[EPUB] ë It's a Busy, Busy World | by ✓ Richard Scarry

It's a Busy, Busy World By Richard Scarry,

  • Title: It's a Busy, Busy World
  • Author: Richard Scarry
  • ISBN: 9780307655394
  • Page: 336
  • Format: Hardcover
  • 33 lively stories about everyday life around the world.
    It s a Busy Busy World lively stories about everyday life around the world

    One thought on “It's a Busy, Busy World”

    1. This book brings back fantastic childhood memories It gave me a love for learning all about the world at the age of seven, and led me to learn and about the countries of the world.It will enable your children to learn about the world with the help of all the wonderful animal characters, and all the wonderful stories.They will travel in heir minds from New York to the Netherlands, India toIsrael, London to Tokyo and Australia to Austria.It shows your children the folksy and peaceful side of the [...]

    2. When I was little, Busy Busy World was my second favorite Richard Scarry work of all time, after What Do People Do All Day Present day adult readers may be taken aback by the abundance of ethnic stereotypes Forty years ago very few people would have objected It s kind of sad, because this book was my first introduction to landmarks like the Blarney Stone and canals of Venice and I remember I learned about all these sights of the world from this book.My copy was printed in 1972 and the binding ha [...]

    3. Totally non P.C but my favorite children s book of all time If only the world was like this Totally hilarious and insane.

    4. This is currently Hazel s favorite book We have read it over and over again Hazel s mom likes that the stories are short and we can adapt, on the fly, how many will be read.

    5. All right, I want to be clear here I know this book has some seriously dubious content in places The vast majority of the stories are set in Europe, every single entry contains some kind of national stereotype behavior It s definitely flawed, even saying Oh, remember when it was written isn t good enough not really But I adored this book all of the silly shenanigans the animals in the stories get up to as a young child Five stars for sheer nostalgia.

    6. Since I have been able to read, I don t know how many times I ve read this I know it by mind I usually change books on my bookshelves, replacing old books with the new one I m currently reading, but I keep this every single time I recognise each character as my friend And there s no such a drawing of a monument that I like than those San Pietro, Notre DameDa quando so leggere, ho perso il conto di quante volte ho letto questo libro Cambio spesso i libri nella mia libreria, per metterci quelli c [...]

    7. Any many ways this is a charming book full of funny little tales about butchers and house painters and fishermen from almost all over the world But upon second glance, it s riddled with gender, ethnic and racial stereotypes which were clearly not evident to the writers in 1965 Like Egyptian men wear the fez and ride camels, while Dutchmen wear clogs and ride bicycles everywhere to damn up dykes Seriously And worst of all, the only working women are washerwomen and nurses Just spiffy.

    8. There are 33 short 2 page or so stories in here, so we had to do this in installments instead of wholesale before nap bedtime Scarry has so much going on on each page that make his books so wonderful For each story, there is a character of a different nationality Some vignettes seem maybe a little stereotypical of a culture and the names are ridiculous, but I think that s part of the charm My son loved tracing the lines from each character to his country on the endpages also.

    9. Storie, disegni e ricordi della mia infanzia che ora rivivono nelle risate dei miei bambini La mucca che mangia il cappello di Sven Svenson e il professor Scavo con la sua mummia egiziana sono in assoluto i due racconti che ci fanno divertire di pi La lettura si conclude per sempre con il piccolo canguro Billibongo e il suo biberon di latte Poi, tutti a nanna

    10. if i ever make the mistake of breeding my brood shall read these books this one i like as it shows all these different countries denmark was a haunted house, brazil had something to do with a giant ass snake and an airplane but they all have lowly worm and friends and that is what really matters, and mr fixit, and, well i dunno i really dug these books as a kid stop laughing

    11. This is perhaps my almost four year old grandson s favorite book at our house We usually read several stories from it whenever he spends the night The added bonus is that he really is absorbing bits of geography and culture with the stories.

    12. 5 art5 storiesIf I have to read Pierre the Paris Policeman one time I am going to lose my baguettes And it s all because Pierre has a whistle that goes Brrreeeeeet Love reading this book to Squirt so many short and funny stories so many things to look at.

    13. Fun book, I have always loved these little stories People today put too much emphasis in the wrong place These are stories that kids will like, nothing else, no hidden meaning, no politics.

    14. My kids just loving reading this with me Full of all kinds of details to notice Hoping for some grandchildren one day

    15. I love reading about animals that drive cars, fly planes, and work for a living Animals have been oppressed too long, it s good to see them out and about Go animals

    16. These stories informed my world This is why I want to go to Venice A pig family in a gondola eating watermelon And Lowly freaking Worm

    17. All 3 of my boys have loved this book Many years ago, we kept the library copy for eons We finally found a used copy of our own to buy, and it s starting to fall apart We love using using voices and accents as we read the stories We love all the detail in Richard Scarry s illustrations I know this book is probably considered politically incorrect, full of stereotypes and sexist role constraints, but we love it anyway.

    18. The one childhood book I ve kept with me since leaving home 20 years ago The stories take place at different locals around the world Even as a young child I d been to places in the world than most, so I think that is one reason that I connected with this book And the stories are really fun too

    19. love this book, wonderful illustrations, great stories with the different animals and their families I felt that this book can really keep the children s attention and focus Have the class create their own town or world with their own characters Have each child create a character with a story behind it.

    20. This was my favorite book growing upI would read it over and over again A lot of the images are dated now, but as a child, this book made me interested in other countries, other cultures and a world outside of the US It honestly influenced my life, my decision to learn other languages, to live in other countries and to travel the world.

    21. This has got to be one of top 10 favorite children s books ever We had it as kids, but it is a hard one to find these days If anyone should come across one at a thrift store, please pick it up for me I m on the lookout for it

    22. OK, I know the illustrations tended to be sexist, and there was the matter of the Silly Polish Painters or whatever the story was, but this was still one of my favorite books as a child, and I was delighted that a friend of the family found an ex libris edition for my kids.

    23. This book is perfect.It s a trip around the world It s got humor for adults It was well known that every Irishman can talk and talk and talk The drawings are detailed and memorable It s got lessons on safety and responsibility, etc And it s big 33 stories.

    24. I wore down my parent s patience with frequent requests to Read it again I am pleased to note my three year old nephew has obtained my copy and is begging the same of Grandma and Grandpa At least my parents know the stories by now.

    25. Richard Scarry is better know for his illustrations as opposed to his written dialogue My suggestion is to never read his books, just look through the pictures and make up your own stories or try to find Mr Gold Bug on every page.

    26. As a child this was one of my favourite story books Not only are the stories well written and plentiful, it also teaches kids about different cultures to an extent I still have the book and intend to read it to my future children.

    27. We read this on at least a weekly basis Hazel loves it, and the stories are short enough that we can just read one in a minute or multiples if we have time We are big fans of Richard Scarry in our house.

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