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The Fourth Star: Dispatches from Inside Daniel Boulud's Celebrated New York Restaurant By Leslie Brenner,

  • Title: The Fourth Star: Dispatches from Inside Daniel Boulud's Celebrated New York Restaurant
  • Author: Leslie Brenner
  • ISBN: 9780609608081
  • Page: 406
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The hushed, elegant atmosphere of a fine four star restaurant often conceals an intensely stressful workplace With the complete cooperation of Chef Daniel Boulud, author Leslie Brenner spent a full year at his NYC restaurant and she reports on it all with a vivid immediacy.
    The Fourth Star Dispatches from Inside Daniel Boulud s Celebrated New York Restaurant The hushed elegant atmosphere of a fine four star restaurant often conceals an intensely stressful workplace With the complete cooperation of Chef Daniel Boulud author Leslie Brenner spent a full ye

    One thought on “The Fourth Star: Dispatches from Inside Daniel Boulud's Celebrated New York Restaurant”

    1. Repetitive, sycophantic, but still interesting, to a point, hence two stars a low two stars You might think from this review that I have a green and envious soul And so I might have How many times you can describe a typical lunchtime in the same restaurant kitchen without sounding repetitive It was interesting the first few times but this book drags on and on There don t seem to be any interesting characters everyone except for the evil maitre d is just wonderful Daniel Boulud himself is a geniu [...]

    2. Ay What did we learn in this book That Daniel Boulud is a world class chef and businessman, that life in the kitchen is hectic, unpredictable, that the characters surrounding Daniel s restaurant take their job very seriously, that there are a whole bunch of dishes that sound great but that I probably will never taste.I learned all of this probably within the first 100 pages.What does this book need Editing, primarily trimming While the author tries to recreate this atmosphere of intensity in her [...]

    3. There is a surfeit of books about restaurants on the market These tend to be uniformly repetitive and uniformly badly written, especially when penned by the chef owner of the eatery A delightful exception is Leslie Brenner s book about Daniel Boulud s flagship restaurant in New York City The author spent a year on the premises, dressed unobtrusively in cook s whites, and demonstrates a keen ear for the interactions in both the front and the back of the house This was made challenging by the pol [...]

    4. The book starts slow Her sketches of kitchens are too generalized and it is often clear, the author doesn t understand how kitchens work Her descriptions of front of house staff are a bit better The books lacks narrative In keeping with life, the turn over and lack of explanation in the Industry, the author loses the story, or fails to tell it, allowing characters and discussions to barely begin and then stop abruptly But, in spending a year with Daniel Boulud, she does compile some interesting [...]

    5. Daniel Boulud s NYC restaurant both back of the house and front in a splendid and detailed narrative I love the exacting nature of all aspects of his restaurant, but can t imagine eating at any of them Stops just short of 9 11, but now there are 11 Boulud restaurants in New York alone, with all over the world I imagine that he s not in the kitchen very often now Maureen

    6. It s as if a stenographer recorded every single pot stir in the kitchen, so it became a bit tedious as times.

    7. Although I m not a foodie by a long shot, I enjoyed this thorough behind the scenes look at a top notch NYC restaurant I was overwhelmed by the amount of detail the author provided, particularly in regards to the dialogue in the kitchen during service How was she able to jot all of that down Although I admit that I started to gloss over all of that detail in the second half of the book I just thought it was a bit too much Otherwise, I thought it was very well written and engaging A book any legi [...]

    8. This look inside a well known restaurant is a fun read, albeit repetitive, as writer Leslie Brenner observes, no holds barred, what goes on at Daniel, Daniel Boulud s well known French restaurant in New York City Front of the house, back of the house, managers meetings, lunch service, dinner service, banquet service with then President Clinton, to boot The seviche tonight involves sea scallops, oysters, and sea urchins, with osetra caviar, pink raddish, and celery leaves in a horseradish lime oy [...]

    9. I liked some aspects of this book had a hard time with others I enjoyed learning about each aspect of the restaurant business She spends time individually with many of the chefs and employees the host, bartender, sauciers, sommelier, etc etc and of course the owner So, I learned a great deal about what it takes to make a restaurant run But much of the dialogue was in French, since many of the chefs and the owner are French And her decision to record conversations as they happened gave it a jour [...]

    10. This book was the book that started my husband s restaurant book craze We both loved this book, and it was one of the few books we actually read right after each other and discussed The book documents the quest of Daniel Boulud s Manhattan restaurant Daniel to regain its coveted fourth star the highest rank by the prestigious New York Times The restaurant had enjoyed four stars for years but was demoted to three stars in 1999 This book documents the staff s efforts both front of house and back o [...]

    11. I m pretty tired of almost all food writing now I feel like I ve read all the really important stuff, and everything now is just rehash after rehash But this is good Leslie Brenner hangs out at Daniel for an entire year, while Boulud tries to win back his fourth star after a not so great NYT review Verbatim kitchen conversations and a really intimate view on how one of the best restaurants anywhere runs on a day to day basis I used to recommend this to anyone who was looking for food writing, an [...]

    12. This was interesting if you like books about chefs and kitchens Since I find the restaurant kitchen fascinating, I thought this was a cool book That being said, you can only read so much of this, and the book went on a little too long The author is now the food critic for the Dallas Morning News my hometown paper , and it s interesting to learn that 1 she has not been a food critic for very long, and 2 she clearly has chef worship, which explains some of her reviews here in Dallas.

    13. I liked this book a lot in theory than I enjoyed actually reading it The idea of behind the scenes at Daniel was nice, and the descriptions of the dishes were somewhat inspiring, but the author chose a kind of day to day journal approach that quickly got same y and tedious So I didn t actually finish it, but I ve decided I m done Onward

    14. The author was a fly in the wall at Daniel Boulud s restaurant Daniel for an entire year, and she faithfully reports what she saw and heard She actually took notes in shorthand of the crazed conversations in the kitchen, word for word, which is an amazing feat in such a rapid fire environment Absolutely fascinating for anyone interested in restaurants or food

    15. I picked up this book after reading about Gail Simmons experiences in Daniel Boulud s kitchen in her book I found the book to be a fascinating read Leslie Brenner does a great job of being an almost impartial narrator sharing the good and the ugly about working long hard hours in a fine dining restaurant.

    16. Interesting look behind the scenes at a great restaurant Narrative suffers from lack of direction, and the kitchen scenes, though they do a good job of capturing the intensity and organized chaos, are a little difficult to follow.

    17. I m a foodie, enjoyed eating at restaurant Daniel, but yet this book was so boring I couldn t get myself to like it An inside look at the restaurant and chef, which should have by all accounts been fascinating material, but came out totally flat to me Don t bother with this book.

    18. A fun read on what goes on behind the scenes at a four star restaurant To be read alongside the Making of a Chef and the Soul of a Chef.

    19. Fascinating if repetitive look inside one of the finest restaurant kitchens in the world I wish she didn t assume you know every food term and lots of French, but still a good read.

    20. This was an entertaining romp through the kitchen of a celebrated New York Restaurant Foodies and culinary arts folks would enjoy

    21. This book was like like a 300 page advertisement for the Daniel Boulud empire It lacks any analysis of the author s observations And the writing kinda sux.

    22. The writting isn t the best, but if you like reading about New York restaurants and Daniel Bouloud, you would enjoy this.

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