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Shirahime-Syo By CLAMP Ray Yoshimoto,

  • Title: Shirahime-Syo
  • Author: CLAMP Ray Yoshimoto
  • ISBN: 9781591823049
  • Page: 399
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Legend says that when it snows, it is because the Snow Goddess is crying From Clamp, creators of Chobits and Cardcaptor Sakura, comes a collection of five tragic tales, all connected by the bond of snow Shirahime Syo is Clamp s take on traditional Japanese from and storytelling Featuring luscious watercolors and gentle brushstrokes, it is a beautiful departure from ClamLegend says that when it snows, it is because the Snow Goddess is crying From Clamp, creators of Chobits and Cardcaptor Sakura, comes a collection of five tragic tales, all connected by the bond of snow Shirahime Syo is Clamp s take on traditional Japanese from and storytelling Featuring luscious watercolors and gentle brushstrokes, it is a beautiful departure from Clamp s usual fare Discover for yourself the mystery behind the snow.
    Shirahime Syo Legend says that when it snows it is because the Snow Goddess is crying From Clamp creators of Chobits and Cardcaptor Sakura comes a collection of five tragic tales all connected by the bond of sn

    One thought on “Shirahime-Syo”

    1. Es sencillo y se lee r pido Me gustaron m s los dibujos que las historias en s , si bien la segunda me result muy po tica aunque triste.

    2. When the snow goddess Shirahime cries her tears turn to snow This is a small collection of short stories by CLAMP The stories are not linked together and all depict tragic tales in a snowy ancient Japan It is a shame that the stories are so short given a little depth and they could have been heart wrenching At the same time, their shortness is what gives them a fairy tale like feeling and gives it a traditional touch Even though they are short, they are all sad and the fates of the individual c [...]

    3. Brrrr che frrrreddoDavvero un volume stupendo, disegni raffinati e storie che, anche se brevi, sono intense e piene di significato lo stile Clamp che preferisco

    4. Estos ponjas hacen puras historias tristes, pero esa tristeza tiene una belleza que te deja recordando las historias con una sonrisa Me gust mucho.

    5. First thing s first no matter what the description or dust jacket tells you, this is four stories, not five and one of those arguably is of a bookend than a story That left me feeling a little cheated, if I m honest, especially considering this volume is about half the length of a typical tankobon but costs twice as much due to the hardcover I would have liked a bit bang for my buck But, onto the volume itself It s a nice collector piece, with a pretty dust jacket and a hardcover rather than p [...]

    6. The premise was rather captivating, four short stories about the snow It s a legend that the snow are the tears of the snow princess, and the four short stories center on that theme, though I count it as three main stories, with one story sandwich ing these three I think On Wolf Mountain and The Ice Flower are the most heart breaking stories Love is such a tricky emotion The lengths one will go to feel it, keep it alive So is regret, and uncertainty On Wolf Mountain touched me differently, becau [...]

    7. I hate to admit it but I m a bit disappointed by this manga I knew it would be short just from the tiny size but I was also misled and ill prepared by the description on the back cover Specifically, it says five tales but at a stretch one could claim there are four, although there are really only three proper tales plus a matching intro epilogue Where I felt ill prepared was the style of tale I was about to be told I suppose the back cover DOES say traditional Japanese form but that s a bit vagu [...]

    8. I had forgotten how beautiful the illustrations in this book are, so I m glad I had time to sneak this in tonight This is a collection of four manga a particular form of Japanese storytelling like American comic books or graphic novels with the common thread of snow falling and the following line On a day when the snow falls like today, they say it is the snow princess shedding her tears The final story, which also is the shortest and is a continuation of the third story, shows the snow princess [...]

    9. Unlike a lot of CLAMP s better known titles, the emphasis of this book is on the visual art and less on dialogue and story That s not to say that it doesn t have value, isn t gorgeous, isn t worthy, or isn t really great in fact it will assume a proud place with the rest of my CLAMP library but it is not story driven material It exists in the realm of dream and metaphor, and might have been just as effective untranslated, or with no words in it at all The art combines traditional comics style i [...]

    10. I think it was my first time reading a manga Japanese comics and it was love at first sight I fell for the genre, the author it s an early work of team CLAMP, yet beautiful and for the short stories inside There are five chapters Prologue, On Wolf Mountain, Flower of Ice, Happily Married Couple, Epilogue The three stories are told by a man who meets a young, beautiful woman on the mountain, watching the falling snow they wind around the belief that snowflakes are the tears of the Snow Goddess, a [...]

    11. Brought state side by Tokyopop in a nice hardcover edition this book is light on words preferring to tell most of the story through the beautiful artwork Clamp has come to be known for Prior knowledge about Japanese mythology like the Yuki onna may have influenced my view of this simplistic book of short stories but even if you don t care for the story I am sure you can enjoy the eye candy of artwork through out the pages.My favorite part of the book is the conflicted characters who have to find [...]

    12. Bueno, una joya oculta en la biblioteca Me dio gusto encontr rmelo, como que me llamo Y cuando vi que era de CLAMP pues se tuvo que venir conmigo A pesar de que dice que son 5 historias son s lo cuatro A menos que consideres el prologo y ep logo como una mas, pero yo no lo hice.En el puro estilo de las chicas de CLAMP esto es puro drama No hay nada feliz en ninguna historia y eso me gusto El dibujo es hermoso como siempre Y pues me lo le en una sentada Si lo ves, dale una oportunidad Me gusto en [...]

    13. As the description says, this is basically a one volume manga anthology of five tragic stories, all connected together by the falling snow If you re a fan of Clamp, I definitely recommend checking it out as it s one of their lessen known works at least it s pretty under the radar for me compared to their mainstream stuff Even if you re not familiar with Clamp, if you re in the mood for some touching, though sad emotional stories, with some beautiful art all wrapped up in a single volume, then t [...]

    14. Lovely art older CLAMP style, think RG Veda and less Card Captor Sakura Like most of CLAMP s older stories, they are all beautifully tragic Unfortunately the collection is very short, the book only contains 4 one shots though one story is broken into two parts all mentioning the Shirahime snow princess For some reason, when I read the short The ice flower I heard the song landslide in my head

    15. I enjoyed this book It is a collection of short stories based around a theme of snow and winter The stories are ephemeral and strongly Japanese in character, which just made for an enjoyable light read This is not going to show up anywhere else, or really change your life, but it was a pleasure to read.

    16. What a beautiful collection of sad stories, all centered around the Snow Princess My favorite was On Wolf Mountain, a story that is echoed in many other fairy tale stories where it is found out that the supposed villain is not so at all.Yet again, CLAMP delivers gorgeous illustrations and strong characters.I liked the message at the end of the epilogue certainly something to think about.

    17. The ladies of CLAMP create a collection of tales of love gone wrong, each tale set in the lonely, long winter The artwork takes front seat to the writing, a good choice since the spareness of the drawing meshes well with the wintry setting The stories are predictable but still fulfilling A nice bit of manga.

    18. Cuando las CLAMP no est n inspiradas hacen relatos as Bonitos, po ticos, sencillos y algo aburrido No le pongo 2 porque la edici n en castellano en la que lo le era muy linda despu s la subo y una de las historias ten a un no s qu que ahora no recuerdo Cuand lo relea, quiz s lo rerrese e.

    19. This manga wasn t bad but it wasn t great It took a little bit for me to get used to it switching over between characters and their individual stories If it continued like that, I wouldn t have liked it, but it all made sense in the end.

    20. I think this may be one of my favourites from CLAMP The stories are beautiful and deeply moving, and the art for it is simply gorgeous There is not one thing I dislike about this manga, and let me assure you, that is rare.

    21. I really enjoyed these tells of the snow goddessAt first I thought I was going to read the japanese version of the snow queen Boy I was wrong Instead to my surprise quit was a collection of fairy tales About one snow goddess, I really enjoyed this volume.

    22. The stories are simple, but beautiful and deeply sad It s the artwork what makes this worth it, though No computers or screens or any artifice involved here Just plain ink and brush, and the artist s own masterful hand.

    23. The artwork was goregous The stories were simple, and did follow that folklore feel I have been so fond of reading lately While the stories were sad, I did not have much of an emotional response to them.

    24. The breathtakingly beautiful artwork salvaged the just average stories I think this manga is about the overall feel while browsing through the pages Not exactly a must read, but definitely worth reading.

    25. It s mediocre, though the stories are pretty short and rather dark and complex for younger readers But of course, CLAMP never failed on artwork.

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