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Freedom's Price By Suzanne Brockmann,

  • Title: Freedom's Price
  • Author: Suzanne Brockmann
  • ISBN: 9780553591439
  • Page: 173
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Could a revolutionary used to running wild win the heart of a world weary journalist Liam Bartlett had nearly lost his life in San Salustiano, and for five years the correspondent had done his best to silence his ghosts But when Marisala Bolivar arrived in Boston, all his memories returned along with a white hot hunger for the young rebel who d hidden him and kept him alCould a revolutionary used to running wild win the heart of a world weary journalist Liam Bartlett had nearly lost his life in San Salustiano, and for five years the correspondent had done his best to silence his ghosts But when Marisala Bolivar arrived in Boston, all his memories returned along with a white hot hunger for the young rebel who d hidden him and kept him alive Marisala ached for Liam s touch, so long forbidden but now hers to fight for with a woman s fierce need Could a love once forged in fire at last burn true In this unforgettably sensual love story, Suzanne Brockmann creates a portrait of two daredevil survivors, tested by sorrow and bound by destiny to heal each other s wounds A flame who beckoned him out of the darkness, she understood his pain as no one ever would, but could he soothe her hidden scars by offering her his soul
    Freedom s Price Could a revolutionary used to running wild win the heart of a world weary journalist Liam Bartlett had nearly lost his life in San Salustiano and for five years the correspondent had done his best to

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    1. Opening Line I m sorry, we have no record of a Mary Mara Marisala This is another great Brockmann quickie that although originally published in 1998 and just 229 pages still feels fresh and complete I m just loving her older, stand alone romances which can be finished in an afternoon and give you everything you re looking for in a contemporary romanceEEDOM S PRICE is the companion book to Forbidden which is also great and here we get the other Bartlett brothers story We first met Liam when his o [...]

    2. Typical Suzanne Brockmann romance I can always count on her for a good story, although this is a pretty short one I ll admit, the hero s declaration of love to the heroine in his newspaper column got to me sniff

    3. First, let me say that I really like Suzanne Brockmann s Seal series, but to repeat what a previous reviewer said, Oy vey This was a clunker I am not going to revisit the Liam and Mara show, but suffice to say Mara is one of the most irritating heroines ever and I have read Barbara Cartland.Mara is supposed to be a strong, independent women, but comes across as an obnoxious and overbearing know it all It s not enough for her to experience life her own way, but Liam has to as well She pitches a f [...]

    4. This is the sequel to Forbidden The premise is so interesting, the execution is just not I found this book really tedious, which is disappointing because I think Brockmann is one of the better writers in the genre There s a lot of manufactured drama stemming from the fact that the characters never talk to each other about what s going on in their heads In the hero, Liam, this is understandable he went through really scary trauma that he s unwilling to talk about In Marisala, it s just dumb She s [...]

    5. I really liked this book It s a very intense, emotional love story about two people who fell in love with each other but kept that love a complete secret because of their very difficult situations Now, five years later, circumstances have brought them back together, and they must learn to love and trust each other all over again.

    6. I don t like the heroine in this book There is just something about her that didn t go well with me Maybe it was influenced by the reader She just comes off as annoying.Rare for me to dislike a Brockmanm s book, but this one falls into that category.

    7. This is the continuation of the story in Forbidden by JR Though I think that I liked forbidden a little , I thought that this was good too I enjoyed that there wasn t a quick and neet fix for Liam now that he has returned to the States after being held in Prison for two years in the Jungle Liam Bartlett is living in boston after his rescue from Prison in the Jungle of a small Island country that was in a civil war Now the girl that he became so close to and saved his life on the island has come [...]

    8. An okay book Not one of Brockmann s best but it is one of her early books and it s really short so it s not like there s much time to really develop a big theme Liam was a prisoner on the island of San Salustiano for over eighteen months seven years ago He was rescued, in part, by Marisala Bolivar who was a teenager at the time He fell in love with her but she was just a child.Now, all grown up, her uncle has sent her to the United States to get an education He s asked Liam to help smooth her pa [...]

    9. I liked this book all right, but parts were just too disturbing to belong in a romance novel It s admittedly a fine line between the amount of gritty reality that s acceptable in an escapist romance and that which is just too much, but parts of this book crossed that line for me.

    10. Still holds upI love Suzanne Brockmann She s one of my all time favorite writers I read this book in the good old 90 s and I m happy to say that it still holds up I loved Mara s sense of humor and her quick wit I loved how Liam thought he was the mature adult in the relationship only to have Mara flip that misconception on its head with just a simple phrase or even with just a look Oh how I love to read strong women characters and Brockmann never disappoints Looking for well written incredible c [...]

    11. I really wanted to read this story to find out about Liam I just couldn t get into the story I felt it was missing some key component to take it to the next level of which I m used to with Suzanne Brockmann s books.

    12. Tormented FrustratedThe main character Mara even having her name Americanized realized her friend lover was not sharing himself with her Classic story told forever to really love someone you have to be in relationship at 100% with no reservations.

    13. The story of Marisella and LiamI loved this book It had conflicts and Will they ever get together I had a tough time to put down the book

    14. I was very interesting to see what would happen with this one when we got the big reveal in the last few pages of the last book, this book fast forwards 5 years for the end of it.Liam is still have issues from being held hostage, beaten and tortured Marisala, the girl that helped save him, comes to Boston for school, now that she is all grown up at 22 Her uncle hopes that Liam can teach her grace and social skills, essentially bury the warrior and outspoken rebel she was in the war Marisala s co [...]

    15. The hero is a journalist who visited the heroine s Central American island home to talk with her politician uncle and father about the problems there and wound up first, hiding in the jungle with the heroine s guerrilla forces and then in prison before he s broken out and returned to the US All this is backstory Now that the bad guys have been defeated on her island country, the heroine s uncle has sent her to the US to go to college in Boston where the hero now lives He s asked the hero not jus [...]

    16. Genre Contemporary RomanceMC1 Liam BartlettMC2 Marisala BolivarStorylineLiam returns to Boston after being tortured held in a foreign prison, but his life is limbo When Marisala comes to Boston to attend college, she shakes things up a little Liam had fallen in love with her after her rebel group had rescued him from the prison, but she had only been 17 off limits so he d left her alone only been a friend to her her uncle Now she s all grown up she doesn t want to be just his friend any .Conflic [...]

    17. I am very disappointed in this early romance by Suzanne Brockmann I have read several of her early works and loved them all, until this one No heat, no sizzle and for a red hot Latin heroine, she is most definitely not red hot.Journalist Liam was imprisoned during the civil war in San Salustiano He has some very deep mental scars Marisala was a teen freedom fighter who helped rescue him and hid him The war is over and Liam is having real trouble putting it behind him and writing about it, or any [...]

    18. Nope Not for me.Annoying hero Check Irritating heroine Check Plain, bland, and boring plot Check Push pull relationship I freaking loathe this when I find it in any books Check Looked like I got everything I hate to find in my read here Screaming out of frustration While Liam was too busy pushing Marisala away, Marisala kept lusting after Liam Oh yeah, that was great WTH I didn t DNF this book because it s quite short I skimmed through the second half of the story though Only one good part in th [...]

    19. I really enjoyed this book Brockmann made her characters both believable and enduring I appreciated that Brockmann made Liam s prison and torture have such an affect on him Many times authors make male heroes go through torture and other terrible things only to have them brush it off, I guess because supposedly real men can handle a little torture To me Liam s struggles made him real Yes their refusal talk about things or the flipping between wanting a lover and wanting a friend, was at times, [...]

    20. I really enjoyed this book I know many that read the 1st book didn t like it as much was expecting a book like it I did not read that one yet so had no expectations.I like that the author made Liam s prison and torture to have such a profound affect on him I never cared for authors that made heroes who have gone though terrible things to seem to have no problem getting over them It made him seem real.Yes their refusal to talk about things or the flipping between wanting a lover or a friend was [...]

    21. Ugh At least it was short Parts of the story weren t bad, but the big misunderstanding was just unbelievably lame All that was required was for the two main characters to have one actual conversation with each other and perhaps each of them to be hit on the head with a blunt object first Honestly, it was eye rollingly rediculous The first in the series was sooooo much better got to the point where I was praying just for a mention of Kayla or Cal in order to get away from Liam and Marisala s obtu [...]

    22. Another good Brockmann read This is another from her backlist, this time from the Bartlett Brothers Duology It focuses on the romance and drama between the hero and heroine while the suspense takes a backdrop in the character s past that binds them together There s an instance of the miscommunication breakdown situation as one character noted in the story that some readers may seem tiring but it worked here due to what the characters went through and how they were introduced in the story I love [...]

    23. I liked this story okay, but it s nothing exceptional Liam and Marisala have quite a past and when they reunite after many years, they are each forced to face those demons It s obvious from the start that they will help each other accept what life has dealt them I m always a fan of friends who become lovers, so that part of this appeals to me.Both characters are well developed and interesting The story line is something different than I ve read before, so it wasn t totally predictable Overall, I [...]

    24. Five years ago, Journalist Liam Bartlett nearly lost his life on the war torn island of San Salustiano He was saved by a young freedom fighter who helped him to escape For months, Marisala Bolivar hid him in the jungle and tended his wounds while Liam pretended he felt only friendship for her Now, five year later, Marisala s uncle has sent her to college in Boston and entrusted Liam to look out for her But Liam finds the task challenging than anything he s done before.Another good story from Su [...]

    25. I didn t realize this was second in a series until just now, posting that I ve read the book on I tend to read books or listen on CD as I did with this one without reading the backs I like to be surprised So, you can imagine my surprise to find out this book is not about the US Military, which I feel was a fair assumption with the title and the author With that being said, it was an okay story, although not great.

    26. I really enjoyed this book I m a fan of her troubleshooters series, but I very much enjoyed the break from the SEALs.I also expected it to be a bit hokey as is often the case when you read some of the earlier work from famous authors, but I thought it was just as well written as her other work and actually I think I enjoyed it a little because the entire book was focused on the one story.

    27. Not my favorite of Brockmann s but it was still a decent book The lesson Mara had to teach Liam was a good one I love the way Brockmann worked it in I liked that she stayed true to Mara s character in terms of how the relationship progressed and I thought the issues addressed were good ones The unveiling of various parts of Mara s character was well done as was Liam s struggle with his past As I said, a decent read but not one of Brockmann s best.

    28. 3 starsI liked it a little better than the previous one, as there was no suspense that did not feel so much like suspense like in Forbidden, but mostly the romance and the hangouts from Liam Liam was a pretty interesting hero Marisala did not really deliver, I thought she was too easy on him.And once again it was really too short with less than 230 pages.

    29. Liam escaped from San Salustriano years ago but he s not really free He fights a constant battle to keep the memories of his imprisonment and torture at bay When Mara, his guardian angel, comes to Boston to school it makes it even harder to bury everything But will her presence allow him to finally banish his demons or will they finally consume him entirely

    30. Realistic characters and depiction of PTSD recovery in one character and at the same time the heroine is struggling with deciding her future There was a lot going on which could have done with a longer word count to explore it Engaging characters although not quite enough substance to get to know them Lots of important stuff referred to very briefly as past events But well written.

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