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Respect for Acting By Uta Hagen Haskel Frankel,

  • Title: Respect for Acting
  • Author: Uta Hagen Haskel Frankel
  • ISBN: 9780025473904
  • Page: 170
  • Format: Hardcover
  • At the invitation of Herbert Berghof, Uta Hagen joined the faculty of the HB Studio in 1947 Since then, teaching has always been a challenge for her, as well as for the many prominent actors whom she has helped to develop For many years, she has been asked to write a book Now, here it is an account of her own struggle with the techniques of acting and based on her teacAt the invitation of Herbert Berghof, Uta Hagen joined the faculty of the HB Studio in 1947 Since then, teaching has always been a challenge for her, as well as for the many prominent actors whom she has helped to develop For many years, she has been asked to write a book Now, here it is an account of her own struggle with the techniques of acting and based on her teachings.
    Respect for Acting At the invitation of Herbert Berghof Uta Hagen joined the faculty of the HB Studio in Since then teaching has always been a challenge for her as well as for the many prominent actors whom she

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    1. The method explained in understandable terms by a great acting teacher She was my teacher and when I teach, I use this book as an important resource If you are even considering being an actor, you should read this.

    2. A brilliant director I was working with introduced me to this book and it has served as a foundation for my theatrical endeavors ever since Respect for Acting, by Uta Hagen is exactly what it sounds like it teaches respect for acting Hagen who has graced the Broadway stage and film as a performer, was also an acclaimed acting coach Some of her former students include Jack Lemmon, Robert DenNiro, Liza Minelli, Whoopi Goldberg, and Al Pacino Along with brilliant credentials, Hagen provides acting [...]

    3. This is only the second book on acting I have read so far, the first one being Stanislavski s An Actor Prepares, so naturally I ve been comparing the two a lot while reading Although Uta Hagen s approach is definitely in line with Stanislavski s method, the book itself is very different I love how she stresses the craft part of acting Not that Stanislavski s book doesn t cover it as well, but in much less detail and I found Respect for acting to have a highly practical and no nonsense feel to it [...]

    4. In my opinion, to make it short and sweet, this is the best damn book EVER written on acting Uta goddess of acting Her other book is equally as good, and perhaps a bit polished since it was written later in her life, but this one was the foundation of all her teachings at the HB Studio in NYC Read it and weep, actors

    5. This is a great book for those serious about acting Uta Hagen offers an in depth perspective on how to deepen the connection between the actor and the stage, other actors, and their craft The book includes excercises the actor can perform on their own or with others.

    6. Really interesting take on the process of acting I will definitely have to reread, it was a pretty information heavy book.

    7. Uta Hagen has some good advice I can t say this was a page turner, but if you re in the craft, it s got some good bits of insight.

    8. For the actor who is serious about his or her craft, this is a well written and inspiring self help book I categorize it as a self help book because when an actor works on his craft, he is simultaneously getting to know himself on a new level This is not the kind of book that sounds like the author spoke into a tape recorder for an hour Split into three sections The Actor, The Exercises, and The Role Uta Hagen has obviously taken her decades of experience and carefully crafted her wisdom for asp [...]

    9. A fantastic resource and a must read for actors So many new ideas, exercises and tips Can t wait to use my new knowledge and re read this again in the future

    10. This is the rating of the book alone, as a book not the author or her worth as a teacher Uta Hagen was a celebrated actor and a beloved teacher based at the HB Studio in New York for a long time This is the first of her two books, and ironically her best known although two decades after writing this one she wrote a second book, A Challenge For The Actor, with emphasis on action as the expression of the character For its time early 1970s the book is a bold statement about the artistry of acting, [...]

    11. Respect for Acting by Uta Hagen An amazingly helpful book that by the end, will make you have respect for acting When most people think of acting they think of costumes, stage, makeup, Shakespeare, etc But Uta Hagen takes you on a thrilling adventure and shows you that there is to acting than memorizing lines, and standing on stage reciting them There is so much depth to acting that you would miss if you did not read this book.For example, Characterization, she talked about how acting is not ju [...]

    12. This is one of those books that I wish I had read 10 years ago and yet I picked it up at the most appropriate time to guide me through figuring out the most difficult role I ve had to play yet Her chapter on emotion has been invaluable She reprimands the modern actor so effectively too This book was written in the 70s, but everything is still perfectly usable When it feels dated is in the language of the decade and then it only serves to endear me towards her I loved getting a good scolding fro [...]

    13. I have not read many books but this one got me started Even though I have a deep desire to learn about acting, Uta Hagen Respect for Acting book is extremely boring I rushed through the book in 6 days because I had no idea what to expect I expect to read the book again later to see if I feel different about it The read was pretty easy but after I finished I learned that the reading was boring, specially compared to the book I am reading now The book is set up in many chapters that have specific [...]

    14. 2.5 stars I had to read this over the summer because my acting coach recommended it to all of her students I really enjoyed the beginning, and by beginning I mean the first chapter, but other then that I did not I feel that she speaks as her word is fact We MUST, and After that we HAVE to I just feel that it s her opinion and interesting as it is, it s just her OPINION I feel that when she goes into her processes she becomes one of those teachers you hated having in school where they thought the [...]

    15. I just picked this book up again last week and skimmed I was amazed at how thoughtful, and insightful, and objective this book is on how to make an artform that conveys subjectivity she gives the objective means to effectively, realistically, convey.Nuts, and bolts, and screws, and lumber, and roofing she teaches how to build a moment and sustain that moment with, where are you now, where have you been, where are you going I found the exercises to be wonderful blue prints for how to It s like a [...]

    16. Uta s occasional or not pretentiousness aside, her tone is full of enthusiasm As intent as she may seem upon making her techniques clear, I see her overall objective as encouraging deeper thought for acting, and in doing so, generating greater respect for the craft So while I may disagree with some of the finer points, I can t help but appreciate the effort and passion I ve found it helpful to treat this book not as an Acting Bible as some would seem to encourage, but rather picking and choosing [...]

    17. This is worth reading for any actor wishing to seriously engage with the work of acting, and I recommend it highly but with three caveats First, the examples are dated and if you re not at all familiar with the plays of the mid twentieth century, you won t get them Second, if you re mostly performing the repertoire of the small local theater scene, comedies, musicals, and other light fare, then some of Hagen s message will have limited utility Third, you d probably get out of this if you used i [...]

    18. A fascinating take on acting for the beginning actor Although Hagen focuses on stage productions, they are strong parallels with movie or TV productions, so this is well worth reading Just in the introduction, she quickly dispelled my illusion that training comes from actually performing it is not sink or swim, because people do drown that way I only found one problem, and that was that she admonishes the actor to not polish their lines with all the right pauses and inflections and gestures ahea [...]

    19. In 2004 we lost such a great actress that helped so many actors, including me, to become free and truthful on stage Her book is my acting bible and I refuse to apply to any other method or system even though her technique does branch and make references to Stanislavski e.c.t If parts get confusing for the actor beginning with the arduous process of bringing life to the stage then watch her DVD Master Class and that really puts her whole concept into order Love it Love it Love it Anyone serious a [...]

    20. This is a great textbook for anyone studying or teaching acting More than anything, it sets for a logical, orderly way to gain prowess in an art that can seem so vague and bewildering why are some actors better than others Is acting a gift or a craft that can be learned Hagen is firmly in the latter camp, and provides experst insights into the mystery At the same time, she sets a very high standard for working hard, in as detailed a way possible making a case for the fact that it all may look ea [...]

    21. I picked this up at a friends house Since the dust cover wasn t on, I didn t actually know what it was about until I got a bit in I thought it might have been about character development or maybe the history of theatre Both acting and writing are topics I am interested in, so I had to get a copy from the library Uta focuses on something that is important in both creating a character and becoming a character humanity All characters are people, first and foremost The world in which they live is ju [...]

    22. Inspiring and encouraging, as well as full of tools, this book is a great place to start for the actor Although Uta and I do not agree on everything, she has provided a great toolbox for the actor to use to constantly and continuously develop his her craft Uta Hagen greatly encourages this work of ever improving.It was nice having a short and sweet book to read, but Ms Hagen could ve added detail However, I have heard that her other book, A Challenge for the Actor, makes up for it by extending [...]

    23. Got this book because it s one of the required readings for my acting fundamentals class and I was not disappointed I thought it would be just as bland and any other textbook , but I wouldn t even consider this book one It s of a handbook, containing many useful concepts, comparisons, and exercises for actors all over I look forward to applying what I learned from this book on the college stage For those aspiring to be on stage, whether it be the school stage, community stage, or off off, off, [...]

    24. A basic advice handbook for actors It feels a bit archaic but it s well written and moves along and a fairly good pace Like so many how to books, it s best use is to help build enthusiasm for the craft I ll bet she was a great teacher There are some helpful pieces of wisdom here locating oneself in the space, character objectives and some hints about tackling the problems of memorization, among these It would be wonderful to be able to return to Ms Hagen, now, forty years later and get a few not [...]

    25. This is one of my Bibles Uta Hagen is brilliant in the way she explains things, and her stories are always fascinating This book was my first introduction to analyzing representational acting as opposed to presentational There s an excellent discussion on sense memory A must read for actors of all ages.

    26. Hagen discusses a particular style of acting which is very detailed and thorough, so it s not directed at amateur actors as much as professionals I didn t finish the book, but the good deal that I read showed that it would be a valuable book to have on your library to remind you of some of the essentials of good acting.

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