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S/He By Minnie Bruce Pratt,

  • Title: S/He
  • Author: Minnie Bruce Pratt
  • ISBN: 9781563410598
  • Page: 239
  • Format: Paperback
  • Minnie Bruce Pratt expands the boundaries of gender and its theory in these sophisticated lyrical vignettes sited at the crossroads of feminist analysis, queer theory and transgender liberation.
    S He Minnie Bruce Pratt expands the boundaries of gender and its theory in these sophisticated lyrical vignettes sited at the crossroads of feminist analysis queer theory and transgender liberation

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    1. Dicid leer este libro por que Minnie Bruce Pratt fue por muchos a os la pareja de Leslie Feinberg, y para mi era una forma de entender a este ser maravilloso que me di el mejor regalo de mi vida Stone Butch Blues En gran parte leer S He fue para mi encontrarme con Leslie, pero tambi n con Minnie, sus reflexiones sobre el g nero, la violencia, la experiencia trans Es un libro de momentos y de im genes que conmueven por su sinceridad Ha sido una maravillosa experiencia el leerlo I tell you somethi [...]

    2. i ve re read this one several times since the first time than a decade ago it always feels like i loved it on a different planet with different air in a different language i try to visit there every several years.

    3. I read this when I thought nobody in the world could love my body Minnie Bruce Pratt is an amazing writer and activist and put into words something that I didn t even know I needed to hear.

    4. Anyone who has any interest in gender identity and different expressions of gender should read this And anyone who has no idea what that really means should also read this fyi minnie bruce pratt is les feinberg s partner

    5. Though published in 1995, S HE is still incredibly relevant as transgender people continue to be targeted by violence and hateful legislation that disguises itself as protecting people from trans folks while the gender nonconformers are the ones who live in fear This book is also a loving tribute to Pratt s partner Leslie Feinburg who passed away in 2014 Poetic and sensual vignettes tell pieces of Pratt s life story and share lessons about race, class, gender , and sexuality.

    6. I m not usually a fan of memoirs or non fiction generally but I loved Pratt s poetic retellings of her life loving women and her trans husband I found her musings on gender, sex, and maleness vs femaleness to be refreshingly understandable, as a gender conforming person who struggles with thinking outside the binary myself The short chapters and intimate scenes between lovers also made this a super enjoyable read

    7. thank you thank you thank you minnie bruce for giving us your descendents this gift thank you minnie bruce and leslie feinberg for your relationship possibility model, for giving us this so publicly thank you for giving us the fear, the sex, the romance, the hopes, the commitments, the questions, the certainties, the beginnings, the battles, the learning, it feels like you didn t leave anything out thank you for reminding me why butch femme was my first love what the potential and ancestral line [...]

    8. Pratt is a beautiful writer She makes me want to read her poems even though I am not a big fan of poetry.This book his a collection of memories revolving around identity, sexuality and living in a society that doesn t allow for blurred gender lines.

    9. This book is somewhere between a memoir, essays, and a love poem for Leslie Feinberg Pratt s spouse A male identified person in a female body, well a bit complicated than that And often very complicated when the society and government want to classify one s gender as a tick box in forms and papers.Thought provoking and still relatively airy considering the subject Gender is definitely something of a fluid concept than just a m f tick box in forms No one s 100 % male, no one 100 % female at lea [...]

    10. This is one of my very favorite books in the world Both because Pratt s use of language is often so beautiful she s a poet, really, so this makes sense and because every time I go back to it, I find something, usually many things, that resonates with me That names my experience and tells me that I am not alone A healing read, for me.I guess an educational one for some folks, since I m pretty sure it was on course reading lists at Carleton sometimes, from the number of copies in the GSC library.

    11. Minnie Bruce Pratt writes an intriguing memoir in which the question of gender and what it means to be male female, feminine masculine is addressed As a book it really works to show the way in which our society is run so harshly by certain identities and expectations that are encompassed within those identities I think it is an important read that works to pull apart the binaries that often run our lives and lead to many of the problems within our society.

    12. Beautiful book, gorgeous writing like prose poems than a narrative memoir , very sexy, interesting meditations on gender roles and sexuality Took me a long time to read as I really enjoyed it while reading, but didn t feel much drive to pick it up in between times, since there wasn t much of a narrative arc.

    13. Pratt is one of my favorite Authors I have read this book three times It is a fascinating look at gender through experiences in Pratt s life Love it, love it, love it Her awareness of gender, class, race, sexual orientation, and politics is great and she writes beautifully.

    14. Equal parts feminist theory, autobiography, and erotica A truly fascinating look at the question of sex and gender and the blurred lines between man and woman Beautiful, poetic writing that reminds me of Jeannette Winterson s.

    15. This book helped me understand the fluidity of gender than any I ve ever read No theory or research or academic text has given me insight than this intimate personal experience And the copy I have is signed by MBP Though addressed to the former owner and not me.

    16. First, there was way too much detailed sex in this book for me But the way she writes is beautiful and it really got me thinking about masculinity and femininity and what that actually means.

    17. I enjoyed this book much once I realized that I was always Minnie Bruce, you was always her spouse, and she he were always other characters.

    18. Great essays about gender and other interesting aspects of the life of a woman involved with a transgender person.Minnie Bruce Pratt is a great author who writes sexy and engaging short pieces.

    19. I appreciated the premise of this book lived experiences to prove a theory, or theories.But I don t think it was executed the way I expected it would be That s not to say that it was a bad book It s just that honestly, 1 It struck me as erotica until like, the very end of the book where she starts critiquing the Michigan Women s Music Festival for discriminating against transgendered women If there had been of that anecdotes that didn t constantly involve her having epic sex with another woman, [...]

    20. This book was not what I thought that it was going to be I thought that it was going to be much focused on explaining Pratt s mental and emotional transition from someone who identified as a lesbian to someone who loves a transman Instead, it s a lot of description of Pratt and Les Feinberg s sex life It s well written broken into short vignettes that aren t presented in chronological order I didn t find it particularly useful, but I can imagine it would be pretty eye opening for some, a turn o [...]

    21. Here are 25 queer authors you need to be reading that is, if you aren t already Understanding Oppression Gay Rights WeNeedDiverseBooksMinnie Bruce Pratt was Feinberg s longtime partner, who wrote about their relationship, as well as Pratt s own sense of her sexuality, in her poetic memoir ish book, s he Pratt describes her self discovery through a series of erotic encounters that make you want to take a cold shower Her identity crisis, as well as her attempts to keep in touch with her children, [...]

    22. This book was an absolute fucking brilliant little gem Moving, thoughtful and thought provoking , this autobiographical account of Pratt s childhood being raised into the cult of pure Southern womanhood, and her marriage, eventual coming out as lesbian, and her life there after with a female bodied male identified partner whom she calls her husband may confuse some readers, but is incredibly brave heart warming.

    23. Lucky for my short reading attention span, most chapters are 1 4 pages long Unfortunately for my interest s sake, I found it dull as shit when I wasn t annoyed by the author s arrogance and hypocrisy.I did appreciate one portion in which she admitted that she has a hard time with the younger folks who come out at a younger age with fewer fears and reservations The struggle to appreciate what others consider rebellious vs nonchalant struck a few chords with me.

    24. I enjoyed reading this, but it seemed much like a love letter written to Leslie Feinberg I almost felt guilty reading it, since much of it is written in the second person, and the you is Leslie And I would think, I m not Leslie, and feel bad for a minute like I was reading a love letter meant for someone else Still, Pratt has some smart ideas, and I liked reading her stories and theories.

    25. i dug this book, because of its very short and somewhat scattered chapters which spanned all kinds of time and space, it was easy to pick up and come back to i think for the most part she leaves the 2nd wave out of her narrative and analysis of trans gender issues which is rad considering she comes from that era, also perhaps that les fineberg is her partner

    26. This writing is so gross Not poetic at all as I had thought it would be For one thing, what s up with the constant crude sex scenes involving fists inside mouths Seriously most of the scenes just consist of erotic forms of swallowing hands like phallic symbols I m going to throw up.

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