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Farewell Horizontal By K.W. Jeter,

  • Title: Farewell Horizontal
  • Author: K.W. Jeter
  • ISBN: 9780451162786
  • Page: 197
  • Format: Paperback
  • You re either on the inside or the outside and either way, you re in trouble A hustling young artist finds himself on the run from warring tribes, mysterious conspirators, body swapping hackers and , as he tries to both survive and strike it rich on the vertical surface of a skyscraper big enough to be its own world.
    Farewell Horizontal You re either on the inside or the outside and either way you re in trouble A hustling young artist finds himself on the run from warring tribes mysterious conspirators body swapping hackers and

    One thought on “Farewell Horizontal”

    1. i almost had an aneurysm trying to figure out how to encapsulate the world and plot of this book so i m just gonna pass on that and the fact that jeter actually figured it all out from nothing and then wrote the damn thing and had it make sense and be this much fun is absolutely terrifying to me i think of myself as someone with an imagination but this guy just makes me feel like a lump of inorganic matter my only complaint is how fast it goes i feel like it should ve been at least twice as long [...]

    2. 3.5 stars A pretty good story overall a bit slow to start and ended somewhat abruptly but I enjoyed this noir like sci fi and would read from this author It took me the longest time just to reconcile my mind with the idea of living on a cylinder shaped world in which most people lived inside the cylinder in the regular horizontal manner, but a few including the protaganist live on the vertical outside They have all sorts of contraptions to allow them to do this, the major individual ones being [...]

    3. Imagine the extent of your world, your existence, was a massive building rising high above a ground obscured from view by thick clouds Everything you know is either inside this structure, or interestingly hanging off it, and people either live on the horizontal in the interior or have gone vertical on the outside.This is the premise for Farewell Horizontal, a sci fi novel by K.W Jeter KWJeter which was first published in 1989 I believe citing the original date of publishing is important because [...]

    4. Excellent thought provoking and very well put together science fiction with a little twist, which left me wanting a little from it.Ignoring the setting for a moment this is really a story about the rat race and how it affects people It is set in a strange, slightly unbelievable, environment on the side of a massive building in a dystopian post apocalyptic future, probably on another planet However none of that really matters, and the point of the story, which is well crafted, is that sometimes [...]

    5. The reader s only insights and explanations into the setting the magnificent, arcology like Cylinder are filtered through the lens of the story s protagonist, Ny Axxter Axxter, like the rest of the Cylinder s morningside inhabitants, is a shallow, self absorbed individual focused on money, fame, and comfort, with absolutely no interest in large questions Particularly, no interest in the large questions that occur immediately to the reader What is the Cylinder Why was it created Is this far futur [...]

    6. I m, rarely impressed by originality in science fiction novels Yhis one, however, displays it big time and has an exciting story to boot Not only is the reader intrigued by the plot, but by the unfolding of the artificial world Jeter has created.

    7. A story about a great, grim cyberpunk world, but some aspects of the world I don t think I got.Ny Axxter is a freelance image collector human cosmetic designer who lives out on the Vertical In his world, warfare between gangs is ever present, and people even try to make money designing logos and buying stock in them Ny s fortunes are bad when all of a sudden, he gets an offer from one of the biggest gangs on the Cylinder Havoc Mass wants him to design their new logo.However it goes foul very fas [...]

    8. An unlikely chance encounter with a pair of gas angels making, um, space love gives the protagonist, Axxter, a video recording to sell to Ask Receive, the primary information clearinghouse agency servicing the residents of Cylinder He gets practically nothing in return, however, because Ask Receive knows how desperate he is Still, the money he does get keeps him on the wall another day, but he needs something better than gas angels to make it work If he could just get hired by one of the two big [...]

    9. This is a very edgy sci fi book, that not everyone will like Your mind has to be very elastic to encompass the world created by Mr Jeter, to understand what is happening in this saga Personally it is not my cup of tea, though it is well written and very creative on the edge sort of work It s just a little too far out for my tastes, though a lot of new agers will probably love it Hard living on the edge of a destroyed civilization, where a man struggling to survive on his terms, finds that the sy [...]

    10. There is only the building, cylindrical and huge And, choices are few live a dull and conventional life on one of the horizontal levels, or live a creative, yet precarious, vertical existence on the building s exterior.Ny Axxter lives in a cyberpunk world, dystopian and corporate controlled He s just another gutsy punk trying to cut it on the fringes of a society run by faceless corporations His journey is fueled by the need to survive If he s lucky, he might learn something on his journey, but [...]

    11. A classic from Jeter a fantastic premise living on and traversing the outside surface of a massive building structure and some really clever ideas death ikons, tattoos, Ask Receive unite to make this a true SF Classic Re reading it now, after many years, it s surprising how many of the ideas have made it into our everyday lives Ask Receive Google , locaters GPS Still waiting for a grazing Norton though

    12. I wanted to like this, because I was impressed with the Cylinder and the angels for different reasons I loved how the Cylinder totally changed up the frame of reference, and I just liked the concept of the angels Ultimately, though, I didn t care much I didn t really want the main character to win, as I didn t like him at all, or think he deserved it.

    13. Good proto cyberpunk offering from a contemporary of Phil Dick and Tim PowersLately he has degenerated into a hack for hire, churning out Star Wars novelizations, but his early stuff is interesting and well worth checking out.

    14. One of my favorite fictional worlds, described in enough detail to make it feel real, but without so much that I can t spend time imagining about it.I wish there was set in this world hell, I wish there was an RPG campaign set in it.

    15. Poetic and imaginative, this early Jeter is magic realism than SF, but the author keeps swerving back and forth across that line The marriage of technology and whimsy has rarely been satisfying.

    16. Oh, I love this book A perfect example of how good K.W can be when he hits the nail just rightMade me want to have a band called The Greivous Amalgam

    17. Post cyberpunkQuesto dimostra quanto sia dura a morire la vecchia mitologia Soprattutto i miti che servono allo scopo di qualcuno e che continuano a frullare come piccoli aghi nella testa della gente Quella merda della manipolazione dei file protetti vecchissima non solo precedente la Guerra, ma la creazione del Cilindro stesso Devi chiederti, chi trae beneficio dal far credere alla gente che i dati protetti possano essere comunque raggiunti e interpretati da brillanti e abili individui, veloci [...]

    18. Det r i stunder som denna jag nskar det gick att ge en bok halva stj rnor Tre stj rnor r egentligen f r lite men fyra f r mycket s egentligen r det tre och en halv den f r Jeter har v l inte mycket till egen identitet bitvis k nns den ganska mycket som Gibson och slutets avsl jande k nns lite Dick i just denna roman fr n 1989 men det beh vs ju inte heller alla g nger Boken utspelar sig p och ven lite inuti en enorm cylinderformad byggnad av n got slag vars ursprung r helt ok nt Det talas om ett [...]

    19. Update to add This book has been on my mind the last few days, which is the mark of a decent book, as far as I m concerned That being said, I think what bothered me the most is that it was never explained WHY Is there a sequel that I m missing The main character was berated for not asking why And I waited through the rest of the book, for an explanation as to why the world was the way it was, but then nothing That, I think, is what frustrated me so badly I don t do well with suspended stories Th [...]

    20. An interesting enough commentary on the common theme of the daily grind and the lengths one will go to to get out of it and or achieve one s dreams After a slow start this one picked up pretty well The world itself was interesting and there was so much going on than we really got into So much so that I m not entirely sure what to say The main character was a normal guy someone with dreams and goals and a gray area character in that he was a generally good guy but willing to do morally ambiguous [...]

    21. So interesting People who live in suburbia think in terms of a single level horizontal People living in an urban environment still think horizontal but in multiple levels This book described a massive building called the Cylinder where people who lived inside viewed the horizontal world and were thought of as drones, however, there were people who escaped to live on the outer walls of the Cylinder and they thought in terms of vertical They adapted to live on the walls and support cables and live [...]

    22. A typical little cyberpunk novel It has the underdog, gutter crawling protagonist, the strong opposing forces similar to corporations in which conspiratorial webs he gets caught, a hint of surreal with a form of angels and the fact that everything is happening on vertical walls of a tower like structure A good short read What takes away the points is the fact that the second half of the book seems hurried and starts to contradict itself and adds numerous plot holes which the author is happy to d [...]

    23. Begins terrifically, but quickly becomes something almost conventional Mad Max offset by ninety degrees The tribes of biker barbarians on the Vertical just aren t a very compelling creation, and I would have liked the novel much if they weren t at the heart of the future society of the book one wonders if they aren t intended as satire on business culture if so, it can only be called dated because today we assume that corporate types are bloodthirsty as a matter of course Many aspects of Jeter [...]

    24. Was kinda of disappointed with the book, it doesn t really get good until half way, and by then they dont have time to tie things together add some detail I wish that the author spent some time detailing the system and people within it, but I guess leaving things the way he did might have a use as well.Not an awful book, but it could have been .

    25. Life on on the outer skin of a massive cylindrical tower block what you d call a condo in the US that appears to house an entire civilisation An insane premise that is very well realised It gives me vertigo just thinking about it.The marauding motorcycle gangs on their modified hogs really stick in the mind.

    26. For most of this book I was pretty confused I couldn t quite figure out how this world worked, but bearing that in mind it was highly enjoyably full of twists and turns and pretty fast paced which I love in a book

    27. This book should have been twice as long Just as things start to get interesting and questions start getting answered the story ends.

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