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Dynasty of Death By Taylor Caldwell,

  • Title: Dynasty of Death
  • Author: Taylor Caldwell
  • ISBN: 9780515084788
  • Page: 107
  • Format: Paperback
  • The mighty saga of three generations cursed by a bloodstained fortune, set in the 19th century.
    Dynasty of Death The mighty saga of three generations cursed by a bloodstained fortune set in the th century

    One thought on “Dynasty of Death”

    1. Dynasty of Death centers around two families whose small munitions factory evolved into a powerful multi national empire a sweeping saga stretching from the 1830s to the eve of World War I Her characters were embedded in what political writers and investigative journalists now call the military industrial complex Caldwell s publishers thought such a book would not be taken seriously with an author named Janet Reback, so they chose her masculine sounding middle names of Taylor Caldwell as a nom [...]

    2. Great ReadAs expected, Taylor Caldwell didn t disappoint me once She always makes the characters come to life, and describes their thoughts and desires, good or bad Sometimes Jules got long winded, but I still can t skip over anything said I love generation novels, and she is one of the best Barb Heskett 7 04 2017

    3. A journey, a destination and The scope of this novel will astonish and astound Ms Caldwell is a class act with writing and characters endowed with all the attributes that make us human Get ready for a rollercoaster ride.

    4. Lots of despicable characters and their many exploits over the years Sometimes a little slow, sometimes melodramatic, but for an 80 year old novel, a good read.

    5. This was the first novel published in Taylor Caldwell s long and prolific career, an expansive saga that pretty much set the template for many of her subsequent novels Power, Passion, and Money It makes a fitting bookend with her last great saga, CAPTAINS AND THE KINGS, published 34 years later in 1972.

    6. An apt title where the greed of a family member ripples into causing tragedy in others Taylor Caldwell intertwines profound philosophy while providing an epic generational story spreading from pre Civil War to the Spanish American War Centered around gun and ammunition manufacturing, Ernest Barbour learns that he can build an empire and fortune but for what price Readers find out.

    7. This is a story of two brothers One brother s dream and ambtion in live was money His other brother, Martin saw how money runined his brother s life He declines the fortune that is his until he see the good that money can do Martin gives the rest of his life to others and then looses it He did the same as his brother He lost focus on balance in life.

    8. This author not only predicts WWII, she explains the underlining causes in this book that was published in 1938 It is a series and has my highest recommendations Read about the Barbours and the Bouchards but think about the DuPonts of Delaware.

    9. The story of two immigrant families that build an empire on munitions Taylor Caldwell has no equal when it comes to descriptions but will admit it took me a bit to get everyone straight after they all got married and started families This is a three book series so on to the next generation.

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