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Radialloy By J. Grace Pennington,

  • Title: Radialloy
  • Author: J. Grace Pennington
  • ISBN: 9781475294408
  • Page: 118
  • Format: Paperback
  • The year is 2320 Andi Lloyd is content with her life as the assistant to her adoptive father, a starship doctor, but her secure world turns upside down when she begins uncovering secrets from her past When her father mysteriously starts losing his mind, she finds that she can no longer count on him to guide or help her With mutiny breaking out on the ship, and two factiThe year is 2320 Andi Lloyd is content with her life as the assistant to her adoptive father, a starship doctor, but her secure world turns upside down when she begins uncovering secrets from her past When her father mysteriously starts losing his mind, she finds that she can no longer count on him to guide or help her With mutiny breaking out on the ship, and two factions desperate for a valuable secret she holds, she must race to save her father and herself before time runs out.
    Radialloy The year is Andi Lloyd is content with her life as the assistant to her adoptive father a starship doctor but her secure world turns upside down when she begins uncovering secrets from her past

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    1. Whew Wowza I loved this book And let me start with a disclaimer I don t read a lot am not a fan of the sci fi genre It s SO hard to find clean books in that genre, which I the main reason I don t read a lot That s the main thing I loved about this book It was completely clean The minimal amount of non graphic violence aside, there was no language, no weird creepy sci fi stuff, no romantic sexual content I would gladly recommend this to my little siblings, which I not something I can often do wit [...]

    2. This book was a great read It s a shorter book but brilliantly done You re drawn in from the beginning and the plot moves along quite nicely, never too fast and definitely not slow I d have trouble deciding who was my favorite character, but I might have to settle on Andi who also happens to be the main character Even though this is a science fiction book it all felt and sounded real The author has obviously done her research and put in the time to create a plausible situation As a med student I [...]

    3. Wow Seriously wow I honestly can t remember how I stumbled across this book, which makes me sad, because if all the you might also like suggestions or whatever similar list I found this in are this good, I would be in clover or maybe some variety of space clover I really love sci fi or truthfully, I really want to love sci fi but it s so hard to find it a clean and b without magical elements that I don t get to enjoy it that much Inventions with bizarre powers great Aliens I ll let it slide Supe [...]

    4. I gave it 25% before I gave up on it The collision of a merchant ship with an asteroid at warp 8 instead of vaporizing the ship, and asteroid, yielded no significant damage, or injuries, just some malfuctions Propulsion which should be a force, was treated like a speed Totally ignoring physical laws Google Newtons Laws And the characters were barely developed.

    5. August Enough said And if you have no idea what I m talking about, read the book Then you ll understand.Okay, I ll be serious now I ve followed this book since its early stages and have been in love with the characters since the rough draft As she revised the book, the author only gave me reasons to love her little creations Their personalities are brilliantly done, the situations are challenging, and the drama is thrilling Plenty of charm and lots of page turning intrigue to hold it together.A [...]

    6. I love this book Clean, heart pounding, sci fi adventure What could a girl ask for The characters are superb Andi is a lovable and easy to connect to protagonist, the Doctor is a well layered character, Crash iswell, Crash, August is sooo dang sweet 3 I want to see August Mr Guilders, the Captain, Almira, all of them are great And the baddies Ooh CREEPY So, D well done The plot is so excting This is like Star Trek without the aliens and without the junk The storyline layered and developed I lo [...]

    7. I had really high expectations for Radialloy because of all the glowing reviews I ve seen, but from the first chapter my expectations were shattered I really wanted to find something to like, and while there s nothing questionable about the story, it just lacked quality.The first thing that bothered me was the writing style It completely lacked subtlety and subtext and faith that the reader isn t stupid Everything had to be thoroughly explained to make sure that the readers understands every io [...]

    8. I loved this audiobook I loved it before when I read it in both eBook and Paperback format, but it was so nice to be able to be on my exercise bike, do dishes, and clean the house while listening to the author read her own book It was great

    9. Andi Lloyd has been in the care of Dr Lloyd for as long as she can remember, and loves him as her father She enjoys working alongside him in sickbay aboard the starship, Surveyor but her world is jeopardized when she finds that a searing pain in her knee is connected with a rather foggy part of her history, and the doctor her father starts losing his mind when she needs him most.As those she trusts are taken from her, and doubts arise, Andi has no one to trust but herself or so she feels It wil [...]

    10. If you like Christian sci fi, you ll love Radialloy Or even if it s not the usual kind of genre you read like myself , it s still a fascinating and unique story I like a good adventure, and that s how I connected so well with Radialloy.The whole book held me captivated I loved the setting, on a starship about 300 years from now I feel like the descriptions of the ship and the roles of all the crew is written so well I kept thinking how did the author know to use that phrase when it was just the [...]

    11. 4.5 StarsOkay, so I think this might be the first real sci fi book I ve ever read I ve read fantasy sci fi blends, but not the usual sci fi story that takes place in space on a space ship I admit, I don t like sci fi, but since this was written by a homeschool author and I had it on my Kindle, I decided to give it a try one afternoon I was very pleasantly surprised It actually held my interest I got almost 25% finished in just that first sitting even when I was crazy busy I thought the character [...]

    12. I couldn t put the book down It was awesome, she had me hooked I think my favorite part is when a character named Crashed was introduced I am pretty sure he is my favorite this book is masterfully written I loved every word of it.

    13. If an author were to write a space opera story set in a hard science fiction world, that would be an odd combination, but it would probably work Unfortunately, this short novel is the reverse, and really doesn t.I m not a reader who insists that every detail the background of the science fiction I read be grounded in published scientific facts, or even explained But I was heartily disappointed by this for much the same reason I don t like Star Trek I want the ambient science of the science ficti [...]

    14. I m not a big fan of sci fi in general Maybe it s because people group sci fi and fantasy together all the time when they are completely different in my humble opinion , or maybe it s because I ve read very little of it I like the idea of space travel and awesome new technology and things like that, but generally I come away from blurbs and descriptions of sci fi with a bored feeling However, I have read some science fiction that I do like, such as War of the Worlds and Aubrey Hanson s Red Rain [...]

    15. What I enjoyed I have wanted to read Sci Fi for a long time, but most of it has magic I was so grateful to finally find a truly Christian Science Fiction book It is always enjoyable to have a girl and boy adventure, and have them depend on each other, but most books take it too far They make this adventure into a romance I was relieved to find out that Andi was able to foster adventure and relationship making I thought it was brilliant how J Grace made this brotherly love come about in a most un [...]

    16. Age Appropriate For All AgesBest for Ages 10 and up mild violence The book has the setting of Star Trek, the drama of Star Wars, and a huge dose of originality from Pennington I cannot wait to get the next book.I haven t read a lot of sci fi I am just very picky about my sci fi Most of the sci fi written is not God honoring and is pretty bizarre However, ever since I heard about Firmament by J Grace Pennington, I have wanted to read it I picked up a copy for my Kindle on sale I would be willing [...]

    17. This book is awesome The first page was intriguing, amusing, and just the teeniest bit heartwarming, and I was delighted with the character Grace portrayed Somehow she manages to, throughout the book, keep a familiar, simple feeling, like the feeling you have when you drive down a road you ve been down all your life, even in her fresh and fascinating setting of a medic on a starship The problems come home to you, and so do the answers.The characters are real when they make mistakes, or do someth [...]

    18. I read this book in less than 24 hours Rarely do books grab one in such a way, but J Grace Pennington s debut novel Firmament Radialloy, did just that.This is the story of young Andi Lloyd, who lives with her father aboard the starship Surveyor But when her father starts to go insane and mysterious new people arrive on the ship, Andi must figure out who she can trust and who just wants the valuable secret hidden in her body before her father dies The book does not start out with immediate action [...]

    19. I finally read it I ve been hearing about this book for so long, but for some reason it took me a long time to get to it Now I can finally add it to my read shelf.Teenager Andi enjoys her life aboard the surveyor, a class A vessel that travels through outer space She works alongside the Doctor, her adopted father When her swashbuckling cousin, Eagle Crash, comes aboard with warnings of imminent danger, Andi doesn t know what to make of it Most of the trouble seems to be coming from Crash s arrog [...]

    20. The first book of the new Firmament series from J Grace Pennington, Radialloy is a fairly typical space opera Or, at least, the underlying structure is that of a space opera The story itself is of a drama mystery with a dash of action If you want alien encounters , you ll have to wait til the next book.Several other reviewers have already said much of this, so I ll summarize the characters are well developed, and the development is drawn out over the course of the novel The story is a simple on [...]

    21. Before this week, I d never have imagined myself enjoying a sci fi book enough to give it a five star rating, but I certainly did this one I was thoroughly engrossed from beginning to end Of course I can t comment intelligently on the science aspect, but I thought it was neat how the whole system of real and imagined scientific and medical technology was woven through the story and matter of factly employed by all the characters You can tell that the author knows and loves her subjects But what [...]

    22. After seeing reviews of this book on several blogs, I finally decided I had to buy a copy I have not read much science fiction, but I was drawn to what people were saying about the story s intriguing characters I must say, I was not disappointed We re talking layers of bad guys whose identities are surprising, a cocky cousin who is both amusing and annoying, a kind and semi eccentric doctor, and his adopted daughter 21 year old Andi who is the main character and narrator of the story As the stor [...]

    23. For a self published novel by a young author, yeah The plot was well thought up though with a few minor holes I wish there had been enhancing description, and deep characters, but I still enjoyed it I m reading her book, Implant , right now and like it than this one

    24. If you are a sci fi fan of any sort, or a reader of fine Christian novels, then there is one that I highly recommend you get your hands on The debut novel of Grace Pennington, Firmament Radialloy part one of an eighteen book series that follows the second medical officer aboard the ship Surveyor in the year 2320 Andi Lloyd has lived with her caretaker, Doctor Lloyd, as long as she can remember Having been in space for half her life, the Surveyor has become her home All was well until one day her [...]

    25. This is a great book In the first pages Pennington drew me in with lovable characters and a fascinating new world of exploratory space travel Day to day interactions, banter, and ship operations kept me interested as of the environment was explored and characters revealed about themselves.The characters seemed realistic and lovable The Captain, Guilders, the Doctor, August all if not all of the characters were lovable in at least some ways and eventually I realized that, even if the main Story [...]

    26. In the last few years I have become quite intrigued by the science fiction genre so consequently I was very excited about reading Grace Pennington s debut novel, Firmament Radialloy.Radialloy is well written in a crisp, straight forward manner The suspense was superb The climax was brilliantly done and it was so realistic that it was like I was actually seeing it happen before my eyes.Andi is a likable heroine who had my sympathies through the entire book and especially as she began to find out [...]

    27. I have read a lot of books by homeschooled authors in the last few months, and though I love them all dearly and was terribly sad to say goodbye to all the characters I had come to know and love, Firmament Radialloy has been the only one to leave me thinking, Wow, I wish I could write like that Radialloy is clean and well written, and is a complex, Christian mystery adventure set in outer space The setting is similar to that of Star Trek, though without any aliens Doctor Lloyd is very vocal abou [...]

    28. Radialloy, book one in the Firmament series by J Grace Pennington, is an introduction A thrilling introduction A character centered story, Pennington uses the opening chapters to connect her readers to the people within the story I quickly grew to like Andi and the relationship she had with the Doctor The descriptions of their past together only served to cement my feelings towards them as a two person family Some might consider the set up of the characters too long, but while reading, I had no [...]

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