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My Life So Far By Jane Fonda, My Life So Far Aug , Directed by Hugh Hudson With Colin Firth, Rosemary Harris, Irne Jacob, Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio Memoir of the lives of a family growing up on a post World War I British estate headed up by a strong disciplinarian, her daughter, her inventor husband, their ten year old son and his older sister Through the household comes a number of suitors hoping to impress the young woman, Background Report Search, Check Edit Public MyLife MyLife shows you what makes up your public Reputation Score And your Reputation Dashboard gives you access to tools to increase your score and improve the way you present yourself online so you can look your best to everyone that searches for you. My Life So Far YouTube Today marks my year anniversary on Youtube I can t believe I ve made it years and I want to thank all of my viewers and subscribers I know there s not a lot of you but I want you to know I My life is so sad KnowMySelf My life is so sad How many times have you found yourself in situations that you never wanted to face How many times have you felt that your life is so messed up How many times have you found yourself losing control of your life How many times have you wished to be someone else or even wished to die My Life So Far My Life So Far is a film about a year in the life of a ten year old Scottish boy It was directed by Hugh Hudson, with screenplay by Simon Donald The film is set in and is based on the memoirs of Denis Forman, a British television executive. My So Called Life TV Series Aug , My So Called Life is a classic forgotten as it was just TV The episodes prior to it getting cancelled were classic much better than the anodyne Hitler youth utopia of Dawson s Creek or the vile Party of Five.

  • Title: My Life So Far
  • Author: Jane Fonda
  • ISBN: 9780812975765
  • Page: 281
  • Format: Paperback
  • In the process of writing this book I discovered there were clear, broad, even universal themes that ran through my life, a coherent arc to my journey that, if I could be truthful in the telling, might provide a road map for other women as they face the challenges of relationships, self image, and forgiveness What I did not anticipate was how my journey would also resonatIn the process of writing this book I discovered there were clear, broad, even universal themes that ran through my life, a coherent arc to my journey that, if I could be truthful in the telling, might provide a road map for other women as they face the challenges of relationships, self image, and forgiveness What I did not anticipate was how my journey would also resonate with men.America knows Jane Fonda as actress and activist, feminist and wife, workout guru and role model In this extraordinary memoir, Fonda shows that she is much From her youth among Hollywood s elite to her film career and her activism today, Fonda reveals intimate details and personal truths she hopes can provide a lens through which others can see their lives and how they can live them a little differently Surprising, candid, and wonderfully written, My Life So Far is filled with insights into the personal struggles of a woman living a remarkable life.
    My Life So Far In the process of writing this book I discovered there were clear broad even universal themes that ran through my life a coherent arc to my journey that if I could be truthful in the telling migh

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    1. Maybe you didn t have an opinion about Jane Fonda Many did, and they were often critical of her anti war activism, of her Barbarella image, of her choice in marital partners, and the failure of those marriages, of her cosmetic surgery, or of her apparently cashing in on the fitness craze and making us all look bad Well, put all that projection aside, and read her autobiography In a personal letter to readers on the site, she says, I decided to write it because I felt that if I could be brave eno [...]

    2. What I thought about Jane Fonda prior to reading this memoir She s been in some movies I ve enjoyed Isn t she married to that CNN guy What I think about Jane Fonda after reading this memoir OMG, I love Jane Fonda SO MUCH She s my new imaginary best friend mentor godmother The hundreds of memoirs I ve read over the years have led me to develop certain criteria about what constitutes a great memoir First, the memoirist must have led an interesting life Of course, this describes most memoirists I m [...]

    3. Freakin Hanoi Jane Love her or hate her, she s never dull.A disclaimer of sorts Jane Fonda was a huge part of my upbringing Huge My dad hated her and cursed her name whenever On Golden Pond appeared on HBO which seemed to be all the damn time , and my mother and I did her exercise videos every single day with a frenetic passion that eventually devolved into complete zombified apathy And then I spent about a year in college watching Coming Home over and over again So I approached this with a stro [...]

    4. Jane Fonda writes about her personal life with such honesty, warmth, and openness that I couldn t give this book less than four stars On the other hand, whenever she discusses politics, history or even the movie business she s strangely out of touch and preachy at the same time So I just couldn t give the book five stars, even though I enjoyed almost every page There s a contradiction in this book that I ve noticed in other memoirs, such as READING MY FATHER by Alexandra Styron When Jane is writ [...]

    5. I love celebrity autobiographies they are an addiction with me This one was terrific intense, preachy, smart, fascinating, very Jane Fonda Great anecdotes but I think this is than just a bio its a bit of a self help book.

    6. Being in the military I had heard a lot of nasty things said about Jane Fonda because of her activity during Vietnam I thought it was important to hear her side of the story and to understand it you need to know her past so what better way than her autobiography I gave her book three stars because I thought the first 3rd was very slow and the book did not pick up until she hit 30 I will not spend much time on whether or not I agree with what she did or all of her opinions but once the book picke [...]

    7. I have followed Jane Fonda for years She is a complex and complicated female that could be redundant and one who has just fascinated me There have been bad choices in men, there was such speculation about the horrible relationship with Henry and much gossiped about especially during the filming ON GOLDEN POND , and then her infamous Hanoi Jane period Ugh And still, I read reviews about anything new, her estranged absence from theater and film.but I did know about her education and some of that.T [...]

    8. I carted this fairly substantial book around for almost two months on buses and trains and people commented on it constantly apparently everyone has an opinion on Jane Fonda During that time I watched nineteen of her films and actually bought her workout DVDs from Her autobiography was really genuinely interesting and for the most part the balance of narrative to introspection worked really well It was well written, emotional, and reflective whether she s skinny dipping with Greta Garbo or meeti [...]

    9. I was never particularly fond of Jane Fonda the book got to me by chance , but I must say I was pleasantly surprised when I read it lt is not the usual badly written, superficial account of a celebrity s life although I like these, too , but a rather frank autobiography which leaves you with the feeling that it has been written with great care and deep psychological insights Especially for female readers like me, role model wise, it is very interesting and revealing to see that a perfect woman l [...]

    10. My second most favourite biography after Sara Bareillies s Jane Fonda is a role model for every activist ever Her autobiography is also a great insight into a mind of actress, bulimic, wife, step mom and first and foremost, a woman who is not going to shut up.

    11. I enjoyed reading Jane Fonda s new memoir titled My Life So Far The book really does cover most of her life In the end of the book she is single and living in Atlanta which is not quite up to date Well, she is not married but I think I read she is living at least part time in Hollywood now and has a boyfriend there Richard Perry This is not in the book but I got the book by seeing Jane interviewed on Oprah Jane is now 72 I think I got that from the Oprah show too In her latest memoir, Jane talks [...]

    12. I had to ponder the rating I love Jane Fonda, the actress Barefoot In The Park, several times watched Klute, overall one of her best performances and On Golden Pond the best Actually On Golden Pond was the heavy hitter for me.What can I say about Jane s life so far.Her story reflects her journey and growth We tend to think privilege overcomes all, however, her reflections give insight as to how this can be the beginning of masking problems Here, father Henry, whom I consider one of early Hollywo [...]

    13. An insightful look back over the three stages of her life, beginning with her childhood, a mother remote by virtue of her depression which led to her suicide when Jane was 10, and a father she adored, but was seldom allowed into his world emotionally Three marriages, each unique, and providing her with growth and strength as she moved on into the final stage of enriched enlightenment and peace An amazing woman, who took up causes from the Viet Nam War to environmental to the education of young a [...]

    14. Fonda s words are a marvel to read, a true balm for the soul Her approach sucks you in immediately as you cannot help but be in awe of this woman s life and the good the bad and the ugly that comes with it Her voice echoes clearly and guides the reader almost to the point of visuals,as the chapters unfold in your mind s eye like one of her films She is painfully honest,both with herself and the reader and for that one cannot help but admire her further As she starts the third act of her immensel [...]

    15. Interesting autobiography A look at growing up Fondawhat it was like with Tom Joad as a father Jane also delves into her early acting career, followed by her time as an anti war NOT anti solder activist Along the way she marries 3 very different men and finds herself changing for each of them I think all young women should read this bookt because Jane is a saint by any means But because of the truths she discovered in her life, about learning to love oneself and not put yourself aside for someon [...]

    16. For those of you who missed it the first time around or weren t born yet , at last Jane Fonda explains what all the fuss was about She was demonized in the 1960s and 1970s and it s surprising that today she lives in the heart of the American south, considering that she has lived most of her life in places that were considered liberal , like France and California.She is forthcoming in this book about her horrendous early life and the pictures are very telling of their own stories I meant to skim [...]

    17. I definitely recommend this autobiography because not only was it well written, but it was captivating right from the start I didn t know much about Jane Fonda, her life, albeit that she was married to Ted Turner, had seen a few of her recent movies, but I knew nothing of her upbringing, her 2 other marriages, nor her activism I listened to the audiobook and she reads her book and that was the way to go She reveals a lot about her mother, as that relationship or lack thereof resonates throughou [...]

    18. THE ABRIDGED AUDIONBOOK READ BY JANE FONDA Thanks to Fonda s bravura reading, this eloquent abridgement of her stirring 500 page autobiography is one of the best audiobooks of the season Her tour de force performance ranges from hilarious an imitation of Ted Turner trying to say monogamous to heartbreaking her final days with her dying father This probing and articulate memoir follows Fonda s quest for self discovery To have a good third act you need to understand what the first two have been ab [...]

    19. I hadn t given much thought to the controversary that surrounded Jane Fonda for years but I know that many people hate hated her for her outrageous behavior in Vietnam, if for no other reason I had no feelings for her one way or the other, except that I thought she made some very good movies and was a good actress So, I approached this book with a very open mind.As I listened to this book on Audio, read by Jane Fonda herself, I came to dislike her tremendously, however, and I got very tired of t [...]

    20. Surprisingly intimate look It would be a mistake to define Jane Fonda as the sum total of the one dimensional icons she embodied daughter of, actress, sex symbol, wife of, activist, producer, fitness industry pioneer When nearing 60 which she calls the beginning of her third act she began a Life Review of acts I II She began with a timeline of her life and journaling what happened Then delving into how she felt at the time and what still resonated years later She became aware of different themes [...]

    21. I d never thought much of Jane Fonda, but having now read her biography and her autobiography in a week, I admire many things about her and see myself in many of her experiences many of which I think are common to many women I related to her experiences in transforming herself depending on the man she was with, and in her third act in which she is growing into herself and into her spirituality I really relate to her dislike of traditional Christian dogma and its often patriarchal structure and y [...]

    22. I heard Jane Fonda speak at ALA this year 2014 After the session, I spoke with her briefly while she signed one of her books for me She was so nice and friendly and seemed genuinely interested in talking with me I ve had this book on my shelf for quite a while and when I got home, I began listening to it She talked about each of the 3 phases of her life so far Birth to 30, 30 to 60, and her plans for 60 plus She seems so open and honest in her writing She does the narration of this audiobook as [...]

    23. I knew I liked her before I read this book Since reading it, my respect and major admiration for her has grown I was surprised to learn that we have a whole lot in common as females Almost everything, really, except living through the Vietnam War, of course She is so intelligent and brave Throughout the book I wanted to BE her, then I wanted her to be my sister, then my mentor It wasn t until I finished the book that I wanted her to be my Mommy Don t get me wrong, I ve got a good Mommy already, [...]

    24. I don t care whether this is well written or not I don t care how self absorbed she is I love Jane Fonda I have always loved Jane Fonda I m too young to care about what she did in Vietnam and many of us had interesting political convictions when we were young As soon as I finished this book, I went straight out and bought the DVD of On Golden Pond which I had watched at least three times already and wept over the scene with her and her fictional and real life father, Henry Fonda I ll never tire [...]

    25. So far this is a great book, a real insight into a woman so many of us knowt don t really know Who would have thought that Jane Fonda would be so insecure Certainly not me, I ve always looked up to her My god, she s Barbarella she s been married to some incredible men Jane is one of the people I ve wanted to meet for most of my life and not long ago that wish came true What a wonderful, funny, loving and intelligent woman.

    26. I have a connection to Jane, I have many things in common A strong father to try to live up to , strong men I have been attracted to which are not always easy to be in relationship with, her love of Montana where I grew up and having run a teenage pregnancy prevention program my shared interest in trying to help young women with reproductive choice The book resonated with me on many levels, wish I knew Jane personally but this book made me feel at times like I did.

    27. Great book, one of my favourites persuaded me biographies could be interesting This of course is an auto biography.It really comes across that she does everything whole heartedly and with a touching innocence She has had some hard times and some difficult ones, but you are left with the impression of a strong survivor type character

    28. I love biographies so I enjoyed this one There is to Jane than meets the eye and I found we had some things in common Who knew What you think you think about Jane Fonda may change after reading this book.

    29. The writing in this book is so so, but it s pretty interesting Jane Fonda is much complex than you may think she is She s fairly honest in discussing her personal relationships, past history, and her politics at least, as far as you can tell.

    30. An woman and her amazing life The painful but thrilling growth from being in the shadow of every man she loved to being herself.

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