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Novel in Nine Letters By Fyodor Dostoyevsky,

  • Title: Novel in Nine Letters
  • Author: Fyodor Dostoyevsky
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 295
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    One thought on “Novel in Nine Letters”

    1. This seems to be a lesser known work of Fyodor Dostoyevsky just 201 ratings so far The names of two characters are Pyotr Ivanitch and Ivan Petrovitch Confusing AF The two friends in fact acquaintances write a series of letters and try to meet at many places one after the other fails The purpose of the meeting is confusing till one of the last letters The letters are mundane but the climax is hilarious And that s what makes this short story a classic

    2. Al comenzar a leer me percate que iba a existir un paralelismo en los personajes por los nombres Piotr Ivanovich e Iv n Petr vich.Una s tira humor stica algo at pico en el Pulento que critica a la burocracia de su amado Peterburgo 1885 , en la cual dos amigos se env an cartas ya que, por diversos motivos, no logran encontrarse en persona Historia cargada de un final totalmente mordaz e inesperado.

    3. C mo me re con esta novela Que genialidad la de Dostoyevsky en construir sus personajes tan filos ficos y esta vez me sorprendi con lo elocuente de las cartas Que genio.Versa sobre la comunicaci n entre un par de ciudadanos a trav s de cartas Creo que gracias a la tecnolog a hoy d a tenemos muchas maneras de comunicarnos Aunque para mi siempre ser m s efectiva la comunicaci n cara a cara PD no se pierdan el detalle de los nombres de los personajes principales

    4. it s one of the short story by Fyodor Dostoyevsky it starts without any narration in the form of letters between 2 people who are Business partners or friends At the end to introduce a twist, both received letters from a third party which were originally addressed to him by the wives of above mentioned 2 people story starts without any narration and ends obscurely As it s a very short story, it is worth a read.

    5. This could be interesting, but it falls through For me it becomes boring, and doesn t leave me with much It s ok to read on an everyday afternoon but not than that I d prefer to read An honest theif once .

    6. Sarc stico y divertido relato corto del gran escritor ruso, a trav s de un intercambio de misivas, donde quedar n expuestas muchas cosas, y como siempre en el autor, escarbando dentro del alma humana, y sus secretos y recovecos en esta ocasi n con humor.

    7. A beautiful satire on the Russian bureaucracy and business Nothing has changed since the XIX century Sad but true.

    8. The story is clever enough Two person exchanges nine letters which are become increasingly melodramatic and accusatory Eventually, they both find out something unpleasant about their wives.

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