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  1. I remember reading this book in elementary school and it having a big impression on me Decades later, I found a copy at my son s elementary school library the book is out of print and used copies are 40 on I just re read it, and it is still as wonderful as I remember it.

  2. Many thanks to BRENDA for finding the title of this book that I last read in 4th grade 1967 1968 , when it was included in a Scott Foresman advanced reader so I have learned from a customer review on by a former elementary school teacher who remembers the book This is an amazing book The story, and the soft, gray pencil llustrations by the author s , were as I remembered them to be That a Sequoia, California Redwood, can live for thousands of years is truly amazing and true I leared from , that [...]

  3. This is one of my all time favorite kids books I read this book of my mothers when I was a kid and learned subtley about the natural world things like fire resistant bark, eagle pairs, forest habitat, ecology, evolutionary biology, history, etc I also liked the small images in the top that would show what the humans were doing when Wawona as a young sapling, a tall tree,etc Oh and there are some great drawings Especially the book jacket, but the entire book has cute little drawings of a squirrel [...]

  4. Genre Contemporary Realistic FictionGrade Range 4 6Review I was not a huge fan of this book It was very long and wordy I feel like it was not interesting enough to keep a student s attention since it barely kept mine However, if a student has a huge interest in trees, this could be a very cool book for them The moral of the story is good, so it could be good for a study on trees or Wawona specifically.

  5. Somewhat wordy, but an engaging story of one of the greatest trees and the animals that lived near it in California Beautiful pictures Some of the facts presented are questionable the book says the tree is at least 5,000 years old, but other sources say 2,300 some other trees have been dated as over 4,000 It is claimed that it is the oldest in the world, but other sources say some bristlecone pine trees are older No mention is made of the tunnel made in the tree in 1881 And, of course, the autho [...]

  6. 1947 Newbery Honor book in which a giant five thousand year old Sequoia called Wa NO Na, tells its life story.

  7. A giant five thousand year old Sequoia, called Wa NO Na by the Indians, tells its life story Newbery Honor Book 1947

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