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The Hammer of the Sun By Michael Scott Rohan,

  • Title: The Hammer of the Sun
  • Author: Michael Scott Rohan
  • ISBN: 9780708882719
  • Page: 171
  • Format: Paperback
  • An exciting adventureRohan creates a haunting sense of mythology rather than fantasy This remarkable novel reveals a gifted writer of stories and pages turn as if by magic JEAN M AUEL A wonderful story RAYMOND E FEIST An outstanding piece of fantasy fiction ANDRE NORTON A very good and very powerful writer ANNE McCAFFREY This text refers to an out of prinAn exciting adventureRohan creates a haunting sense of mythology rather than fantasy This remarkable novel reveals a gifted writer of stories and pages turn as if by magic JEAN M AUEL A wonderful story RAYMOND E FEIST An outstanding piece of fantasy fiction ANDRE NORTON A very good and very powerful writer ANNE McCAFFREY This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title Haunted and guilt ridden, Elof the Smith follows his estranged love Kara eastwards towards the city of Kerys In the myth filled lands of the East where the Powers of the Ice contemplate the total extinction of life, Elof must face his past, his future and his final destiny.
    The Hammer of the Sun An exciting adventureRohan creates a haunting sense of mythology rather than fantasy This remarkable novel reveals a gifted writer of stories and pages turn as if by magic JEAN M AUEL A wonderful stor

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    1. Rohan s conclusion to the main sequence of the Winter of the World books is at once the right ending and, ultimately, unfulfilling Rereading the trilogy recently, I was struck again by how different this book felt from the previous two It seemed much so to have a clear message to send a real axe to grind, if you will While the previous books wove together a long arc of coming of age of the series protagonist with the greater read good vs evil struggle against the Ice, this book seemed much to [...]

    2. There are many different ways to judge the quality of a book, I think Some stand out on a technical level, others shine in their mastery of wordcraft, or worldbuilding, or believable characters There s also emotional impact , or something like that And, regardless of the other aspects of quality if a book impacts me emotionally in a positive way you know not like making me want to burn it I m going to have to call that quality.This book hit me in two places, the first of which was a surprise The [...]

    3. The last of the Winter of the world series continues the story of Elof Valantor the Mastersmith in his struggle against the final blow of the advancing ice.Fans of the series will not be disappointed in the style and narrative, which is exactly the same as the previous novels, retaining the traditional classic style Elof s travails, both physical and emotional are traced against an epic world spanning odyssey as he strives both to recover what he has lost and prevent Louhi from destroying the wo [...]

    4. A good finale to Elof s story Again the mythological aspects of the tale were wonderful and really helped to ground the novel in what felt like a real world setting rather than being bog standard sword and sorcery setting.But oh, Elof, how could you have been so stupid about Kara Anyway Things I loved the voyage over the Atlantic to Kerys, Kerys Gate at the Gibraltar Straits, the detail of Elof s smithcrafting and the delving into even arcane but modern methods of creation and Ils and Kermorvan [...]

    5. A friend recommended this trilogy to me as very original I bought it at a science fiction convention for about 5 bucks and read all three books in about a week and my recollection is that it did not bowl me over.

    6. A fitting end to a truely great series of Fantasy lit one that deserves to be republished for the fact that its fallen out of print is a crime One of the richest examples of world building I ve ever read.

    7. If ever there s need of a book to film as a worthy successor to the Lord of the Rings trilogy, this series fits the bill It has clear parallels to Tolkiens work, with its high tone, as if adapted from earlier accounts, and commenting on the texts even, and serving as an exploration of nordic mythology even It has the same heroic characters, a rich array of less important characters, and the movies don t even need to be 4 hour in length Add to that an original setting our world, but thousands of [...]

    8. In The Hammer of the Sun Michael Scott Rohan brings his Ice Age fantasy trilogy to a close in a satisfyingly mythic fashion Set several years after the end of The Forge in the Forest , Elof Valantor grows paranoid that his lover Kara will leave him In trying to bind her closely to him Elof commits a grave error and must set out across the eastern ocean to lands unknown to redeem himself The novel starts out strongly, with Elof and Roc braving the perils of the unknown ocean, but its loses much [...]

    9. I have never before been this disappointed with the final installment in a trilogy In fact, had it not been the last book of three then I would have given up when it failed to become interesting before page 200, rather than carrying on doggedly until the bitter end out of some bizarre sense of duty as I did Even after the initial 200 pages of deathly boring sea voyage had been overcome, although the storyline picked up it never became anything particularly different or anything than a remix of [...]

    10. I left this on my currently reading shelf for ages so as to write a proper review and now I have left it so long, none of it is really very fresh in my mind any , defeating the point.In general, my opinions of the writing and the story are very much the same as previous two books epic, well crafted, prose well fitted with the style, an excellent vision of the world I still prefer The Forge in the Forest a little , but a lot of that is to do with the setting The Hammer of the Sun concludes the tr [...]

    11. Probably my least favorite of the series, but still beautiful, and turns into a wonderful telling of the swan maiden tale type A great conclusion to one of my favorite series And it could be that the fact that I liked this one least could be attributed to the fact that I almost always like the first book of a series best well, at least with trilogies eg, Fellowship of the Ring , though I also like the first book in the Wheel of Time best This one manages to pull the series into the realm of cosm [...]

    12. Well Rohan didn t let me down His mass battle scenes were quite involved and worthy of the build up he d made Many secrets are revealed in the final part of the trilogy as one expects , including one that I didn t foresee concerning the main character Elof the main character, has been haunted by many things and not necessarily creatures, but some of his own choices , and we finally see how some of these are resolved The antagonist behind the antagonist is met in The Hammer of the Sun, and it was [...]

    13. I love these books, though I can t say I ve read them quickly or voraciously I don t think they are that sort of books They just manage to conjure moments of power and awe like few but the best classic fantasies can They are up there with Tolkien in that respect, and though some parts of the formula are very similar, yet they do things in a wonderfully different way Not sure there s a market for books like this any or ever was as much as they deserve but they will always be among my favourites [...]

    14. Rohan wrapped up his trilogy in a pretty dramatic fashion Our mastersmith is maimed, enslaved, the world of Ice is ever expanding and somehow, spring is returned to the world The shape shifting lovers took up way too much space and time as far as I m concerned I don t think Rohan handles the element of love with deftness But once they were on their way, and engaged with the forces, I found the tale quite satisfying Elof Valantor is an unlikely hero, crippled but determined Rohan did surprise m [...]

    15. Maybe I just don t like good things to come to an end but i feel that this was probably my least favourite of the trilogy.It seemed to take forever a good 200 250 pages to actually make any progress in the plot and just as it starts to show some of the likeable traits of the previous books, it ends rather bizarrely and abruptly I am still a fan of M.S.R and I really like the technical aspect of his work His method of describing the smith crafting makes you at times consider building a forge your [...]

    16. The least adventurous but arguably most dramatic of the Winter of the World trilogy, Hammer of the Sun again brings to life a rich ice age world strongly tinged with Finnish mythology and interesting smithcraft creations I feel that this final volume bogs down somewhat in the middle, treading water for a while following a disaster which befalls our hero, but not so much that I wouldn t recommend it If you ve read this far, you ll need to know how it ends.

    17. it took a number of tries to start this story the love scene ot the beginning was so erotic and odd that it stopped me in the only the first pages its a big story about breath of difference and acceptances

    18. Reread of a series because I couldn t remember why I had such bad memories of it NOW I remember why this series bothered me This last book consisted of a whole bunch of boring travel, stupid frustrating events topped with a hefty dose of deus ex machina.

    19. Really could ahve used some editing I liked the series on the whole, but this one just takes forever to start moving and then quickly closes things off with a bunch of Deus Ex Machina s

    20. I have put this book temporarily aside because I want to repeatedly smack the main character He is in a relationship with a literal goddess but chases her away.

    21. Epic fantasy spliced with native American, classical, and germanic mythology and set during the ice age Good, but somehow creepy and unpleasant at the same time Cold Too cold.

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