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Ni d'Ève ni d'Adam By Amélie Nothomb,

  • Title: Ni d'Ève ni d'Adam
  • Author: Amélie Nothomb
  • ISBN: 9782226179647
  • Page: 376
  • Format: Paperback
  • Am lie est une jeune professeur de langues qui vit Tokyo Quand elle succombe l attention d un tudiant le timide, riche, et oh so japonais Rinri les amants se retrouvent emport s par une affaire qui est aussi inhabituelle qu il soit tendre.
    Ni d ve ni d Adam Am lie est une jeune professeur de langues qui vit Tokyo Quand elle succombe l attention d un tudiant le timide riche et oh so japonais Rinri les amants se retrouvent emport s par une affaire qui es

    One thought on “Ni d'Ève ni d'Adam”

    1. How do you know an author is talented One way is when you cannot stop reading, even though not much is happening plotwise This was Tokyo Finacee for me Nothomb creates striking images with very few words, and their arresting quality is not lost in translation Note The title is Tokyo Fianc e Quote The concept of freedom has been spoken of so often that from the very first words I want to yawn The physical experience of freedom, however, is something else all together You should always have someth [...]

    2. Dear Ms Nothomb,Next time you act like a despicable human being and feel guilty about the reprehensible way you have treated someone, spare the lot of us the torture of being subject to your memoir writing.Just pick up the phone and tell the guy you re sorry.Sincerely,Eliyanna

    3. The bulk of this book was about culture clash than about a relationship, and I very much enjoyed the narrator s musings on the pitfalls and delights of developing relationships in foreign languages The problem is that the book reads very much like any 20 year old s study abroad journal there s a lot of reporting what happened, but no larger theme, no real character development, nothing to tie it together as a story Until, of course, the very end, when the narrator s attempts to draw conclusions [...]

    4. Amelie Nothomb is some weird mixture of French and Belgian and Japanese that I still don t quite understand And my attempts at understanding left me occasionally confused Despite each of her works being separated memoirs, each of which can supposedly be read not in conjunction with the others, I feel like, if I wanted to better understand this book, I should have read some of her other works, which she constantly referenced, first She seemed to just assume, in any case, that I knew all of these [...]

    5. I loved this book, but it broke my heart Immediately I identified with Amelie and I truly felt like I became her while I was reading this book So much so that when she decided to leave Rinri, I was devastated She might not have been in love with Rinri, but I sure was, and I did not want to leave I wanted everything Rinri had to offer me and I couldn t believe that I was getting on that plane and flying away from my perfect life in Japan That s what it felt like But then I had to force myself to [...]

    6. My passion, besides reading, is watching and collecting Asian movies and dramas I watch a great deal of Chinese and Korean cinema and TV, but my specialty is Japanese I was at my library when they put the film Tokyo Fiancee on the shelf and my hand shot out and grabbed it in a blink of the eye I found the film intensely interesting I haven t been so upset by an ending in quite a long time I returned the film and took home the book I can say the same for the book and remark the book s ending adde [...]

    7. Alguien me dijo que si me gustaba Murakami este libro iba con el mismo estilo as que autom ticamente me lanc.Es una fragmento biogr fico, una poca de la vida de la autora en la que vuelve a Jap n despu s de muchos a os dispuesta a conquistar el monte fuji, un japon s y el pa s entero si se descuidan.Cuando termin el libro sent que deber a llamarse Manual para entender a los japoneseslo cual, en mi opini n, ser a m s acertado que el t tulo que tiene En realidad es una lectura muy corta que no alc [...]

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