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The Anti-capitalistic Mentality By Ludwig von Mises Bettina Bien Greaves,

  • Title: The Anti-capitalistic Mentality
  • Author: Ludwig von Mises Bettina Bien Greaves
  • ISBN: 9780865976719
  • Page: 117
  • Format: Paperback
  • In The Anti capitalistic Mentality, the respected economist Ludwig von Mises plainly explains the causes of the irrational fear and hatred many intellectuals and others feel for capitalism In five concise chapters, he traces the causation of the misunderstandings and resultant fears that cause resistance to economic development and social change He enumerates and rebutIn The Anti capitalistic Mentality, the respected economist Ludwig von Mises plainly explains the causes of the irrational fear and hatred many intellectuals and others feel for capitalism In five concise chapters, he traces the causation of the misunderstandings and resultant fears that cause resistance to economic development and social change He enumerates and rebuts the economic arguments against and the psychological and social objections to economic freedom in the form of capitalism Written during the heyday of twentieth century socialism, this work provides the reader with lucid and compelling insights into human reactions to capitalism.Ludwig von Mises 1881 1973 was the leading spokesman of the Austrian School of Economics throughout most of the twentieth century He earned his doctorate in law and economics from the University of Vienna in 1906 In 1926, Mises founded the Austrian Institute for Business Cycle Research From 1909 to 1934, he was an economist for the Vienna Chamber of Commerce Before the Anschluss, in 1934 Mises left for Geneva, where he was a professor at the Graduate Institute of International Studies until 1940, when he emigrated to New York City From 1948 to 1969, he was a visiting professor at New York University.Bettina Bien Greaves is a former resident scholar, trustee, and longtime staff member of the Foundation for Economic Education She has written and lectured extensively on topics of free market economics Her articles have appeared in such journals as Human Events, Reason, and The Freeman Ideas on Liberty A student of Mises, Greaves has become an expert on his work in particular and that of the Austrian School of economics in general She has translated several Mises monographs, compiled an annotated bibliography of his work, and edited collections of papers by Mises and other members of the Austrian School.
    The Anti capitalistic Mentality In The Anti capitalistic Mentality the respected economist Ludwig von Mises plainly explains the causes of the irrational fear and hatred many intellectuals and others feel for capitalism In five con

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    1. This book is essential to understanding why people are socialists whether they know it or not In the past, I could never comprehend why people, that I knew well, could fail to realize their view of how the world should be was a largely socialist viewpoint How could a rational, logical, thinking human ever come to the conclusions you have have arrived at I would ask in dismay.This book clears all that up Mises shows the core of socialism is envy He shows that capitalism, while making men equal be [...]

    2. This book is a rant against anti capitalists It s repetitive and makes many false assumptions about them while giving no satisfactory answers to why it does that According to the book, all poor people had equal opportunity to be as rich and famous as anyone else, but they ruined it because they were worthless And if not so, it s not fault of capitalism, but because it s not implemented in an absolute way The book also says that all the technological advancements have been possible only because o [...]

    3. I got the impression that von Mises considers that every person who does not agree with a complete laissez faire economics is a communist socialist for him both have the same meaning , and his political orientation is due to envy from the intelligent and successful citizens I find the argument very simplistic, and while some people can fall on this category, I suspect that most of Mises communists have other reasons to oppose to laissez faire and support government policies environmental protec [...]

    4. I had a foster brother, to whom if I threw a football and he happened to bobble and drop it would yell, full of spite Stupid football, dumb ball this is a stupid ball it was always entirely the footballs fault It s this kind of immaturity that Mises muses is at root to the anti capitalistic mentality Mises speculates that they have either foiled ambitions or they bitterly envy and hate those successful than themselves and to protect their precious little egos, they in essence scream Stupid capi [...]

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    6. The Anti Capitalist Mentality 1956 by Ludwig von Mises outlines why von Mises thinks that many people are against capitalism The book makes the mistake of assuming that anyone who disagrees with von Mises is daft or mean spirited However the book does make some interesting points Von Mises points out how he believes that the market itself was critical in providing the prosperity and levels of technology that are available He also points out how people who dislike markets disregard their immense [...]

    7. This book is partly economic and partly psychological, in that it attempts to explain why those who oppose capitalism do so The economic or social science segments of this book are in fact extremely worthwhile and demonstrate von Mises keen understanding of that field Most people, including myself, will gain a lot from reading it The psychological segments are useful, but are sometimes a bit of a stretch and engage in too much pigeonholing, or fitting a wide array of people s motives into one or [...]

    8. This is the most passionate book by Mises that I ve read I would expect a polemic like this from Murray Rothbard or even Ayn Rand, but not him I ve read excerpts before, but never the whole book.Mises explains the psychology of the anti capitalist as if he were writing today I recognize some of my younger self in his criticisms Especially the envy, contempt, and over confidence that marked my personality when I was younger.It s sometimes challenging to understand why so many people hate and fear [...]

    9. Mais do mesmo pra quem conhece e ou se identifica com o movimento liberal, apesar de ter umas partes interessantes sobre cr tica art stica liter ria Mises aqui parece ser o estere tipo do liber que acha que tudo est OK e tudo est certo se o povo consome escolhe, passando as cr ticas conservadoras de cunho moral para tr s e n o parecendo ver que a moral ainda faz parte do mundo de hoje Acho que nessas partes o Scruton d uns tapas fortes nele e eu estou com o Scruton no sentido de que arte boa ess [...]

    10. The Anti Capitalistic Mentality theorizes the abhorrence of capitalism Ludwig von Mises suggests that free market capitalism induces competition for scarce resources resulting in success or failure where men and women are subconsciously subjected to inferiority complexes Anti capitalists hate the potential of failure, for it brings awareness to defeat and insufficiency because success and failure are determined by supply and demand based on merit and achievement rather than the apparent human ne [...]

    11. It s a brief bit of well intentioned rhetoric from the legendary economist, but so many of the realities of our global society are overlooked Here are a couple points from the book that shed light on the mentality Mises possesses.He asserts that because big business is something the masses benefits from, it may not be criticized for exploitation of the same masses.The quote below is incredibly ignorant to the realities of the modern age The age amid capitalism has abolished all vestiges of slave [...]

    12. Este um ensaio brilhante e atual sobre o capitalismo e as for as que tentam destru lo.O capitalismo o nica forma de organiza o capaz de gerar progresso e melhoria das condi es materiais da humanidade, mas ainda sofre constantes ataques por parte de governos, partidos, intelectuais, artistas e das massas que cegamente os seguem Suas cr ticas se originam de fatores psicol gicos e subconscientes, movidas pelo ressentimento daqueles que acreditam que seu estado de inferioridade fruto da injusti a da [...]

    13. In this short book, Mises sets out the view that the main spring of anti market thought essentially derives from an envious spirit on the part of pseudo intellectuals Much of his insight seems to be sound although I am inclined to the accept the thesis of intellectual error rather than malice aforethought to explain anti market views, especially as the left and the right are typically presented to people as a package deal in which many unappealing tendencies are caught up in the right along wit [...]

    14. The author, a famous economist from the Austrian school of economics, tries to explain the psychology of the socialist intellectual Why are the majority of intellectuals on the political Left He argues that many scientists, professors, writers and journalists are envious of businessmen, who make far money, but appear to have no particular talent except for making money He argues that intellectuals often disguise their envy by attacking the capitalistic system, being too ashamed to express their [...]

    15. There s a lengthy excerpt which pertains to literature which I should type in here, but I may save that for a blog entry Suffice it to say, Mises pulls no punches for the social literature of bourgeois authors who romanticize the poor and their condition And I m a sucker for being introduced to words I ve never seen before, such as banausic Also, unlike many a polemicist, Mises actually bothered to read the opposition e.g Marx, Lenin.

    16. This isn t Mises best work It s a short and fairly easy read, but I strongly suggest reading some of his others first.

    17. O livro incr vel, no entanto extremamente mal interpretado pelos leitores Mises deixa claro que entende capitalismo como um sistema econ mico, n o um sistema social ou ideol gico como a maioria dos leitores, acostumados com a vis o marxista, interpretam Ou seja, o capitalismo n o nasceu para tornar o mundo mais puro, mais honrado, mais feliz ou mais justo O capitalismo nasceu e se desenvolveu por ser o sistema que melhor consegue suprir as necessidades da sociedade simples assim Al m disso, Mise [...]

    18. I liked this short little read The Anti Capitalistic Mentality attempts to analyze why particular people become anti capitalists What are the tenets of anti capitalist philosophy and what drives people to accept these tenets Those are the major questions Mises answers Mises basically believes that people turn against capitalism because they are envious of others They see that someone from their origins is making than them or has wealth than them, so they believe that the system under which the [...]

    19. Good grief, can there be a weaker, sillier, one dimensional interpretation of the motives of mankind than this As far as von Mises is concerned, everybody who is not an ardent laissez faire capitalist is suffering from envy for which he must find a scapegoat even the rich who happen to embrace socialism or communism the same thing to von Mises s deluded mind are lying to themselves that they actually support communism, doing so only to ease the self doubt they feel when faced with even success [...]

    20. A short yet great bookI think Mises made pretty clear which are the enemies of freedom and the consequences of their thinking I recommend this book to anyone that has a very basic notion of economics.

    21. Aunque simplista en determinados aspectos, expone puntos la mar de interesantes con elocuencia y brillantez En ocasiones hasta con cierto toque de humor, vaya De lectura r pida y habi ndome dejado un pu ado de notas en el Kindle, no veo por qu no darle unas sanas cuatro estrellas.

    22. Ludwig Von Mises presents a thought provoking counter argument to left leaning arguments from a pro capitalist perspective While I did not necessarily agree with all his points, they are well thought out and thought provoking Still very relevant today 60 years after being published.

    23. Mises touches on the social, emotional, and intellectual aversion to capitalism He makes a strong case in a very engaging manner I am interested in reading Human Action now.

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