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  • Title: A Palm for Mrs. Pollifax
  • Author: Dorothy Gilman
  • ISBN: 9780449208649
  • Page: 262
  • Format: Paperback
  • A secret agent like no other, Mrs Pollifax was leading a very full life Garden Club, karate, yoga and a little spying now and then This time the mysterious Mr Carstairs sent her to Switzerland to a famous health resort where the world s intelligence agents had gathered Her mission to track down a missing package of plutonium just enough to make a small atomic bombA secret agent like no other, Mrs Pollifax was leading a very full life Garden Club, karate, yoga and a little spying now and then This time the mysterious Mr Carstairs sent her to Switzerland to a famous health resort where the world s intelligence agents had gathered Her mission to track down a missing package of plutonium just enough to make a small atomic bomb It was a job that suited Mrs Pollifax s talents She s good with people and even better at sniffing out their secrets But it was not until she became enchanted with Robin, the young jewel thief, that her new adventure really began.
    A Palm for Mrs Pollifax A secret agent like no other Mrs Pollifax was leading a very full life Garden Club karate yoga and a little spying now and then This time the mysterious Mr Carstairs sent her to Switzerland to a fa

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    1. I returned to this book this past week, as one of the best comfort reads I know When the world is overwhelming, this series has been one of my best refuges, one of my favourite fictional universes to escape into when I have no energy to go anywhere new Other comfort reads include L.M Montgomery, Robertson Davies and Spider Robinson books Note The rest of this review has been withdrawn due to the changes in policy and enforcement You can read why I came to this decision here.In the meantime, you [...]

    2. 4.5 stars For me, Mrs Pollifax never disappoints, and of the four I ve read so far, this was my favorite Since I gave the 3 others 4 stars for ratings of 3.5 to 4 so this deserved This time Mrs P heads off to a medical spa in Switzerland and instead of being a passive agent as in the past, this time she was lent to Interpol to assist their English agent search for stolen plutonium at the facility Mrs P always has a colorful array of supporting characters and this time they were stellar From th [...]

    3. More of the same, and that s just fine.Part Cold War espionage and spy thriller, part travelogue, part period piece, part accidental tourist spy, part gee whiz it s a series and it s familiar so why not , part good clean fun with a little drama and some bite sized mayhem , and well not much else Left to my own devices, I m not sure how much energy I d put into the series, but my spouse really enjoys them, and, once we ve bought one, it s free to me , and it s fun to be able to share and discuss [...]

    4. I love these Mrs Pollifax books My only complaint is that either they are too short, or I consume them too quickly.I am beginning to wonder if there is an autobiography written about Dorothy Gilman I learned that she passed away in February 2012, a victim of Alzheimer s disease I am curious about her research for the international intrigue she incorporates into these plots This particular story made me pause, for there is mention of Jihad, the anti Christ and the idea of using the threat of nucl [...]

    5. A favorite character and series, the inimitable Mrs Pollifax A fiesty geriatric agent for the CIA Always an intriguing mystery, great characters and the delightful witty approach to life and danger by Mrs Pollifax This read did not disappoint.

    6. I am really enjoying this series I also appreciate the development of Mrs Pollifax s character I hope the books continue in this direction I am looking forward to reading the next one.

    7. Mrs Pollifax s fourth adventure takes her somewhere new well, if you don t count her brief stop there at the end of the last book, but that was after the action was over Switzerland And this mission is a promotion of sorts instead of a courier assignment, this one is about reconaissance Something strange is going on at the Hotel Clinic Montbrison, and Interpol needs a hand, so they turn to their friends at the CIA and our dear Mrs Pollifax takes it from there.I love the character of Mrs Pollifax [...]

    8. Since a palm is not a date tree or facing hand print, second read gives title probable meaning as a sleight of hand White haired Emily Pollifax, sent by CIA to Swiss health clinic for missing plutonium, trades it for 2 cans of peaches Hazef 10, very brown, very thin and wiry and leggy, with jet black hair p 31, hostage for his gran Madame Parviz s behavior, exchanges Madame s sleeping pills for Emily s aspirin, to waken the comatose patient Re read helps with title 1 each for Robin 30ish and Haz [...]

    9. When I first saw one of the books in the Mrs Pollifax series, I assumed it was another cozy mystery I was expecting an American Miss Marple Then as I read the story, I realized that it was a fun spy novel I think of it as a Jessica Fletcher meets John le Carr kind of tale I really enjoyed the first three books in the series and I was eager to read about this entertaining character This book takes us to Switzerland and the story is wrapped in a nuclear plot The various characters seem to be almo [...]

    10. These notes were made in 1987 I approached Mrs Pollifax, a new detective for me, with the curiosity because she had been recommended by a friend who does not often indulge in light reading And indeed Mrs Pollifax is a little off beat for a detective she shares with Miss Marple her age, sex, and boundless curiosity, but Mrs Pollifax s intelligence is straightforward, and she is considerably effective physically in her rather threatening world One cannot imagine Miss Marple sliding down a rope [...]

    11. I listened to this book on my kindle I have been reading Mrs Pollifax books for over 30 years I started out loving the idea of an older woman working for the CIA, and being in dangerous situations Emily Pollifax uses her wits and wisdom to carry out her assignments, and to get out of bad situations On this assignment Emily goes to Switzerland to try to uncover stolen plutonium Emily is in a hotel hospital, and she sneaks around the hospital at night discovering a murder, and nearly gets caught b [...]

    12. Another rollicking adventure with the unlikely CIA agent, Mrs Pollifax This time she is sent to a sanitarium in Switzerland where a shipment of plutonium has been mailed under the guise of medical supplies She poses as a lady recovering from Hong Kong flu and is directed to just poke around and see what she can find What she finds is murder and mayhem and adventures This is great light reading

    13. This is a fun re read I absolutely love this series While this is not my favorite books out of the series, I would highly recommend people reading the first book The Unexpected Mrs Pollifax Mrs Pollifax is an unexpected spy She is a little old lady that wanted to be a spy and so she became one She is quirky and loves wearing strange hats.

    14. 3.5 stars.Good old fashioned story telling with a zippy plot and amusing dialog It reminded me of the old Audrey Hepburn Cary Grant movie Charade if Hepburn was a feisty septuagenarian.

    15. This book is one of those weird cases where the disparate parts are great but the whole doesn t quite gel together as well as it should I really enjoyed all the side characters we see of Bishop and Carstairs, Hafez the precocious and terrified grandson trying desperately to find a friend to help, Robin the jewel thief clearly capable of reform, even Court who has sworn not to love are all enjoyable and feel real within in their larger than life context The initial premise of sending our beloved [...]

    16. This one is set in Switzerland He stared at the walls of the Clinic, thinking of all the people inside asleep but this only made him feel lonely Even if they were awake, he thought, they wouldn t know, and if by some chance they learned what was happening they wouldn t believe It was the first time he had understood that a conspiracy existed among the living to wall out and reject what was disturbing It took special people like Mrs Pollifax and Robin to understand, he thought, and he supposed it [...]

    17. I loved this installment of Mrs Pollifax I don t think I can say it is my favorite of the four books I ve read so far, as I think the third book, The Elusive Mrs Pollifax, is my favorite thus far In this installment, Mrs P goes to Switzerland She is undercover at a clinic spa resort of all places, and is on the hunt of stolen plutonium, of all things Mrs P as usual, ends up in a tangle and must employ, along with the help of a young boy, Hafez, and a suave and debonair English jewel thief, her u [...]

    18. Silly and quite ridiculous Mrs Polifax warms my heart The series is a joyful romp through espionage and a softened view of the evils of the world Dorothy Gilman allows me to escape deeper thought in the sometimes dreary world much like the Howard Hawkes classic Bringing Up Baby A guilty pleasure.

    19. Another fun story in the Mrs Pollifax series A reread for me, but this one I remembered quite well probably because it introduced my favorite character from the series other than Mrs Pollifax herself of course , Robin Burke Jones.

    20. Emily Pollifax, a geriatric agent for the CIA, never fails to amuse me And I can alaways listen to Barbara Rosenblatt narrating a story.

    21. This is a guilty pleasure series, but such a lovely escape Mrs Pollifax is a delightful and unexpected spy, and the humor and kindness sprinkled throughout are most welcome right now.

    22. I find this series so far fetched, but do enjoy the characters Situations are unbelievable, but fun to read.

    23. 3 1 2 stars Mrs Pollifax is lovely company, although I missed the previous two books in the series that cemented her relationship with the other folk at the spy agency Didn t matter, still loved it.Sweet little old lady investigates a theft overseas and meets some curious characters along the way It s not brilliant literature, but it s much clever than I expect each time.

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