One thought on “The Moths”

  1. A poignant piece about a tomboyish fourteen year old girl with big hands and her abuelita grandmother whom she dearly loved and who dies of cancer Powerful symbolisms in moths, as the girls washes her dead grandmother s body, and the setting sun Sure fire formula for poignant death, love, time and remembrance.

  2. For a class assignment, I had the opportunity to read The Moths, by Helena Maria Viramontes Helena Maria Viramontes is an American fiction writer who often expresses the culture of the latino community, along with their struggles and hardship they have to face every single day in society This story is a great representation of her usual writing style With this being said, I recommend The Moths to anyone who enjoys meaningful literature Before reading this short story, I went in to it not knowing [...]

  3. I didn t have a problem with this story, but it didn t reach me very much It s very very short, and very very disconnected from a lot of what I like to find in it Too little of not enough Too little characterization, setting, cultural influence, stakes.I did like the difficult narrator, a not nice teenager who brawls with her family but cares for her dying grandmother I liked that the story was not about her difficulty, trying to cure or redeem her She just was herself Her voice lends some stron [...]

  4. The magic realism left me with an unnerving sense of foreboding, but also hope Conflicted on the ending of this piece Not quite sure what the moths are meant to represent or if they represent anything Not so pleased with the lack of justification for the main character s sour attitude throughout life and why she was so fittingly chosen to take care of her grandmother I can sense remarkable feminist ideology in this story and also a strong censure of the expectation of women in a patriarchal soci [...]

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