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Elsie's Friends at Woodburn By Martha Finley,

  • Title: Elsie's Friends at Woodburn
  • Author: Martha Finley
  • ISBN: 9781581821079
  • Page: 185
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Raymonds settle at Woodburn, their new home, and Lulu and Grace receive lockets with portraits of their lost mother.
    Elsie s Friends at Woodburn The Raymonds settle at Woodburn their new home and Lulu and Grace receive lockets with portraits of their lost mother

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    1. ELSIE S FRIENDS AT WOODBURN is the 13th Elsie book, dealing with the happy life of Elsie s daughter Violet Captain Raymond has three older children Max, Lulu and Grace from his previous marriage, as well as two younger ones with his second wife, Violet He is now retired from the navy, having come into unexpected wealth, and they re all living at their beautiful estate of Woodburn Most of the storyline centers on Lulu, now 13, who still must struggle against her naturally quick temper She is matu [...]

    2. This amusing story trails Elsie s young granddaughter, Lulu, through both exciting times and troubling trials To take you on a stroll through the book, there s festive parties, rattlesnake encounters, pet ponies to ride, devastating injuries, and a home full of love and compassion You ll be able to see Lulu grow in spirit to get past her famous tempers, with both her Heavenly Earthly fathers guiding her.Personally, I just loved this Elsie book, and I couldn t wait to finish it I m excited to rea [...]

    3. This series is a bit Calvinistic in its theology, and it s also a bit uber Christian i.e the Christians are really, really good and the non Christians are really, really bad The further into the series you get, the boring the books get because there are too many historical lectures in the later books rather than actual plots.

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