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And Then I Thought I Was a Fish By Peter Hunt Welch,

  • Title: And Then I Thought I Was a Fish
  • Author: Peter Hunt Welch
  • ISBN: 9780985318116
  • Page: 228
  • Format: Trade Paperback
  • PATIENT NAME Peter Hunt WelchSEX MADMIT DATE 10 18 2000DOB 02 28 1980HISTORY OF PRESENTING ILLNESS The patient was a fairly poor historian, appearing unable to provide coherent description of the events preceding his current hospitalization In a rather vague and disorganized manner, he acknowledged the presence of persecutory concerns He reported unusual experiencesPATIENT NAME Peter Hunt WelchSEX MADMIT DATE 10 18 2000DOB 02 28 1980HISTORY OF PRESENTING ILLNESS The patient was a fairly poor historian, appearing unable to provide coherent description of the events preceding his current hospitalization In a rather vague and disorganized manner, he acknowledged the presence of persecutory concerns He reported unusual experiences like having seen the earth and the bottom of the sea In the emergency room, he reported concerns that he might have killed a buddy of his and that he could take a friend s soul from his body He also reported his ability to be in contact with God Initially he denied any alcohol or drug use Later on, he admitted having had LSD on several occasions He described his trips as traveling the world and touching things He also acknowledged the use of heroin, crack cocaine, mushrooms, ecstasy, and speed, but he was not able to provide details.This is the story of why somebody typed that.
    And Then I Thought I Was a Fish PATIENT NAME Peter Hunt WelchSEX MADMIT DATE DOB HISTORY OF PRESENTING ILLNESS The patient was a fairly poor historian appearing unable to provide coherent description of the even

    One thought on “And Then I Thought I Was a Fish”

    1. I bought this book because of a witty blog post article the author wrote about trading some sanity to help keep the interwebs running Unfortunately, absolutely none of that sort of material was present in this book And Then I Thought I Was a Fish is an autobiography of sorts In it, Peter Welch describes how he truly lost his mind as a result of drug usage and sleep deprivation Looking for programming related tales Nothing for you here sorry.The book was interesting to read and I did read the who [...]

    2. I loved it This was a fascinating look at what it is like to have a psychotic break His accounts of his internal experience set against the matter of fact descriptions from the mental hospital and the emotional accounts of friends and family create multiple perspectives that make the tale so much understandable And in addition to being interesting and informative, the book manages to be funny and touching as well A quick warning I suspect this book has permanently shaken my confidence in the st [...]

    3. I usually don t read horror stories I made an exception here This book was written by my nephew and describes his descent into mental illness for lack of a better way to describe what happened from drug usage and total mishandling by the mental health industry The writing reminds me of some of David Foster Wallace s essays and is well worth a read Available only as a Kindle book, I believe.Now, my brother and sister in law need to write the story from their perspective.

    4. I really wanted to like this book It was definitely a unique story told from an interesting perspective That being said, this book is filled with pseudo science mumbo jumbo and countless rambling anecdotes that add virtually nothing to the story It is unfortunately very evident that the author of this book has no literary experience I found myself skimming and re reading whole segments out of confusion.

    5. Interesting masterbationThe book swings between interesting exploits of someone losing their mind and hippie interpretation It is something I would recommend reading, but don t take it to heart.

    6. A book is, at its most basic level, an attempt by the author to allow us, the reader, to get inside his head It s oddly fitting that this book, which tells the story of how the author went insane for a period of several years, should do a better job of conveying that sense than most others I ve read Often hilarious, occasionally poignant, and often than not over my head, Welch s writing did a better job of explaining to me, a largely straight edge white boy from the suburbs, the twin worlds of [...]

    7. This book mostly consists of a personal memoir or account of the author s experience with a long psychotic break triggered by a combination of LSD, sleep deprivation, and intense stress At first, I really enjoyed what I was reading The story of what Peter was feeling and experiencing was really interesting The personal accounts reminded me a bit of It s Kind Of A Funny Story and The Psychopath Test I enjoy reading explorations of the mind and psychology in this informal way.However, once the per [...]

    8. Okay, so I got this book after seeing it was a Kindle Freebie for a day or so and with my interest in mental health was interested to see this authors take on his experience Unlike many of the books I have read about mental illness the author has only had one instance of serious mental illness, compared to the recurring problems many people are faced with Ultimately he has concluded that his illness was to do with the drugs he took at the time and his lifestyle which tipped him over the edge.Thi [...]

    9. I m not sure what I expected, but an explanation on what being on hard drugs was like isn t it Many, many tangents along the way, and it took the author a while to get to any sort of point, but that is a lot like talking to someone who is high, so it set the right mood I got lost bored with some of the explanation on the advanced research and theories about drug use I was very interested in the narrator s decent in madness There were interesting and humorous footnotes, but the eBook I read didn [...]

    10. Peter Welch programmer, blogger who wrote Programming Sucks recounts that time he did LSD, stopped sleeping and went crazy, culminating in having full blown psychosis and getting institutionalised Entertaining and fascinating, Welch offers a look into the mind of an insane person as his misadventure takes him through various activities through his hometown, ranging from hilarious to almost deadly He offers some rather pragmatic insights and little bit of personal philosophy on the whole ordeal f [...]

    11. This book was fascinating and really well written I read it in a single day I dock it a star only for how it seems to have been proofread by the Microsoft Word paperclip It left me feeling like I am very happily but boringly sane and that I ll make sure I stay so by never taking any hallucinogens I wonder if his experience offers lessons in how to bring crazy people back into our reality, but I haven t found most of them to be so agreeable about being told, You know that s crazy, right or Don t [...]

    12. The first third of this is witty, interesting, and worth the rather low price of admission all on its own At about the half way point I d completely lost interest in the details of the author s sequential delusional states They re interesting individually, but the unending progression renders them banal.

    13. Interesting description of a psychotic episode that utilizes engaging and sometimes beautiful prose as well as pop culture references to make madness understandable There is a bit of filler, but it s all at the end and easy to skip or dig into if you prefer.

    14. Good account of the psychedelic experience, and what it s like to have a psychotic break Begins strongly with some funny and action packed anecdotes, but flags in the second half with numerous, boring descriptions of the various delusions the author underwent.

    15. Great book Amusing, fluent, interesting Gave me a good picture of what being on acid should be like never tried myself .

    16. A tale that delves deep into drug induced psychosis and the recovery process from it An interesting story, but there is little to take away from it.

    17. First person account of major onset of mental illness brought on by LSD Great account painful to read for anyone who knows casualties of such an event.

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