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Wayside School Gets A Little Stranger By Louis Sachar,

  • Title: Wayside School Gets A Little Stranger
  • Author: Louis Sachar
  • ISBN: 9780747569114
  • Page: 187
  • Format: Paperback
  • All the kids from Wayside School had to spend 243 days in horrible schools while Wayside was closed to get rid of the infestation of cows Now the kids are back and the fun begins again on every floor Miss Mush has prepared a special lunch of baked liver in purple sauce and it is pet day on the 30th floor.
    Wayside School Gets A Little Stranger All the kids from Wayside School had to spend days in horrible schools while Wayside was closed to get rid of the infestation of cows Now the kids are back and the fun begins again on every floor

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    1. Dad Eleanor the other kids will probably be here in a minute , did I tell you that this one was my favorite of the 3 Wayside books Eleanor Yeah I think so This might be my favorite of the 3 Wayside books, too.D Why is that, El E Um Because Because I like that Mrs Jewls view spoiler is having a baby hide spoiler D I m going to put a spoiler around that, ok E Ok It s just hard because my favorite part s at the endD Gwennie, did you know this was my favorite of the 3 Wayside books Gwennie excited O [...]

    2. I remember getting my copy of Wayside School Gets a Little Stranger from the Book Club and getting really excited because the cover glowed in the dark But this isn t the same cover In this book, we get to learn about Louis the Yard Teacher such as how his mean teacher tormented him and he even gets a little love story A cute scene is when the kids are giving Louis advice about how to win a women over like telling her she s got eyes like the moon or bringing her candy and flowers I like Eric Bac [...]

    3. Weird, illogical, goofy and crazy, Wayside School Gets a Little Stranger ishilarious It s just the kind of book which tickles my funny bone because it s just so, well,strange.Your school consists of 30 stories, each story with only one classroom, and the elevator only goes up but never down Wait, don t forget that there s no nineteenth floor but you could swear you can hear cows from there Your dentist is a hypnotist, and your substitute teacher has 3 nostrils God, I just loved the craziness of [...]

    4. Wayside School gets a Little Stranger Wayside school is a thirty floor building with no nineteenth floor Mrs Zarves teaches on the nineteenth floor.There is no Mrs Zarves Understand Good.Wayside School gets a Little Stranger is a creative and comical book about a teacher named Ms.Jewls and her class In the story, Ms.Jewls gets pregnant, and the class gets many substitutes, along with many adventures.I recommend this book to ages 6 11, though adults will find it just as comical This book contains [...]

    5. Here is my book I m going to tell you about it is called Wayside school gets a little stranger It s about a school that has to shut down for awhile to have repairs done on it Some of the children would come by and look at the sign that was hang up on the door then they would just walk away from it Louis the janitor would watch the kids come and go then he would get back to work on the school When ever the school finally closed for awhile the children were sent to other school for awhile tell the [...]

    6. From the moment you hear Mr Gorf whose voice is described as a braying donkey s with a French accent say, Mrs Gorf was my mommy You know this book s gonna be horrifically AWESOME.Continuing the awesomeness where the previous two books left off, the Waysiders are back, post cow, and are ready for craziness Another great read, and hilarious to boot There is an extraordinarily evil substitute with a third, psychic ear, and our usual visit to Miss Zarves on the Nineteenth Floor.Um, I mean, there is [...]

    7. I love this book, but I find myself missing Mrs Jewls while reading it Still, the chapter about pets is one of the funniest things ever, and it s always good to hear about Louis Not my favorite Wayside School book, but that s like saying it s not my favorite kind of candy It s still delicious, even if I like the others better.

    8. 2005 review Another book I loved from childhood but didn t remember much about It s aged a bit younger than some of his other stuff Holes and There s a Boy in the Girl s Bathroom It s so meta and postmodern he writes himself into the book as a character And this is totally a gateway drug for surreal, silly literature.

    9. I had originally planned on reading all three Wayside books as close together as possible, but that kind of petered out I think that it might be because the last two were missing the nostalgia factor the first holds for me.I really like how clever these books are, like you kind of have to pay attention because sometime the setup is in one chapter, and the payoff is a few chapters later And the chapter with the pets was pretty neat, naturally I had to read it a second time to make sense of it.

    10. This book is amazing Most of the time it made me laugh It is not a long book it is just 168 pages, but only like 2 pages didn t make me laugh So it is a pretty funny book Even though it is only 168 pages you will still know their names because you cant just forget I don t laugh at a lot of stuff, but this book made me laugh so hard that I almost peed in myself Also, it really good illustrations.

    11. I thought the book was great and it had a lot of detail and it explained every movement a character made and I cant wait to read the next edition.It was also cool because the school was really high and it was hard for the students to go downstairs and play.

    12. This book is so great I really can t help but laughing whenever I read the chapter with all the pets in it.

    13. Third time s the charm even when the charm has already charmed twice Everything you knew before or thought you may know or didn t understand comes to a head Trying to explain the plot or lack thereof in these books is like interpreting a Picasso and explaining its significance Everyone will come out with a different interpretation and or with a different meaning With that in mind this entry still feels like a third installment of a larger story It s best to come in to this world knowing nothing [...]

    14. This book is a fun book and short book to read It entertaining.It is easy for a 5 and six grader but, challenging for a 3rd grader.I like the funny names the characters have,like Dr Pickle.It is a very good book Louis Sachar is an amazing author I highly recommend this book if you like humorus books.

    15. I love Wayside School Could these books be any wittier I especially love the non existent Miss Zarves and non existent 19th floor and the mysterious men in suits who stop her from leaving what an existential conundrum The plot of this one is great, as Mrs Jewls takes a leave of absence due to pregnancy and the kiddos encounter all kinds of substitute teachers, to much comic effect A classic series.

    16. Not quite as strong as the first two, but it has some great moments The parade of cruel teachers that makes up much of the book was not very fun for me to read those parts generally aren t funny enough to turn the kids misery into fun for me, the reader But again, the book has some great moments The chapter, A Story with a Disappointing Ending might be my favorite of the whole series That chapter is like one long joke, and the payoff or lack thereof at the end just killed me Likewise, the chapte [...]

    17. If you ve read the previous two Wayside School books, you know this school is a mess weird things plague it all the time, and its classrooms are built on top of each other instead of side by side This one is indeed zanier than the previous ones, believe it or not the off the wall teachers and quirky students are their usual selves, but completely impossible things happen in this one than ever before like, say, children getting their voices stolen because they re stuck up someone s nose And, as [...]

    18. I love the Wayside book stories as a child This was a really awesome book After being closed for some time Wayside school has reopened Soon after, Mrs Jewels has to go on maternity leave The students have a number of horrible substitute teachers to deal with like Mrs Gorff s crazy son, and Miss.Nogard Miss Nogard is a teacher who had her heart broken after her boyfriend finds out she has an ear on her forehead This causes her to be mean without others knowing that she is in face a very mean pers [...]

    19. Louis Sachar s writing is just wonderful These books are so much fun, they are super fast and extremely funny as well This had a really nice ending, everything tied up nicely and Wayside School got some lovely additions to it What I love about these books is that even though every chapter is about a different story, it is still very coherent and acts as a whole The characters are so much fun, the supernatural effects are very well made and the book is just great.

    20. Why do the kids on the cover look like the they re from the Magic School Bus This has always been my favorite Wayside book Instead of being 30 independent stories, all the stories are or less connected Because this is the third book in the series, the characters are so much fleshed out, especially Louis If you like the other Wayside books, you ll definitely like this one.

    21. Louis Sachar is a master storyteller I love this book I love everything about it there is literally not a single thing I can think of that is wrong with it.

    22. I thought that this book was really funnyE part I like most is the chapter THE BAD WORD it is funny because the bad word is door

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