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Tokyo Crazy Paradise, Vol. 4 By Yoshiki Nakamura,

  • Title: Tokyo Crazy Paradise, Vol. 4
  • Author: Yoshiki Nakamura
  • ISBN: 9784592128649
  • Page: 180
  • Format: None
  • None
    Tokyo Crazy Paradise Vol None

    One thought on “Tokyo Crazy Paradise, Vol. 4”

    1. finally stopping here This series is meandering a lot and doesn t seem to go anywhere While there s fun snippets, this series is getting boring, the same stuff always happens, and some of the scenes are too weird or violent for my liking MCs get attacked or in trouble, fight back, some drama happens, the end I did read a few chapters of vol 19 though to see what eventually happened, though the events were no surprise.

    2. A futuristic, gender bender hilarious manga that takes place in Tokyo II, that s about a 14 year old girl called Tsukasa, who was raised as a boy due to the crime rate against women Along with her 3 other brothers they get kicked out of their house because they don t have and money to pay rent As a result she seeks out her rich yakuza classmate Ryuji As payment for the debt she owes him for helping them she is works it off as his bodyguard.I was laughing every minute a great read for manga reade [...]

    3. sigh I don t really want to try and explain why I am still reading this I just am I want to see how these two finally end up together I may go through a lot of torture between now and then, but I want to see it through nonetheless.

    4. This volume starts off with Chapters 17 22.I ll write when my editing mode hits.Happy Readings Fly my Pretties Fly

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