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Mrs. Pollifax on Safari By Dorothy Gilman,

  • Title: Mrs. Pollifax on Safari
  • Author: Dorothy Gilman
  • ISBN: 9780449215241
  • Page: 370
  • Format: Paperback
  • Mrs Pollifax has been sent on safari by the C.I.A and told only to take pictures of all of her companions, in order to find the international assassin whose next target is the president of Zambia It sounded so simple, but shortly after Mrs Pollifax started taking pictures, someone stole her film And right after that she was kidnapped by Rhodesian terrorists And rightMrs Pollifax has been sent on safari by the C.I.A and told only to take pictures of all of her companions, in order to find the international assassin whose next target is the president of Zambia It sounded so simple, but shortly after Mrs Pollifax started taking pictures, someone stole her film And right after that she was kidnapped by Rhodesian terrorists And right after that well, read for yourself.
    Mrs Pollifax on Safari Mrs Pollifax has been sent on safari by the C I A and told only to take pictures of all of her companions in order to find the international assassin whose next target is the president of Zambia It s

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    1. I love it when you read a series that becomes better as you move into it Better because you become attached to the characters, invested in their development, and pay attention to the writing I find Dorothy Gilman s writing to have lovely poetic glimpses and thoughtful moments I also enjoy the specific time settings cold war era that nevertheless have a timeless feeling They are dated, but in a good, comfortable way.In this book, I loved Mrs Pollifax having a real romantic interest, but also n [...]

    2. Mrs Pollifax is sent on assignment to Africa on safari, as we already know from the title with instructions from the CIA to photograph everyone in her safari party, as one of them is an international assassain with the code name of Aristotle So she stops at Abercrombie s to get properly outfitted, and heads off to Zambia As an added bonus, her old friend John Sebastian Farrell is now rud to be living in Zambia, so she hopes to look him up as well But neither of those intentions go according to p [...]

    3. Somehow for a long time, I have got disconnected with the spy fiction genre It s strange but in fact it was this genre and the writings of Frederick Forsyth, Colin Forbes and Robert Ludlum that made me realise my unhealthy addiction towards thrillers But, somehow I don t feel the same affinity with the modern spy thrillers With their over use of gadgets and other technology I feel left out And also the whole concept of one man fighting terrorist and uncovering political conspiracy over and over [...]

    4. I continue to really enjoy this series They provide good, light ish, amusing reads and this one is no exception In this book I appreciate that Mrs Pollifax continues to grow and find her own grove in her spying activities I also appreciated the addition of a romantic element, and especially that this part of the book was included judiciously as an added element rather than taking over the overall story I also appreciate that the story gave me a few good chuckles but still also the suspenseful ad [...]

    5. 2 1 2 starsThis was much too similar to the first book in the series for me to really enjoy it Been there, done that.

    6. simon goes out like a light best of the series so farjust, wowi remember reading this way back in my elementary days, kudos to reader s digest condensed books and to my ma for bringing out the bookworm in mep45 46 she pointed to her suitcase next the door and he picked it up and led her out to the hotel drive.

    7. I enjoy revisiting the Mrs Pollifax books I listened to this book on audible The narration is excellent Mrs Pollifax is an older woman, who joined the CIA She gets into dangerous situations, but she finds her way out of them, and helps save other lives Mrs Pollifax is a fun character.

    8. There were things I definitely enjoyed in this book I was fearful at how Africans would be portrayed but felt the author treated everyone as people, not badly drawn caricatures While I felt a love interest was unnecessary for Mrs Pollifax and may in fact, be detrimental in future books , I didn t mind Cyrus s character fair, sturdy and broad, but open to an adventurous woman, though he is perhaps a tad too protective for my taste I liked the daughter s love story better to be honest coming back [...]

    9. When I first saw one of the books in the Mrs Pollifax series, I assumed it was another cozy mystery I was expecting an American Miss Marple Then as I read the story, I realized that it was a fun spy novel I think of it as a Jessica Fletcher meets John le Carr kind of tale I really enjoyed the first few books in the series and I was eager to read about this entertaining character This book takes us on safari to sub Saharan Africa and Mrs Pollifax does not fail to deliver an exciting adventure I [...]

    10. The thing to remember about this series is that a slightly dotty grandmother is really a CIA spy Not perhaps the most by the book or cliche kind of spy, but a damn good one despite that In a very unconventional way She makes things happen simply by being herself, as she does in this novel.Sent to Africa on safari to get photographs of every person involved with it one of whom is supposed to be a master assassin , she is also directed to check up on an old friend of herself, Farrell from her firs [...]

    11. In this installment, Dorothy Gilman sends the lovable Mrs Emily Pollifax into the heart of the dark continent With an all expenses paid Safari to look forward to, how could she not accept, especially when there is talk of spying on an international assassin While there, she will see a plethora of native flora and fauna, as well as come to realize that the ruthless killer she is searching for may be even closer than she first suspected As love blossoms among the group and old comrades are sought [...]

    12. Mrs Pollifax goes on a safari to take pictures, in hopes the CIA can find a potential assassin before he kills the president of Zambia However, she gets kidnapped by Rhodesian terrorists, has her film stolen and meets Cyrus Ferrell turns up again too He s not as charming as Robin, but a good sidekick, even if he isn t meant to be a sidekick.

    13. August 2016 reread I am increasing my rating from 3 to 4 stars The Mrs Pollifax books aren t great literature but they are a lot of fun and the best of them stand up well to rereading Amazing how the world has changed since this was first published in 1976 issues that were of great contemporary interest then are now of historical interest But the characters still shine

    14. One of the best in this series Mrs P not only gets her man a serial killer who destabilizes nations but she gets a man This is the book where she meets Cyrus Reed There are some interesting details about camera safaris and enough adventure to satisfy just about anybody Lots of fun

    15. Second time around I really appreciated the scenery and the fast, evocative descriptions I vaguely remembered who didn t do it although I had forgotten most of the details of the plot I can t believe the artist missed the chance to draw the umbrella At least they got the hat

    16. I typically do not give cozy mysteries a 5 But I had to on this one, just because of how it made me feel I love any book that can make me at least chuckle, even make me a little tense but at the same time teaching me something Mrs Pollifax s adventures are usually out of the country she s a New Jersey girl Dorothy Gilman ddan excellent job of rolling Mrs Pollifax s assignment in with the political and cultural history of the times and always adding local culture lessons into the mix.Another revi [...]

    17. I love the character of Mrs Polifax so I was happy to read another book in the series, but the story in this installment falls a little flat The action takes a long time to get underway The ending is rather abrupt While Mrs Polifax s ability to handle difficult situations is usually the highlight, I thought the best part of this book were the descriptions of the safari The one thing readers of the series can really look forward to is the reappearance of the character of John Farrell Overall, thi [...]

    18. I gave this one 3 stars because of the abrupt ending I liked the story and the characters were very interesting I thought that throughout the book Emily seemed a bit less sure of herself due to having a love interest I was relieved that she had regained some of her confidence and spunk by the end of the book.

    19. I find this series so far fetched, but do enjoy the characters Situations are unbelievable, but fun to read I did like this one better than the last Seemed pretty easy to figure out but a great setting

    20. So fun Great reading I really enjoyed this book I love Africa and the description s of the animals and safari life were just enough to be interesting without being tedious Wonderful plot twists

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