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The Fakir The Journey Continues By Ruzbeh N. Bharucha,

  • Title: The Fakir The Journey Continues
  • Author: Ruzbeh N. Bharucha
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 384
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    One thought on “The Fakir The Journey Continues”

    1. Second volume after The Fakir Beautiful novel of what happens after death These two books are the ones which most influenced me in the last 3 years I have given lots of copies of these two books to many friends.Based on the life of the legendary, famous, revered and worshiped Sai Baba of Shridi.

    2. The book touches on some advanced topics in spirituality These of course have no basis of confirmation in today s science but nonetheless have been experiences of some folks The author does a great job of balancing the pragmatic with the seemingly fictional sublime The writing did seem a bit wordy but is worth a read by a spiritual aspirant.

    3. Absolutely loved this book It s a sequel to the Fakjir and its a toss up which one I liked better but I am inclined to say this one It expands on some of the ideas in the Fakhir and introduces some refreshing perspectives on life and beyond, the spirit and the soul.A definite must for those that like to read spiritual philosophical genre once in a while.

    4. Death is a myth Life never ends Ignorance does For many it could be just a fiction and for others there could be a feeling of excess But it s a read for not just the spiritual ones but also the non spiritual ones It could answer many of your questions about life I strongly believe that this book would find its readers than the other way round

    5. It feels mystical and a good read for someone who wants to know about spirituality by means of stories, simple language and colloquial sense.

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