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Elsie at Nantucket By Martha Finley,

  • Title: Elsie at Nantucket
  • Author: Martha Finley
  • ISBN: 9781581821024
  • Page: 453
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Dinss, Travillas, Lelands, and Raymonds enjoy a delightful summer holiday at the New England shore clam bake and all.
    Elsie at Nantucket The Dinss Travillas Lelands and Raymonds enjoy a delightful summer holiday at the New England shore clam bake and all

    One thought on “Elsie at Nantucket”

    1. Okay, I never actually reviewed this Why Because I feel like, almost, I should have liked this I mean, it says Christian Classic right on the inside cover on my edition ButI felt like it was all too perfect I mean, Lu disobeyed her parents, but there was almost no other conflict As a writer myself, I viewed this lack of conflict through a slightly critical eye, and thought to myself how can they show their faith without any conflict for God to uphold them through Honestly, most Christian books i [...]

    2. ELSIE AT NANTUCKET is 10 in the Elsie Dins series I like this one very much, especially for its descriptions of life on Nantucket Island where Elsie and her family are vacationing The main focus here is on Lulu Raymond, Violet s stepdaughter Lulu has a bad summer, you might say She rebels against adult authority and does so many naughty things that her good hearted father, Captain Raymond, is finally compelled to whip her Author Martha Finley has a talent for describing inconsequential domestic [...]

    3. Free BookVery enjoyable story for one who seeks solace in reading Summertime on Nantucket in the olden days is described through one family s experience Christian undertones throughout.

    4. Picks up where Elsie s New Relations left off Violet s husband is home from the Navy and proposes that everybody go to a tiny town in Nantucket for the summer They get there on a yacht, because no one important in these books ever has money issues.Which reminds me remember the crippled cousin who Elsie adopted What ever happened to her She was in one book featured prominently and then disappeared Anyway, I expect of Lulu and Max and Grace doing terrible things like SWEARING and saintly and stil [...]

    5. This was a wonderful book to read.Elsie s family decides to vacation in Nantucket for the Summer It turns out to be an even better trip than they first thought Captain Raymond is at home to watch over his children, instead of out at sea But the storms that are raging could hurt a few members of Elsie s family that are out on a boating trip The family just has to keep faith that God will protect their loved ones With just enough positive, fun events to override those accidental prone events, it m [...]

    6. This one was not one of my favorites It was very slow to begin with, and it took a little while to really get interested Lulu is a very disobedient child Why is Violet not dealing with her child while her husband is gone

    7. This was an overall good book It is the 10th book in a series of 28, and I already have several of the next few But it had a good storyline, and good Christian values and lessons A very enjoyable read

    8. They re all still perfect as ever, except little Lulu, and she s just a bit rebellious, but oh, it grieves her father so that she doesn t take this burden to Jasus and have him help her.

    9. I love the books by Martha Finley I think that all the people might be a little too perfect, but it s still a great series.

    10. This series is a bit Calvinistic in its theology, and it s also a bit uber Christian i.e the Christians are really, really good and the non Christians are really, really bad.

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