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Klient By John Grisham Maiga Varik,

  • Title: Klient
  • Author: John Grisham Maiga Varik
  • ISBN: 998565014
  • Page: 216
  • Format: Paperback
  • Menuromaani peategelaseks on heteistk mneaastane poiss, kes juhtub pealt n gema tuntud advokaadi enesetappu Poiss saab teada saladuse, mida maffia kiivalt varjab ja mida FBI juba m nda aega tagaj rjetult avastada on p dnud Kumbki pool ei tea, mida poiss teab Tema elu on ohus Kiires tempos arenevaid s ndmusi j tkub raamatu l puni.
    Klient Menuromaani peategelaseks on heteistk mneaastane poiss kes juhtub pealt n gema tuntud advokaadi enesetappu Poiss saab teada saladuse mida maffia kiivalt varjab ja mida FBI juba m nda aega tagaj rjet

    One thought on “Klient”

    1. Great read a riveting storyline consisting of some great characters with different personalitiesis is what most readers expect from Mr.Grisham when one of his book is release,good storytelling and great writingcommend to everyone paperback

    2. Grisham has a way of writing a real page turner This was one of those books that I just couldn t put down The suspense was intense, and the story was good.When I finished the last page, and I finally did put it down, I couldn t help thinking I had just wasted my time I mean, I was thoroughly entertained for every minute of the book, but when I was done, I was left with nothing but the memories of my entertainment.Good book, excellent author, but lacking in anything real I ve read 4 Grisham novel [...]

    3. The book tells of a boy who happens upon a mob lawyer who commits suicide But before he commits suicide, he divulges information on where the body of the murdered Senator was hidden by his mob boss Fearing reprisal by the mob or the FBI for lying, he hires a lawyer to get him out of this mess I only slightly dislike this book because the premise of the book is weak I could not get over the fact that the kid could have avoided the whole suspense by telling the FBI the truth about the body of the [...]

    4. I remember when Grisham books were all the rage and surely read this one back in the day but honestly, I remember almost nothing about it I believe it was your typical adult thriller but with almost no sex this was the 80s after all and just the typical jumping the shark kinds of hijinks I know it because both a film and a TV series based on the idea of toxic waste by powerful companies and the way they attack whistleblowers and that is all great but I honestly don t recall being blown away by t [...]

    5. This was just what I wanted, a quick read, some action and a good fast paced storyline So what if the hero was a 10 year old boy, I enjoyed it My attention was held throughout, which is my sign of a good read, and the main characters were all likeable Mark and Reggie were loveable in their own ways, and it was fun seeing the youngster outsmart the thugs and the FBI I highly recommend this book if you re after an easy read.

    6. I like every book that Grisham wrote, period This story is about a crazy, just horrible dilemma Didn t like the movie but hey, movies are almost always worse than a book, because they cut out a lot of stuff, they change the story plus, you don t have your own imagination portrayed in a movie.

    7. Caution spoiler.I always like Grisham s books in spite of the cartoonish political spin Republicans uniformly evil Democrats caring, sensitive, kind This, his fourth book, was surely not one of his best, but only because there is a mile wide hole in the plot The solution to the dilemma of little Mark who possesses the secret of where the Senator s body is buried was so overwhelmingly clear within the first 100 pages that each successive machination of Reggie s, each attempt to protect and shield [...]

    8. The Client is about an eleven year old named Mark Sway and his little brother Ricky witnessing a suicide Before the man killed himself he told Mark information about a murder case that was being looked at Marks brother goes into shock from the suicide and he has to stay in the hospital for a while Mark does not know if he should tell the FBI the information he received or not because he is scared for his family s lives and his own The Client takes place in a small town in Memphis Mark is a poor [...]

    9. You advised him not to get a lawyer, giving as one of your reasons the opinion that lawyers are a pain in the ass Gentlemen, the pain is here Reggie Love, The Client At first, I wasn t quite attached to this book because the first few chapters are kind of dull but, when I reached Chapter 3 probably the chapter where the story begins to unfold it gets and thrilling It got me on the edge of my seat Also , I loved the characters, first the protagonist, an eleven year old boy named Mark Sway, he s [...]

    10. I ve got the film of this on VHS, but it was only recently that I read the book is my favourite John Grisham book so far, and instead of just the usual legal thriller, an unexpected kid is caught up in the mystery of a shocking crime.

    11. I don t know why once in a year i crave for John Grisham may be because i started reading The Firm as first book, but couldn t complete due to some lame excuses or reasons So, i picked The Client, The Client will kick start after 10 pages, you can predict the plot in 20 pages unless you don t read what is written on the back of book By 30 pages you will find it very difficult to put down.It is tale of a 11 year old boy Mark Sway who met a mob lawyer who was about to commit suicide But before he [...]

    12. I really like this movie and watched it before I d ever read the book But I remembered that this was one of the few cases where I liked both the book and the movie even where they didn t match up I don t know that I ll read it again ever though because I did like the movie better this time around I liked that there were just the three primary characters, for instance And I admit that I liked that Foltrigg while still being a loud mouth wasn t quite the moron he is in the book but I m sure that s [...]

    13. This was my very first book that I ve read by John Grisham, and I absolutely loved it, I really like his writing style and the book just really seems to drag you right into the story I had never heard of Grisham until I had seen the movie The Client with Susan Sarandon and Tommy Lee Jones, and I ve watched the movie several times, and my mom told me that the movie was based on a novel by John Grisham and she said he writes courtroom dramas The book was excellent and very easy to follow, great ch [...]

    14. I clearly remember the scene in Black Hawk Down, that soldier forgotten the name and the actor s name, Tom Hardy maybe , he popped into chopper cabin, holding this book, a paperback edition with the coverThis scene engraved in my mind than the Joel Schumacher film didThat soldier was one of the 18 casualties

    15. I m usually a fan of John Grisham books but this was kind of a bore Its based around an 11 year old boy who acts, thinks, and speaks as if he is a 30 something year old man Is it just me or did some readers also get frustrated towards the end of the book

    16. So in the beginning of the story their is these two boys that are brothers and this take place around the 1960 s and these two brothers ricky and mark are smokers that are bad boys so one day they decide to go in the forest and later seems to find something that they couldnt believe Finds out that once they stumble upon the woods they see a man trying to kill him self as the look to see who it is the man that is trying to kill him self see them and catches one of the brothers and stick him in th [...]

    17. A story I followed breathlessly from page one until I remembered that I was supposed to figure out its plot and all that jazz I forgot I got sucked in I don t remember the last time I was so engrossed An eleven year old kid against lawyers and FBI and mafia And one very dead body hidden in a secret place And everyone trying to find the body And the kid and the killer the only ones who know where it s at What s not to like One of those books you want to swallow in one sitting.

    18. My Rating 1 5Everyone recommended John Grisham So I bought The Client The reviews for the books have been mostly positive So I thought that this is a good read but It isn t I couldn t go that four chapters of the book I tried again and again but It s just not good, So you knowSo, This is a bad book I won t recommend it to anybody Thank you.

    19. this is the book that made me not read any of his books It s like he woke up one morning and said, I m done He left countless threads unraveled He dropped ideas the ending was unbelievable and abrupt All in all what could have been an amazing book was such a disappointment that it made me avoid him because I was so angry he wasted my time.

    20. Love Grisham s early work especially Characterization is always uppermost in my mind and he does a great job Read it awhile back and then took it on vacation again to read That is my highest endorsement.

    21. I had seen the movie years ago so I had a general idea about the book The book is so much better than the movies The book goes into so much detail It s so life like with the Mob element and how devious the goverment is when trying to pursue their agenda.

    22. This was my first John Grisham novel It won t be the last since I ve heard a few good things about The Testament, but that one might be my last if there isn t some improvement on a few things.I have to compare this one to the movie a bit since that flick is a fave, and I think this is one of the rare cases where I like the movie better than the book The character of Reverend Roy Foltrigg was much different in the book, much obnoxious, much dumber, and just doesn t stand up to the awesomeness th [...]

    23. Holy shit, this was intense I found this book by accident, I already knew John Grisham from the Theo Boone Books but this was my first novell from him And I m impressed as fuck It s so hard for me to calm because this book caused so much emotions in me, it made me think so much, basically all the time I couldn t put it down Actually I really want to re read it even though I just finished it Lately I m really not in a reading mood but this book defenitly put me back into it I love crime and lawye [...]

    24. An irresistible read, The Client follows the story of Mark, an 11 year old who chanced upon a suicide and what follows A flawless narration and compelling view oof the legal system No one who reads the book is likely to forget the eleven year old Mark Sway, who has watched too much television and crime shows A wonderful set of secondary characters and surprisingly just legal system makes it all the fascinating Definitely one of Grisham s best works.

    25. A very intriguing read Grisham is a master in giving people their own personality Multiple characters were so strong, funny and interesting I guess this is what I found most remarkable of this book The story was sometimes a bit hard to believe, but you wanted to believe it nevertheless, good job

    26. I got this book from my oldest brothers wife I enjoyed reading it It had a good story to it I liked the variety of characters in it It was a well written book.

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