bit surprised at how dreadful so much of it was considering Topside Press s stellar later record.There are some I really enjoyed Imogen Binnie and Casey Plett of course , Ryka Aoki, Red Durkin, Riley Calais Harris, Cyd Nova, and others in which it was just nice to see some decent representation if it wasn t spectacular Generally, the stuff by trans women was pretty decent.But so much of this was just an odd insight into some collective trans d [...]

    21. The Collection was amazing Read my review on PrettyQueer here.But seriously, the book was magical The fact that a book of short fiction with trans protaganists exists is awesome but honestly even beyond that fact there are so many really delicious stories in this book and I really enjoyed reading it FYI, there are a few mildly sexually explicit stories in The Collection so while I don t really think that means it s inappropriate for teens older teens to read, I want to put that out there since I [...]

    22. As with any anthology, there are stories that are hit or miss In regards to this book, many of the stories are a miss They offer good ideas for stories e.g loss of male privilege, the fetishization of Asian women when that privilege is lost after post op gender reassignment surgery, and one story where a superhero goes through gender reassignment surgery.Some stories begin with these good ideas or a story that will leave you thinking, and then they just stop e.g the superhero story Other stories [...]

    23. I was pretty excited to pick up the anthology The Collection, which brings together quite the diverse group of writers all creating narratives, to paraphrase editors Tom Leger and Riley Macleod, featuring trans characters as protagonists, rather than comic relief, or a character used as a tool to further the plot of a cisgender main character The Collection aims to present trans characters as agents of their own destiny This anthology has been a long time coming, and a fantastic venue for up and [...]

    24. Corposa antologia di racconti con tema comune le molteplici declinazioni di identit di genere La raccolta contiene racconti differenti, memorie autobiografiche, scritti intimisti e racconti surreali ma le narrazioni non sono mai banali e svelabno soprattutto al lettote che non frequenta certe tematiche lo sfaccettato e variegato mondo transgender.Non tutti i racconti sono ugualmente godibili ma alcuni hanno lasciato il segno.Io ho particolarmente apprezzato, ridendo di gusto, Ramona s demons di [...]

    25. I thoroughly enjoyed L ger and MacLeod s anthology of contemporary trans fiction published in 20102 I was quite impressed with the breadth of stories included ranging from poetic biographical explorations to mainstream short stories about superheroes featuring trans protagonists Many of the stories featured heartbreaking portrayals of a trans person s continuous struggle with acceptance from themselves and others in a contemporary society that does consistently tells them they are wrong It was [...]

    26. This is a collection of stories by and about trans and otherwise non gender conforming individuals and it is AWESOME.There are some gorgeous coming of age stories, great reflections on gender and society, some sad and heart wrenching stories There are some stories where being trans or genderqueer are very central, and some where it s barely mentioned But my favourite ones were the hilarious and weird and unexpected ones Like the one about Captain Macho, the superhero, learning how to be a superh [...]

    27. These stories vary in quality some are fantastic, others not so good, and there s a couple bad ones But I m glad I read them For the most part the stories were pretty good and I m glad there were a few fantasy sci fi stories to mix it up since most of the others followed similar plotlines Some of my favorites were Saving by Carter Sickels, To The New World by Ryka Aoki, Black Holes by RJ Edwards, and Runaways by Calvin Gimpelevich.

    28. I was surprised by how good this was, given that most of the authors are not well known, the genres were very varied, and collections of short stories are almost always uneven The only author I d heard of was Imogen Binnie, although other reviewers here are saying some of the others have good reputations as well My favorite stories were Casey Plett s Other Women and Susan Jane Bigelow s Ramona s Demons.

    29. I m not sure how you write a review of this book It s relatively unique There aren t many books of trans fiction by trans authors, so if you want to read that, then this is one of the few options This book can be a big fish in a small pond It has about 28 stories from different authors, so there s a lot there Type of story varies as well, so it s not all the same Relatively equal mix of trans female and trans male stories A handful of nonbinary stories I think.

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