UNLIMITED KINDLE ½ The Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman: And Related Readings - by Ernest J. Gaines

The Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman: And Related Readings By Ernest J. Gaines,

  • Title: The Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman: And Related Readings
  • Author: Ernest J. Gaines
  • ISBN: 9780395869932
  • Page: 276
  • Format: Hardcover
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    The Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman And Related Readings None

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    1. The Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman Ernest J Gaines novel of the long journey to freedomThe Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman by Ernest J Gaineswas a selection chosen by members of On the Southern Literary Trail as a group read for January, 2016 Special thanks to Trail memberJane for nominating this work.A Note from the incomplete readerThe Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman was originally published by Ernest J Gainesthrough the Dial Press in 1971 A second printing followed in 1972 The Secon [...]

    2. Miss Jane Pittman is a spunky survivor, a strong black woman over 100 years old She narrates the story of her life from her days as a slave, after emancipation, and during the 1960s Civil Rights Movement In a Missouri Review interview in 1999, Ernest J Gaines said that he grew up on a plantation in Louisiana around his handicapped aunt and other older people who visited her Jane is a fictional character based on the kinds of experiences those people might have gone through, using their vocabular [...]

    3. Ernest J Gaines has given us a fictional autobiography of a woman who has attained legendary status in literature, and in film history as well Miss Jane lived through black history, first as a slave in Louisiana, then as a strong, courageous woman trying to maintain her sense of worth and dignity while being treated as less than human by white southerners The journey took her from being set free as a slave at 10 years old through 100 years, from reconstruction to the Civil Rights era, at which t [...]

    4. How does one write a novel that encompasses the entire black experience from slavery to the Civil Rights Era Well, if the author is Ernest J Gaines then you tell it through the eyes of someone who lived through it all begins with Ticey, a ten or eleven year old slave girl who assumes a new name, Jane, at the advice of a Yankee soldier It ends almost 100 years later when Jane, now Miss Jane Pittman, becomes witness to the birth of a new era of freedom This is a story that one thinks one knows, ev [...]

    5. The author using the guise of an autobiography, has Miss Jane Pittman, who lives to be around 110, telling her story and it s quite an interesting one as she lived through being a slave, to emancipation, and on through to the civil rights era I think I read this first in Junior High school , that s probably why it reminded me of a school assignment It has it s dramatic moments but overall Jane comes across as a bit unemotional and the book generally lacked the detail I wanted of I also didn t l [...]

    6. I am kind of stingy with my ratings I would make it a 2 1 2 if I could, because it was better than okay but I didn t quite like it I didn t DISlike it, either After reading The Help, I wanted to read some historical fiction taking place during the Civil Rights Movement This biography was suggested to me by the librarian, and it was a pretty easy read It followed the life of Jane Pittman from her childhood as a slave through emancipation, trying to get out of Louisiana, then as an adult working [...]

    7. This is fiction, you guys It is written in the guise of tape recorded recollections of a woman born as a slave in the 1850s This line is taken directly from the book.The book description here at GR goes on to say In this woman Ernest Gaines has created a legendary figure, a woman equipped to stand beside William Faulkner s Dilsey in The Sound And The Fury There is one huge difference Faulkner s writing skills are so very much better than Gaines The two are incomparable Even if Faulkner purposefu [...]

    8. Every since I was a little girl I have had a strange obsession with the past 19th century black slavery is my favorite era, than 1940 s, than 1960 s I love the Harlem Renaissance, I love all things civil rights, but it s something about 19th century slavery Cabins, white women dresses with the petticoat underneath, dirt roads, the big house, horse and buggies for cars, the dialect, the stories, and most importantly the messages My mother s ex boyfriend forced me to watch the entire miniseries of [...]

    9. February is Black History Month I usually attempt to read a book about black history or read a book written by a black author or both This year I decided to read a novel I read back in 1971 when the book first came out Since then the book has become a classic A movie was made in 1974 starring Cicely Tyson I sort of remember the movie was good I think I shall check to see if has the movie and will watch it after I finish the book.The book is fiction but is written in the style of oral history The [...]

    10. I read this book in two sittings It wasn t easy at first, but once you got introduced to Miss Jane Pittman the rest was easy How could you not love a character, a woman, so enduring How could you not weep at the loss of her only son This story is written richly, and with so much emotion that you can t help but to pull for her Though, the subject matter was dark, the book itself wasn t dark There were times when you heart ached because of all the suffering, and despair When they were hopeful, you [...]

    11. This is a very impressive epic adorned with humor and founded in the lessons of overcoming tragedy either through battle or sheer resilience As a novel itself it is wonderfully written in a lyrical prose with great, revealing dialogue It is, however, much than a novel.I had to read it over ten years ago in eighth grade history class, yet I can still recall the many different stories comprising the biography, nearly chronicling all the various manifestations of race relations throughout American [...]

    12. Ernest Gaines has been trying for so long to get in interview with the legendary Miss.Jane Pittman This book practically covers her whole life story going from her childhood when she was still in slavery to when the war was going to her sons life to where she is now.I have read the book so many times but i always feel that I am learning something new every time I read it again.As of my response to this story I feel like he did a really good job putting it together and making sure that he got all [...]

    13. Ernest Gaines creates a legendary character in Miss Jane Pittman, a woman of 110 whose tape recorded recollections and heroic experiences manage to carry the reader through American history and race relations from the Civil War through the beginnings of the Civil Rights Movement I was reminded of The Odyssey , Little Big Man , Oldest Living Confederate Widow Tells All , and other novels that use this form, but Miss Jane Pittman s voice might be the most memorable of them all Quick paced, poetic, [...]

    14. I read this and saw the movie a long time ago, but it was well worth the second read A century through the eyes of a woman who experienced it As much as freedom from slavery was well deserved and needed, the African Americans had to go through such horrors KKK and though this book goes to the civil rights movement, the hardships many suffer by white privilege still happen today.

    15. A rough read about what it was like for those freed by the emancipation proclamation and what life after included The narrator is a falsified persona, Jane Pittman, who recollects and narrates her 110 years of hardship, loss, love, and bravery.It was just really raw, full of hardship, and unfortunately so much of it still exists for PoC in today s society.

    16. The voice this author had impressed me and was the first thing that made this book a true classic His writing was declamatory and very clear I respected how the author could tell the stories of other characters through the narrative of Miss Jane Pittman and make each one, from the teachers to her son unforgettable At first when Jane Pittman didn t achive arriving in Colorado I was concerned with what the author was going to do next and how he could make her into a heroine She was a strong protag [...]

    17. Overall this is a great book I m wondering why it took me so long to read it Seems like everyone around me had this as required reading in high school I haven t even seen the movie yet which I will be doing soon This book focused on Miss Jane Pittman, who through her narrative, described what happened through different time periods, including slavery up until the Civil Rights period While it kept my interest for the first half of the book, near the end I started to lose interest Maybe it was bec [...]

    18. I remember watching the movie The Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman with Cicely Tyson I remember reading this years ago I read it on my kindle this time A very good historical novel a young man goes to the house of Jane Pittman she is over 100 years old the current time is the early 1960s it is during the civil rights time Miss Jane Pittman is being interviewed since she was about 11 when the civil war ended and she was a slave at the time This book takes Miss Jane from that time to the early 6 [...]

    19. Jane Pittman s storytelling begins just before the emancipation of slaves, following the Civil War When she finds out she is free, she immediately sets out for the state of Ohio, thinking she will reunite with Yankee Corporel Brown Corporel Brown gives her the first taste of freedom she ever enjoys, when he changes her name from her slave name, Ticey to Jane After Jane receives her freedom, she walks for days, but still finds herself in Luzana It is in the Deep South that Jane continues to live [...]

    20. This is an EXCEPTIONAL historical fiction book written in an autobiographical style Miss Jane is an unforgettable, vibrant character To live to the age of 110 or , having known what slavery was, her travels life, is fascinating I literally almost couldn t put it down When the book ends, in the 1960 s, abruptly, I was left gasping, thinking, WHY It s a powerful read anyone that has a heart for history, etc will love this I RARELY rate a book as a 5 star read, but this one well deserves it.

    21. Gaines is a master with voices I came away from the book feeling sad, because I wanted to spend time with Miss Jane I also learned some surprising things about history from slavery and the civil war, to the civil rights period details I haven t seen elsewhere.It s hard to say which I like A Lesson Before Dying or this book I think Lesson is probably richer on levels, but like I said, Miss Jane it just someone you really want to know I can t wait to read of Gaines books.

    22. I adored this book Its sensitivity in discussing relations among southerners of all ages and colors during a time when the courts were legalizing Jim Crow segregation was rich and provocative Frankly, I thought the book did a better job of explaining life in the Jim Crow South than half the history books I read.I m sure it had a great ending, too, but unfortunately some a hole stole it, along with my car And now the library wants 94 to replace Ay yay yay.

    23. I makes me feel really sorry for Jane she started as a slave going to freedom and then getting turned back into a slave It s really hard for me to imagine what life was for a African American, but it sounds like that they hard super hard time I really hate when when people get killed and for a reason Miss Lily is kinda harsh on the kids I still can t get the book There are way to many facts So many fact that I can t keep track of.

    24. The book is about Jane Pitman and her journey to Ohio The book took place when Jane was 11 12yrs old girl who was in slavery One day the said she was free to go As the group of free slaves left to find a place to stay This story is based on Jane and Neds adventure.I thought this book was a little bit boring at the begening but then was quite instersting at the end.

    25. I thoroughly enjoyed this read This was also the first book I have ever read by this author this was an easy book to read the author s writing style pulled me in from the very first page I m glad I finally took the time to read the book after seeing the movie so many times throughout my childhood

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