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Elsie's Children By Martha Finley,

  • Title: Elsie's Children
  • Author: Martha Finley
  • ISBN: 9781581820690
  • Page: 273
  • Format: Paperback
  • In this sixth volume in The Original Elsie Dins Series, Elsie and Edward winter at Viamede where the newest member of their family, Lily, is born The family is thrown into turmoil, however, when a carriage accident threatens the life of Grandpa Dins and one of their children dies from a mysterious ailment.
    Elsie s Children In this sixth volume in The Original Elsie Dins Series Elsie and Edward winter at Viamede where the newest member of their family Lily is born The family is thrown into turmoil however when a car

    One thought on “Elsie's Children”

    1. Although disappointed with this series as whole, I made a promise to myself a while back to finish a series once I start Even though Elsie s Children, sequel to Elsie s motherhood, was the original last book in a 6 volume series, I feel no need to read the author s additional volumes concerning the same characters I largely felt the series to be too full of it s own piety I can understand the nature of wanting an uplifiting religious children s series for little girls, but this series was far to [...]

    2. I prefer the original Elsie classics over the Life of Faith stories they re just authentic They do have their faults, yes, but overall they re really good Elsie s Children was about, surprise, Elsie s children They re all pretty sweet and perfect although their parents don t really see this perfection and neither does anyone else except the bad guys xD Honestly, I m fond of this ridiculousness, you know

    3. These books are a trial to read as a Catholic,though I don t know why I expect differently I wish the author had attempted to at least learn a bit about the faith before railing against in so overblown a manner That said, the book was still generally pleasant and heartfelt

    4. I love these Elsie Dins books, how you can see the children grow up I don t really get though how the mother can be pregnent and the children not know it until the baby is born I love it how even though other children might tempt them, they still what they know is right

    5. ELSIE S CHILDREN is 6 in the Elsie Dins series By now Elsie has eight children,having pumped out babies as religiously as Queen Victoria However, unlike that great and porcine monarch, Elsie remains slim, beautiful and eternally young Most of the action centers round her daughters who are growing up very nicely Namesake Elsie is gorgeous, predictably, and has many suitors Violet is a sweet young girl with a terrible secret And Lily, sickly from birth, seems likely to die young and provide us wit [...]

    6. This is a very fun book series to read I really appreciate the love they show to each other and their love for Jesus Christ.

    7. This series is a bit Calvinistic in its theology, and it s also a bit uber Christian i.e the Christians are really, really good and the non Christians are really, really bad.

    8. This one is really good I don t know if its my favorite, though I like how their children always tell their parents when they do something wrong and don t hide it They are such a good example.

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