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The Dragon's Eye By Kaza Kingsley,

  • Title: The Dragon's Eye
  • Author: Kaza Kingsley
  • ISBN: 9780978655532
  • Page: 162
  • Format: Paperback
  • Life is not easy for twelve year old Erec Rex His single mother can barely support her six adopted kids And they ve moved into an apartment so tiny that Erec sleeps with the washing machine Worse, there is a strange force within Erec that is making him do odd things His urge to obey these thoughts grows until it becomes impossible to resist them.Then one morning, ErLife is not easy for twelve year old Erec Rex His single mother can barely support her six adopted kids And they ve moved into an apartment so tiny that Erec sleeps with the washing machine Worse, there is a strange force within Erec that is making him do odd things His urge to obey these thoughts grows until it becomes impossible to resist them.Then one morning, Erec s mother is missing The force inside Erec commands him to find her, leading him on an adventure that will change him forever When he arrives in Alypium, a hidden world where old knowledge of magic is kept, Erec learns that his mother and the entire kingdom are in peril And he might be the only one who can save them.
    The Dragon s Eye Life is not easy for twelve year old Erec Rex His single mother can barely support her six adopted kids And they ve moved into an apartment so tiny that Erec sleeps with the washing machine Worse the

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    1. I wrote it what can I say It s the story of a boy whose mother is missing He finds she is held prisoner of an evil king Erec has to help her escape, but he finds out the whole magical world is in danger and he has to save the day

    2. 2.5 starsORIGINALLY POSTED AT Fantasy Literature.When Erec Rex s adoptive mother disappears into a tunnel under a New York City sidewalk, 12 year old Erec and his new friend Bethany go looking for her Below the city streets they find a new world full of magic and enter a contest which, if they win, will make them king and queen of Alypium.The Dragon s Eye, the first book in Kaza Kingsley s EREC REX series, is a fun, fast paced children s adventure featuring a magical world that s hidden from mod [...]

    3. I m sorry It must be said This book is a cheap knock off of Harry Potter I read the interview with Kingsley included at the back of the novel and was hoping not to find many I realize that some cliches are inevitable similarities with JKR s series Unfortunately, I was totally disappointed First of all, Dumbledore makes an appearance, although I m willing to forgive this one What book about a boy hero doesn t include a kind, grandfatherly archetype However, it only goes south from there Snape is [...]

    4. An extremely predictable and disappointing book that was almost painful to read The characters are bland and stick very much to type Harry , Snape , Hermonie , and Dumbledore to the button and the author is determined to make sure absolutely nothing happens which could possibly make these characters grow beyond their familiar and safe traits The plot is familiar and ridiculous sad orphan boy runs away develops platonic relationship with girl orphan travel to fantasy realm boy finds things out ab [...]

    5. I just didn t like it The premise was a little too similar to Harry Potter, which made it impossible not to compare The characters were all just ridiculous Like, we re choosing our next rulers, who will be our rulers for the next few centuries, and anyone can enter, and there is rampant cheating, and no one notices Seriously A whole bunch of people cheat and nobody, NOBODY, notices Or cares The main character knows nothing about himself, but never bothers trying to find anything out He s all whi [...]

    6. This is a wonderful first novel by Kaza Kingsley The novel is pure fantasy, but like any great fantasy, it appears plausible and has just enough of the real world in it so that you feel like you are part of the story Doug

    7. Ketika membaca Tunnels dan Septimus Heap, tidak serta merta inget sama Harry Potter walaupun ada label the next Harry Potter di covernya Tetapi ketika membaca Erec Rex, dari awal hingga akhir cerita cenderung membanding bandingkan sama HP walaupun tidak ada embel2 HP di cover Iyah memang beda sih ceritanya, tapi ada beberapa karakter, stuff, dan situasi yang hampir sama kaya HP.Ini yang menurutku mengingatkan sekali pada HP Erec Harry tokoh utama, sama2 anak biasa yang ternyata mempunyai nasib d [...]

    8. The next Harry Potter I truly can t tell if Ms Kingsley desperately wants to draw parallels to the wizarding wonder or if she desperately wants nothing to do with Mr Potter That being said, Kingsley creates a fast paced young adult book that hits the ground running There is very little hand holding in Erec Rex which I surmise is empowering for her primary audience Smooth flowing dialogue and a effervescent imagination are some of the many gifts Ms Kingsley employs I look forward to reading the s [...]

    9. This is the first in the Erec Rex series that I wrote It s about a boy whose mother is missing He finds she s held prisoner by an evil king He has to help her escape but he finds out the whole magical world is in danger and he has to save the day.

    10. Reviewed by Samantha Clanton aka Harlequin Twilight for TeensReadTooHow would you feel if, when you were twelve years old, your mother disappeared and, in the quest to save her, you left the real world and entered a world of magic and kings and queens That s exactly what happened to Erec Rex.Erec is not your normal boy he has a glass eye, his home contains things that are less than normal, and his brothers and sisters aren t as special as he is, but they are certainly unusual When Erec gets a cl [...]

    11. Absolutely amazing If i can give a rate of seven, I will give it to this book It superseded my high expectations on Erec Rex From start to finish I was starving for this book Some say it s like HP but it was totally different Kaza Kingsley hit the target of what I wanted to write Fantastic There was no boring moment I was on the peak of my flu but I cannot put the book down.Let me tell you why SPOILER ALERT 1E CHARACTERS WERE ALL SPOT ON I like Erec Rex He was not dumb He didn t rely on his forg [...]

    12. something was likeable, but it was sometimes as bad as it s cover art it s definitely a young read, i d put the target age at about 9 years oldot was lame or rather, the way it went about was it was quite a caper, but each problem ceases to exist the moment after it s mentioned everything is so bloody convenient if he needs something, the next character will happen by with the solution if he s in a pickle, the only item he has is a surefire way stuck in a situation with no way out don t worry, a [...]

    13. Erec Rex the Dragon s Eye by Kaza Kingsley This book is an empowering original created by the crafty genius of Kaza Kingsley A few times i was reminded of Harry Potter but this story is unique, Kaza Kingsley is a wordsmith so don t go in expecting J.K.Rawlings, they are both amazing but VERY different It s the story of a boy whose mother is missing He finds she is being held prisoner of an evil king that has been hypnotized.Erec has to help her escape Erec Rex finds out that the whole magical wo [...]

    14. This book was an extremely fun read I was intrigued at page 1 and hooked by page 50 The book is the first in a series that I could easily see becoming as popular as Harry Potter It s written as a pre teens fantasy, but will appeal to readers of all ages Kingsley did a fantastic job of creating a fun, intriguing world with great characters that you could easily identify with I loved how she took ordinary, every day things and twisted them up For example, instead of just using the common name for [...]

    15. Kelar dalam waktu 3 hari, suka covernya Bayangin covernya si Erec mirip dengan freddie high dari rambut sampai senyum simpulnya.Kesan setelah membaca 5 bab pertama bingung, alurnya cepet sampai bolak balik lagi ke halaman depannya entah karena lagi ga konsen atau penokohan yang hanya sepintas di awal mau ga mau bandingin dengan Harry Potter dan Percy Jackson Kalau dengan harpot mirip karena per bab ada gambar sketsa pensil gitu Tapi yang bikin seru lumayan menggambarkan isi bab dan gambarnya bag [...]

    16. This book is trying very hard to be Harry Potter, as seen by it s cover, formatting, and the style of the pictures inside not to mention a very similar plot Unfortunately it has none of the humor None of the characters are memorable, while I still remember most of them from Harry Potter years later The characters each had their own names, but not their personalities were either yet another generic nice kid or yet another generic selfish kid Will not be continuing the series.

    17. This book is the most ridiculous pointless knockoff of Harry Potter I quit reading after 5 or 6 chapters because I was annoyed and fedup The book s layout and chapter headings even copy Harry Potter A ploy to make some money off of Harry Potter s well earned success.

    18. I only got to Chapter 5 and gave up It is one of those books that tries to hard to be different,weird, and overly magical I like subtle fantasy.

    19. Erec Rex by Kaza Kingsley is a Magical fiction book with plenty of twists turns and monsters Erec Rex is an average kid only he has a glass eye and he has these things he calls cloudy thoughts Cloudy thoughts are like thoughts that he suddenly gets and has to obey, but they have always been for something good One day Erec Rex wakes up and his mom is gone, but he gets a cloudy thought to go and save her Suddenly he and this one girl he meets go into a magical place called the kingdoms of keepers [...]

    20. On a trip to Chicago, Kingsley took a set of mythology books with her The stories she read from Jason and the Golden Fleece to The Trolls of Norway were so vivid and beautiful that they inspired her On New Year s Day of 2004, she sat down to collect her thoughts of what became Erec Rex As she plotted the series, bits of mythology wove their way into her ideas, and, on April 7, 2009, the first book was published.Story overview Twelve year old Erec Rex lives as one of several adopted children movi [...]

    21. When this novel was first released several years ago, I happened to stumble upon it at my local library Aside from cinemas, sporting grounds and bookshops, libraries happen to be my favourite places on Earth to visit and for reasons such as the one I am detailing here Where else could you stumble upon a new and magical adventure to read all about The plot, as best I remember it can be summed up in a similar manner to Gregor the Overlander in that you have the hero Erec Rex who has a parent go mi [...]

    22. I do not care to be impatiently yanked along for an adventure I am not sure I want to be having.Make no mistake, I love being dropped into the fray from straight out But I absolutely loath authors being all rush rush the exact thing that happens straight away in this book It s like I was having my back impatiently pushed to Go on, go on NO dawdling Adventure ahead GO ON Annoying is what it is.The cloudy thoughts thing That s enough to put me off reading these books altogether That s too convenie [...]

    23. When I first started this book I thought, This reminds me a bit of Harry Potter I also thought, This reminds me a bit of Percy Jackson and This reminds me of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and This reminds me of The Magickers and This reminds me of Charlie Bone Reading through the reviews, there s a lot of people who seem to be unhappy with this story because it s a Harry Potter rip off And while I suspect that it was heavily influenced but Harry Potter, I don t think every story with an orph [...]

    24. I received this book in one of the drawings, and I have to say this was the best thing to be mailed to me in a while The book is Eric Rex The Dragon Eye by Kaza Kingsley I received this book on Saturday, opened it and read it in one sitting It was really, really good I think the comparison to Harry Potter is inevitable, but there are not really that many similarities The story is about a boy who ends up trying to find his mother after she goes missing He ends up finding a magical world, where he [...]

    25. LOVED this book It s just a fun adventure of this boy Erec Rex who is adopted by this woman who s got connections to the magic world She gets kidnapped and Erec goes to find herd she happens to be in this magic world While there, there is a contest to be the new kings there are three in the magic world and all three need to be replaced But something fishy is going on.This one kept me up late readingd I even picked it up in the middle of the night if I d wake up sometimes I would recommend it to [...]

    26. This review is dedicated to my brother in law, Karl, who can never read enough books with dragons in them This is another fantasy series along the lines of Harry Potter Erec Rex, a young boy living in New York, discovers another world that co exists with ours He soon finds himself in a contest to become one of the three kings queens of this magical world and he uncovers secrets about his past along the way.The book has a bit of a slow beginning, but by the end I was really enjoying the story The [...]

    27. This is the story of Erec Rex, who s adopted mother goes missing one day Erec knows this because his mother s glasses which she always wears are sitting on the bed As Erec begins to search for the truth, he comes across Bethany who is trying to escape an overly bearing Uncle The two combine their efforts and make their way into a new world under their city Here begins the similarities with the Harry Potter series Erec and Bethany get swept up into entering a set of challenges to decide the new l [...]

    28. Awal perkenalan saya dengan Erec Rex ini adalah melalui sebuah taruhan dengan diri saya sendiri Soalnya, saya belum pernah mendengar gaung novel ini sama sekali, dan membeli Erec Rex ini seperti membeli kucing dalam karung Ternyata ini sangatlah keren Sering dibanding bandingkan dengan Harry Potter, mungkinmemangada elemen elemen yang mirip dengan Harry Potter, tapi saya menikmati keseluruhan cerita ini Erec Rex agak degil emang anaknya, tapi petualangannya dan tantangannya yang harus Erec lakuk [...]

    29. Honestly, I didn t know if I would finish this book It has some of the worst writing I ve ever seen published, and the story isn t original at all It s basicallyHarry Potter and the Goblet of Firewith a couple things switched around I m hoping that the second book will be a little interestingbut if it s not I probably won t read it.

    30. Nothing special dari buku ini, hanya satu lagi dari sekian banyak buku fantasi yang banyak beredar.Terlalu Harry Potter wannabe dan doraemon dengan pintu ajaibnya , alur ceritanya juga dragging, banyak hal hal yang sengaja ga dibuka di buku 1 ini, mungkin biar pembaca excited nunggu buku kedua, tapi jadinya malah garing karena ga dapet apa2 dari buku 1yang kebuka cuma asal usul mata kaca RexCovernya juga ga begitu menarik

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