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Elsie's New Relations By Martha Finley,

  • Title: Elsie's New Relations
  • Author: Martha Finley
  • ISBN: 9781581821017
  • Page: 114
  • Format: Paperback
  • Experience the highs and lows of love and loss in this tender tale of the married lives of three of Elsie s children and their young families.
    Elsie s New Relations Experience the highs and lows of love and loss in this tender tale of the married lives of three of Elsie s children and their young families

    One thought on “Elsie's New Relations”

    1. The story has shifted from Elsie and her everlasting beauty and purity and weirdly incestuous relationship with her Daddy to Violet, Elsie s daughter Violet has married a guy in the Navy who already has three kids, and the three kids Lulu, Max, and poor sick Grace come to live with Violet and her mother and siblings The new kids have to learn how to be submissive to Big Daddy Dins, Ever Young And Beautiful Grandma Elsie, and Beautiful Patient Violet They also have to learn how to love Jesus This [...]

    2. ELSIE S NEW RELATIONS is a direct sequel to GRANDMOTHER ELSIE It deals with storylines begun in the previous book, and we see Elsie presiding over her family as the beautiful, picture perfect Mrs Travilla I especially like the scene on Christmas night, when she opens her jewelry box and weeps over costly gems given her in the past by her dear, departed husband But predictably, Papa arrives to wipe away Elsie s tears doesn t he always and sad memories are eclipsed by semi incestuous loveMuch of t [...]

    3. I love Edwards wife Zoe She is only 15 and does not know how to be a wife I love the advice her mother in law gives her That you must bear and forbear Zoe loves her husband, but doesn t like the obedience that comes with marriage In the end she finally gives up her disobedience to her husband and cannot wait to obey him This story really changes from Elsie to her children I really like Violet because you never see her getting angry or frustrated with her family or friends Her attitude is exactly [...]

    4. So far, this book is wonderful I loved the part about Zoe Elsie s brother, Edward s, wife and how she was jealous and selfish She was jealous of Edward because he didn t always give her all his attention, but Zoe had to learn that she can t ALWAYS have ALL the attention This really made me think how I need to change and not be so selfish or jealous This is an example of how I act an example of how I shouldn t act I should act how Zoe did in the endt so selfish.

    5. OkayThe characters could have been interestingbut weren t The plot could have been excitingbut wasn t It was a story about as worth my time as eating pablum The upside no sex scenes to skip or cuss words to ignore A book for a young reader maybe.

    6. The family vacation at the beach is coming to an end and Captain Raymond must be shipped off at once So begins the long summer of raising Viloets adoptive children, Loving Max, Rebelious Lulu, and Fragile Gracie.

    7. Up till five they were good Six is farely good and after that I read ieght and nine and got part way through ten and couldn t take it any Ten was terrible.

    8. This series is a bit Calvinistic in its theology, and it s also a bit uber Christian i.e the Christians are really, really good and the non Christians are really, really bad.

    9. These get even worse as time goes on More incestuous than the last, and everyone is SO GOOD Meh I can t stop reading the damned things, though

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