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The Player By Jessica Bird J.R. Ward,

  • Title: The Player
  • Author: Jessica Bird J.R. Ward
  • ISBN: 9781459230088
  • Page: 178
  • Format: ebook
  • Ruthless might as well be Gray Bennett s middle name When the renowned Washington, D.C insider talks, powerful people listen But Gray hasn t come home to Saranac Lake to play politics Or play at all A tragedy has shaken the unshakable Gray Bennett to his hardened core.And so has the most unlikely of women.The mousy redhead who used to run around the Moorehouse B andRuthless might as well be Gray Bennett s middle name When the renowned Washington, D.C insider talks, powerful people listen But Gray hasn t come home to Saranac Lake to play politics Or play at all A tragedy has shaken the unshakable Gray Bennett to his hardened core.And so has the most unlikely of women.The mousy redhead who used to run around the Moorehouse B and B the one he never noticed is now all fiery hair and lush curves But sweet Joy Moorehouse is too innocent for a cynic like him So Gray won t let himself lay a hand on her until the night he can no longer resist the woman she has become That s when he discovers a secret that leaves him gasping for breath and wanting .
    The Player Ruthless might as well be Gray Bennett s middle name When the renowned Washington D C insider talks powerful people listen But Gray hasn t come home to Saranac Lake to play politics Or play at all A

    One thought on “The Player”

    1. I had planned to write a full review on this book, but I m feeling lazy so I ll just post some of my random thoughts here Gray I fell in love with him in the 1st half of the story, but when he started acting like a jerk, throwing accusations at Joy without any basis to support his suspicions, he lost some ground with me I didn t end up hating him because Ms Bird did a god job showing his insecurity and vulnerability when it came to Joy, but he could have snapped out of it sooner than he did Joy [...]

    2. My Review Joy Moorehouse has loved Grayson Bennett from afar for years, and while they have homes not far away from each other, they live in totally different worlds Grayson s world is one of political maneuverings, high class parties and one night stands than he can remember while Joy lives at the family s struggling BB, helping out as she can and caring for her Grandmother who suffers from dementia To say they have little or nothing in common is an understatement and if it weren t for the fac [...]

    3. Opening line The boat s engine throbbed as Grayson Bennett kept the Hacker at a low speed and close to the lakeshore HIS COMFORT AND JOY is book 2 in the Moorehouse legacy trilogy which I discovered through being a fan of JR Ward and her Black Dagger Brotherhood I was surprised by how much I enjoyed this romance, although its within this instalment that you really begin to hear Ward s voice and some of the Brothers too The level of sexual tension throughout the story is such that I couldn t put [...]

    4. Originally published in 2006 as His Comfort and Joy by Jessica Bird Review for Speaking of Audiobooks likesbooks blog p 8418Narrated by Emily BeresfordGrayson is a political consultant whose job is to polish a candidate s image and make problems disappear In the dog eat dog world of politics, that means less than savory tactics are sometimes necessary While his power and good looks have gained him a reputation as a lady s man, his childhood has left him jaded on the subjects of love and marriage [...]

    5. Non c niente che possa vincere il paragone con una lettura Linus Una copertina di Linus in versione cartacea quello che serve quando arrivi al limite della sopportazione romanzi noiosi, pessime traduzioni, ripetitivit di un genere, insommaquando hai bisogno di qualcosa di sicuro, al 100% fidato allora devi scegliere tra le letture Linus Per me sono poche le autrici che mi assicurano una soddisfazione alta molto alta, in alcuni casi e per questo me le tengo da parte, come scorta nei momenti bui d [...]

    6. Joy lives in her family s BB and looks after her demented grandmother She s been in love with the wealthy Gray for years but has never done anything about it When finally does notice her, he refuses to act on his impulse because she seems to young and innocent Then he starts distrusting her They get to know one another better when she travels to New York after being commissioned to design an evening gown for one of his friends, but there are a lot of misunderstandings along the way because Gray [...]

    7. Gray was too cold and in control for my taste Thank goodness for the smart and likable Joy And even after their HEA, I am not holding my breath for a lasting one That man has too many issues with trust and the way he behaved with Joy just about sum his immaturity And don t get me started on his hang up with his mother.Still, I liked the story if not the hero.

    8. Ok, fermi un momento.Prima d iniziare ho una domanda Chi minkia ha deciso il titolo Voglio dire, non avrei avuto nulla da ridire se il protagonista in questione fosse stato uno sportivo, un broker o comunque qualcuno che si giocava la reputazione Perch in questo contesto non ha alcun senso e non nemmeno la cosa peggiore Qui si giocano i neuroni.Ma anche vero che noi Italiani in fatto di tradurre titoli o modificare copertine faccio davvero pena Veniamo a noi Benvenuti a una nuova recensione Come [...]

    9. Due stelle e mezzo.C era una volta una ragazza dolce e carina, la quale nutriva una cotta per un ragazzo pi grande di lei Lui si chiamava Gray, un ragazzo forte e con dei segreti, che con il tempo divent un uomo rispettato, ma anche molto temuto Nel frattempo, la piccola Joy cresceva, e con s cresceva anche l interesse e il debole che provava per Gray Nonostante i loro mondi estremamente diversi, un legame invisibile sembrava legarliGray conosce da sempre la piccola rossa, ed solo da qualche tem [...]

    10. This one was much better than the first one The characters were interesting and fully developed Gray especially had a lot of bad stuff running around in his head that he had to overcome Also the premise was interesting Naive young woman and a jaded cynical man who thinks he s too old for her but just can t stay away The angst level was higher here and it looks like the next one is going to be even angsty.

    11. Reviewed for THC Reviews 4.5 stars Long, short, or somewhere in between, I don t think J R Ward in this case writing as Jessica Bird is capable of writing a bad book I ve very much enjoyed everything I ve read by her so far, and His Comfort and Joy was no exception Even though it s one of her earlier works, written in a short novel format, the plot and character development was stellar I loved both Gray and Joy, as well as the way in which their romance builds It s both sweet and angsty, just th [...]

    12. Premetto che questo commento sar pieno di SPOILER anche se, in realt , la storia cos semplice e prevedibile che c ben poco da spoilerare e, probabilmente, pieno di parolacce, perch a me certe cose scatenano il piccolo camionista interiore, non posso farci nulla Perch , ok che un romance generalmente ha la struttura semplice di una fiaba, ma quando la semplicit sconfina troppo nel nulla condito da idiozia cominciano a girarmi gli zebedei.Dunque, se siete allergiche agli spoiler di ogni tipo e sie [...]

    13. I don t want to rehash the plot, so I will get straight to my thoughts Right out of the starting gate, I liked these characters Each one has that strong, unique voice I have come to expect in Ward s characters Gray was powerful, fierce, and commanding, and yet he had that soft under layer that lets you know that he isn t a bad person, but maybe just following down the wrong path Joy is the type of woman who is caring and thoughtful and gives a lot of herself, probably too much, even at the expen [...]

    14. All right the review Hmmmwhere do I start Okay let s start at the start Jessica Bird tells us about her idea of the kind of men that roam around us And I agree with her This one is about the Player, someone who steamrolls over you and you are so madly in love that you don t care Well you keep going after him and again till you give up and then he comes back to you Well, I must tell that happens in a Harlequin book Real life will bite you in a place of your body that will hurt you the most Been t [...]

    15. This book was ridiculous trash Unfortunately, L.A Weekly displayed its cover in its recently published Best L.A Novel bracket in place of The Player by Michael Tolkin Admittedly, I wondered how a Harlequin romance novel could have possibly been among the contenders in a competition dubbed Best L.A Novel Of course, I later learned that IT COULDN T This book had nothing to do with Los Angeles and even less to do withwell, you understand.I m back on track now, reading the book that was actually amo [...]

    16. i loved this book the warden has done it again for me its typical romance slushy mushy girl loves guy guy loves girl but is slow to realize and a great big HEA i read this series out of order but wish now that i d resisted temptation as the storyline flows from book to another and altho you can read them a stand alones they become of a great big romantic journey if you read them in order character development is interesting between the BDB books and this series there have been de ja vu moments [...]

    17. Joy has always been the youngest, the fragile one, the one to care for her grandmother with dementia, and she has been in her family s B B her whole life, never chasing her dreams One of those dreams is Gray, who is rich, his family home is nearby and she s loved him for years She gets the opportunity to go to New York and make one of her dress designs for a new influential friend Before she knows it her creations are in demand, she feels as if she is living a dream, and Gray sees her as a woman [...]

    18. 1 5 1 star DNFThe main male character, Gray, is such a self absorbed, intolerant, judgmental moody jerk, I couldn t stand it I ve read better books by Jessica Bird J.R Ward.I m not having much luck with the audiobooks lately I should have looked at my GR friends reviews before starting this book Carrie did a good one here.

    19. I have wanted to read the other side of author J.R Ward for a while now and I DID like this book However, it was one of those stories where the couple would have benefitted greatly from just sitting down and talking Additionaly, the male lead was not very likable and the woman could have used some backbone I couldn t help but think how much I would have enjoyed this couple if he had of the charisma of the BDB boys and she had some fire and spirit.

    20. A good girl meets bad boy kind of story Joy s been lusting after Gray for years but he s kept his distance because he s too old damaged moronic for his own good They get thrown together and neither can resist the temptation any longer.A little cliched but overall enjoyable I liked Joy as a character despite brooding Gray irritating the shit out of me Predictable but delivered in the end Pretty much exactly what I expected when I picked it up and I wasn t disappointed.

    21. Divorato questo romanzo della mia adorata Ward S , un romance molto classico, non ci sono colpi di scena spettacolari n tormenti emotivi da mangiarsi le unghie fino alle ossa, ma perfetto per me A parte che lovvo profondamente le storie in cui i protagonisti si conoscono da sempre e si guardano da lontano poi i protagonisti maschili di J.R sono puntualmente dei maschioni tutti testosterone fuori e teneroni dentro Li amo Presto la recensione sul blog.

    22. Just as the rating says It was okay Gray was a moody, intolerable jerk for most of the book Joy was Joy, what can I say She is the bright light in this series and it s only because of her that I even gave the book a two I just can t believe that Joy would put up with the sh t that Gray put her though I m so glad she at least had a backbone at times or I would have screamed the house down I liked that she was stronger in her book than was portrayed in the first book I m all for the dramatics of b [...]

    23. I think I actually enjoyed this one than the first book However, that might have been because I listened to the first book on audio.All in all I liked it So glad it got a name change though, because ugh His comfort and Joy Seriously No thank you.I think the only thing that really bothered me about this book, other than there were several classic Romance tropes was sometimes, especially when he was talking to Joy after their hook up Grey s dialogue went really really flowery So much so that it f [...]

    24. Comfortable and EntertainingJoy Moorehouse has loved Grayson Bennett for years, despite only seeing the successful political consultant a few times a year She may be the provincial younger sister of Frankie and Alex, the baby of the family, but she s well aware that he doesn t even see her not as a woman, anyway Sure, he s always polite, but she and the older, powerful man aren t exactly in the same social circles Still, she couldn t help but be thrilled at the opportunity of helping Frankie and [...]

    25. Oooh Questo secondo capitolo stato proprio bello, pi bello del primo non me ne voglia Nate ma preferisco Grayson Bellissima e meravigliosa Joy, semplice delicata ma di carattere, mi piaciuto il loro rincorrersi, ho trattenuto il fiato assieme a lei Grazie Ward, un altro bel libro

    26. SWEET STORYThe story was sweet and maybe just a tad annoying at times Very much a HEA story Hero overcomes obstacles in love and ends up with everything she ever dreamed of having It was am easy read.

    27. Second in the Moorehouse Legacy romance series and number 1732 in the Silhouette Special The series revolves around the Moorehouse family What remains of it The couple focus here is on Joy Moorehouse and Grayson Bennett.Alternative titles include Player and From the First.My TakeOh, this was so sweet The whole Cinderella story except this prince helps his Cinderella to a fashion career Gray s smoldering makes Joy think he s angry and her pride causes her to pull back which only intrigues Gray I [...]

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