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Software Engineering: A Practitioner's Approach By Roger S. Pressman,

  • Title: Software Engineering: A Practitioner's Approach
  • Author: Roger S. Pressman
  • ISBN: 9780073019338
  • Page: 263
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Presents an engineering approach for the analysis, design, and testing of web applications This book provides information on software tools, specific work flow for specific kinds of projects, and information on various topics It includes resources for both instructors and students such as checklists, 700 categorized web references, and .
    Software Engineering A Practitioner s Approach Presents an engineering approach for the analysis design and testing of web applications This book provides information on software tools specific work flow for specific kinds of projects and info

    One thought on “Software Engineering: A Practitioner's Approach”

    1. A poor textbook for a murky field of study.Sadly, software engineering is a big grab bag of topics necessarily focuses on how high ceremony, high discipline projects work Real projects almost never see the kinds of specialization and formalism described in a software engineering class, except for big ticket, high cost, cannot fail, bureaucratic projects Unfortunately, those projects have very little in common with each other, and even less in common with everyday projects, especially those using [...]

    2. The organization of this textbook is terrible Reading and incorporating the facts presented in this book is similar to having a conversation with a drunk person trying to give advice This is probably the worst textbook I ve ever been assigned to read The book does contain good information, but the presentation is completely dreadful Beyond the dubious format, the anecdotal examples presented in the form of a play are worthless They seem to only serve as filler in this nearly 1000 page long book [...]

    3. What is the point of writing a book only to fill the pages with references to other peoples work If Mr Pressman was able to sum up the referenced articles to a satisfying degree, this might have been worth the read, but all he does is briefly describe the concepts and then pointing to other peoples discussions about it This book ends up failing in my opinion because it touches a lot of subjects, without ever delivering enough substance by itself If you are looking for a book to point you in the [...]

    4. This was a pretty comprehensive if over wordy book back when I was in university It tries to highlight the current best practices of software development methodology Unfortunately, it probably doesn t highlight the really up to date stuff Even back then it was focused on structured design rather than object oriented best practices, such as doing white box testing and data flow diagrams There are some gems in there, like the discussions on metrics and formal methods, but the writing is somewhat [...]

    5. If you parse this book properly, there s some helpful ideas in it But the overview it provides would be typical of a book one fourth the length of Pressman s The bulk of the text is due to buzzwords and repetition rather than depth Software Engineering is an important topic, but there are better books to learn it from than this one.

    6. It s not often that I find a textbook which I love this much it s such a wonderfully lucid journey through software engineering The writing style is contemporary and compelling, and the content is structured in a naturally linear order, so if software engineering is your thing you might find it a real good page turner from cover to cover.

    7. This was the college textbook for one of my Software Engineering courses It s pretty thorough, and is a good if dated introduction to the topic of Software Engineering, but not exactly a page turner.

    8. I used this book in the first year in my software engineering master degree Nowadays I still used this book as a reference in my software development.Any serious software developer who called themselves a software engineer, must read this book.

    9. A great book for learning how to organize software engineering from requirements gathering to implementation and maintenance However, this book is not about algorithms or programming techniques and will focus solely on documentation primarily through UML.

    10. Best kick start reference for software development I stumbled upon You don t have to read it all to get what you want.

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