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  1. Celia walks out of an exam at school and goes to search for her birth mother She leaves a note for her adopted parents to read which slips down the back of a counter so they worry about her as they have no idea where she is and goes to find the house where her mother apparently lived She is 16, if I remember rightly She finds the house where her mum apparently lived but she never lived there, just worked there Celia is disappointed, but calls her parents to let them know that she s alright They [...]

  2. I read this book agggges ago, when i was like 10, 11 And either way, from what i can remember it was BRILLIANT Seriously, i really recommend you reading it I have really bad memory and seeing as i read it like 4 years ago, for me to still remember it is quite something PI want to re read it though, and oh yes, its about the story of a girl who walks out of her history GCSE to find her biological mum.

  3. I read this when I was around 12, and I recall greatly enjoying it may not be as good as I remember, but I have to judge it on when I read it It was very relatable, one of the first real life , non fantasy books I ever read It was an easy read, and not terribly written.

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