UNLIMITED KINDLE ↠ The Yellow House Mystery - by Gertrude Chandler Warner Mary Gehr

The Yellow House Mystery By Gertrude Chandler Warner Mary Gehr,

  • Title: The Yellow House Mystery
  • Author: Gertrude Chandler Warner Mary Gehr
  • ISBN: 9780807593660
  • Page: 374
  • Format: Paperback
  • The spooky old house on Surprise Island intrigues Benny.
    The Yellow House Mystery The spooky old house on Surprise Island intrigues Benny

    One thought on “The Yellow House Mystery”

    1. How do they just keep picking up strays in every book Introducing and characters Also that mans house is going to run out of room to keep housing everyone Going from living alone to suddenly having 8 roommates and a dog No thank you.

    2. I want to start a new series and call it Boxcar Therapy where the Boxcar children are in their 30s and Violet confronts her crippling anxiety, Henry deals with his bisexual tendencies, Benny is married and expects his wife to treat him like his family did and they re in therapy cause he s a spoiled little jerk, and Jessie deals with the depression she s carrying from always having to be the responsible one.I can see them sitting on the couch, Violet with a cigarette in her hand, blowing out the [...]

    3. The Yellow House Mystery is about how the Boxcar Children find out how a man named Bill Macgregor vanishes in the summer They find a note that says to go to Bare Trail to find THE MONEY as the book said They go to Bare Trail and they find a man who lives in the woods He is called Dave Hunter They have to find THE MONEY and Bill Maybe Dave Hunter is Bill Macgregor You have to read the book to find out what happens.

    4. Meh, or as Benny said so often in this book, Ho hum Though he misused what in my experience has always been an indicator of boredom It was okay, but odd.1 I don t know too many six year old boys who can t wait for a wedding, unless it s for the cake Particularly Benny, particularly in the 1950s They would see it as torture, having to bathe and dress up and be on best behaviour.2 How many newlyweds rush off to spend two weeks in a barn Particularly a barn whose only sleeping arrangements are pile [...]

    5. The Yellow House Mystery is the first book in the Boxcar Mystery series to have a real mystery and is one my favorites Readers will enjoy this fun quick read with a wonderful canoeing camping adventure mixed in with the mystery It is a great introduction to the mystery genre for young readers.

    6. What the eff, Bill Bill is possibly one of the dumbest characters ever to have been written and let me tell you why.1 He lends his sketchy brother his boss s money without any explanation about what will be done with it Then he fails to make clear arrangements for how he will get the money back, so when his brother dies unexpectedly, he doesn t know where to find the money.2 In an attempt to get the money from Bill, the sketchy brother s equally sketchy friends tell him that his wife has died in [...]

    7. I reread this book as an adult and I can see what my friend was saying about classism in the books There definitely is some sense that non wealthy people don t count in Ms Warner s world But the world is fun and the struggles and independence of the kids feel believable There is some sexual division of labor, but it reads like Ms Warner was a feminist for her time period she believed that girls could do just as much and contribute just as much as boys, even if she acknowledged they were physical [...]

    8. The Boxcar Children are trying to solve a 40 year old mystery that takes them from Surprise Island all the way up to Maine on a rugged and amazing camping trip.I really enjoyed reading this book I loved the descriptions of camping And thought that the book as a whole came to a really satisfying conclusion Great series

    9. The boys really enjoyed this mystery and couldn t wait to find out what happened next Me I think I m done reading Boxcar Children books

    10. While revisiting the yellow house on surprise island the Alden kids learn of the mystery of their housekeepers long lost husband Following his 40 year old trail, they end up in the woods They have a loot off fun camping out A strange nomads lives deep in the woods and they happen upon his home Hearing about his story, they figure out that he might be the long lost Bill Bill had taken money from Mr Alden and misplaced it and had been to ashamed to go back without it The Alden kids help find the m [...]

    11. This is only the second book in the series that I have read but I do dare say that the series may be less appealing to today s young readers The settings of the mysteries are fine and maybe the sole reason children would read these books The writing is easy but dull Every second of the adventure is recorded, leaving the reader to wonder is it all important I think that there are better stories in the market which present engaging stories with better writing.

    12. The Yellow House Mystery is the first book in the Boxcar Mystery series to have a real mystery and is one my favorites Readers will enjoy this fun quick read with a wonderful canoeing camping adventure mixed in with the mystery It is a great introduction to the mystery genre for young readers.Recommended for grades 2 4 Lexile level 440Reviewed by Christine Hwang, Youth and School Services, Vernon Area Public Library

    13. I m not very excitable and this book is vary fun and exciting to me no doubt about that I chouse this rating because I love it nd it makes me very excited about reading and I hope to read all of the bopks

    14. Enjoyed this one than Surprise Island A bit far fetched with the mystery solving and the end is super predictable, but still enjoyable The Bear Trail journey was on par with the adventure in the original Boxcar Children book, which I appreciate.

    15. I read this book as a child and now am reading it with my kids The ever optimistic Alden children are at it again It s amazing what a kind word and selfless action can do What is the mystery of the mystery ranch

    16. Another charming book in this quaint series It is a fun little mystery and also has some interesting bits about canoeing and camping I enjoy reading the books in this series because they remind me of books I read in school when I had just learned to read well.

    17. Installment 3 and still interesting Such a quaint group of children very neat characters and intertwining stories Such simplistic mysteries involved however very cozy quick reading The Boxcar Children series is fantastic

    18. A fun and creative book about four siblings on an adventure with their married cousin The reader learns about canoe trips, camping, fly fishing, and working together to reach a goal.

    19. I don t know why I love the boxcar children, but I will always have a little nostalgic place in my heart for these Max and Lucy seemed to like it

    20. I liked that this was a mystery and a journey but it could ve had a little suspense And we yet again added another person to the alden family lol.

    21. Really liked this book, even though Benny was kind of a little brat I did still like his character I do wish Violet played of a part in the books, but I am only on number 3.

    22. The boxcar children is about four children who found yellow house there they found clue of the yellow house adventure.The camping adventure mixed in with the mystery.

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