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  • Title: The Three Sisters
  • Author: Anton Chekhov
  • ISBN: 9780486275444
  • Page: 103
  • Format: Paperback
  • First performed at the Moscow Art Theatre in 1901, The Three Sisters probes the lives and dreams of Olga, Masha, and Irina, former Muscovites now living in a provincial town from which they long to escape Their hopes for a life suited to their cultivated tastes and sensibilities provide a touching counterpoint to the relentless flow of compromising events in the realFirst performed at the Moscow Art Theatre in 1901, The Three Sisters probes the lives and dreams of Olga, Masha, and Irina, former Muscovites now living in a provincial town from which they long to escape Their hopes for a life suited to their cultivated tastes and sensibilities provide a touching counterpoint to the relentless flow of compromising events in the real world.In this powerful play, a landmark of modern drama, Chekhov masterfully interweaves character and theme in subtle ways that make the work s climax seem as inevitable as it is deeply moving It is reprinted here from a standard text with updated transliteration of character names and additional explanatory footnotes.
    The Three Sisters First performed at the Moscow Art Theatre in The Three Sisters probes the lives and dreams of Olga Masha and Irina former Muscovites now living in a provincial town from which they long to es

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    2. Book Review4 out of 5 stars to The Three Sisters, a Russian play published in 1900 by Anton Chekhov What an introspective work, but then again, Chekov is always at the top of this particular game, that is, presenting a slice of life we know dear to our hearts In this one, perhaps his most famous play, three sisters are stuck in a small Russian village, but year to be back in Moscow Circumstances prevent it If you don t know any Russian history, you might want to brush up on it before taking this [...]

    3. So far I have been very lucky with the theatre productions I have been attending This one did not shine as much, though I wonder whether had I not been able to compare to some brilliant staging would this play have engaged me .Nonetheless, it was entertaining The setting was realistic , with the d cor of a late nineteenth century Russia middle class home, with the most appealing aspect in the way parallel actions and conversations could take place on a single defined space The acting was convinc [...]

    4. There can be no happiness for us, it only exists in our wishes I picked up this play on a whim, after seeing a few negative reviews by my friends Curiosity mooted me to find out what they didn t like about it A close friend, however, did remark that I would love it and honestly, I did If I were to sum up my understanding of the undercurrents that flowed under this play, it would be the quote I shared above, which is from this play itself.Life is to be lived forwards and understood backwards, at [...]

    5. Written and performed at the turn of the century 1900 , The Three Sisters is one of Chekhov s best known plays The sisters, Olga, Masha, and Irina, former Muscovite s now living in a provincial city, are struggling to find happiness in their lives They dream of returning to Moscow someday to find love and fulfillment, but they are trapped by the events and circumstances surrounding their daily lives The themes in the play are very subtle and it can be a difficult one to read It would be better t [...]

    6. And, restless, seeks the stormy ocean, as though in tempest there were peace I feel this is an amazing play that stunningly portraits existential crisis inevitable in the life of every person who thinks of life in a deeper way.TUZENBAKH You think it s no use even dreaming of happiness But what if I m happy VERSHININ No, you re not MASHA Gogol says it s dull living in this world, friends I really liked the exploration of themes of transience and the meaning of life found in work, ambition, dreams [...]

    7. Three Sisters is a classic play written by Anton Chekhov It opened in 1901 and one of the premiere actors was none other then Stanislovsky The central theme of this work is to showcase the hopes and dreams of the characters However, the circumstances surrounding this family with three sisters cripples any attempt for joy.The SistersOlya is the oldest sister She thrives as the caretaker of the family She is a teacher and a spinster At one point tells Irina that she would have married any man, eve [...]

    8. Anton Chekhov seems so deceptively simple in his great plays such as The Three Sisters that we sometimes don t see the mystery that is there In this case, we have a young family consisting of a brother and three sisters, all full of high hopes and expressing a wish to move to Moscow, where the lights are much brighter there you can forget all your troubles, forget all your cares The mystery is in the curious entropy of life, that proceeds heedless of our wishes and dreams.Even Andrey, the brothe [...]

    9. Reminiscing on the Past and Reflecting on the Future3 October 2013 Reading this play I got the impression that it was basically about a group of people sitting in a house talking about philosophy and pining for the good old days As I have mentioned before, reading plays, especially if I have not seen them performed, can be a difficult task at best, and sometimes I have to read some two of three times to be able to follow them though some of them I need to read only once however Chekov does not f [...]

    10. 1.5 stars.I am not very particular to plays, and perhaps this fact coupled with the fact that I find long and confusing names a deterrent to the story, along with the multiple minor characters made me dislike the book What I understood there s a brother and 3 sisters brother has a sweetheart whom he marries and who shows her true colors slowly after marriage three sisters are slowly alienated and displaced from their house there are many army gentlemen whose only chore is to attend dinner partie [...]

    11. I have an intense love hate relationship with Chekhov and it is because of this play Three sisters sitting around whining about taking the train to Moscow It is a story of transformation, boredom and listlessness Which may be why I felt bored and listless when reading it Perhaps To go to Moscow To go back to Moscow Moscow.Moscow.

    12. B y k Rus tiyatro yazar ehov, b y kl n ve Rus yaz n n n g zelli ini bana bir kere daha hat rlat Kitap g n m zde yaz lsa herhalde ad Hayaller ve Hayatlar olurdu ok keyifliydi Tavsiye ederim.

    13. To read Chekhov the dramatist is to crack a case His literary style does not include a central plot which drives the play, the tragedy and comedy are inextricably intertwined, the lack of clarity and defined meanings are intrinsic characteristics of his drama, which eventually puzzles the reader, It may even allude to a static plot consisting of characters mulling upon the mundane The three sisters seems to follow the same pattern that focuses on the development of the different characters emoti [...]

    14. Available at LibriVox librivox the three sistersFrom BBC Radio 3 Drama on 3 Three sisters living in a garrison town in provincial Russia dream of the day that they will return to their home city of Moscow Maybe then their lives will really start But in Anton Chekhov s poignant classic somehow real life keeps getting in the way.Three Sisters was written in 1900 and is a meticulously observed play for an ensemble cast In its wry portrayal of dreams and self delusion, and of the folly of believing [...]

    15. This play contains multitudes beneath the the surface banalities I don t even know how to approach a review of this masterpiece Suffice it to say that it s a beautifully written tragedy with surprising moments of humor Nabokov said that no writer created pathetic characters than Chekov, and certainly this play attests to that, but its greatness is beyond that This is a case where I don t know how to do the work justice in a review, so I will instead merely give this masterpiece the highest reco [...]

    16. Oh does this play cut to the bone Maybe Chekhov s best play, the dreams and despairs of a parade of memorable characters are revealed against the backdrop of socially restless Russia, glimpsed at four precisely chosen moments, stretched over three years of their lives Olga is the good girl, Masha is the bad one, and Irina is the idealist, while their brother wallows in self pity and alienation and the men who love them compete for love they d rather find in Moscow A perfect encapsulation of what [...]

    17. I am a little salty about this play I liked it because it s my first play that I ve read in years dissected some of them Shakespeares waaaayyyyy back in high school and disliked it because it just serves as testimony to how much better plays were when taught in school Will I stop reading Chekhov Nope, I still am interested in plays and his works crazy for classics, really so I ll give them all a go.Detailed review to come.

    18. Her ehov oyununda oldu u gibi okunduktan sonra seyredilmesi gereken bir tiyatro eseri Sahnelense de gitsek ve daha iyi bir ekilde anlasak usta yazar n demek istediklerini.

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