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Tempos Esquecidos By Nora Roberts,

  • Title: Tempos Esquecidos
  • Author: Nora Roberts
  • ISBN: 9788468702384
  • Page: 141
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • H algum tempo atr s Caleb Hornblower era um viajante do tempo que ficou preso no s culo XX Mas o seu maior problema n o era voltar para o s culo XXIII, era n o ser capaz de o fazer deixando para tr s a inocente Liberty Stone Seria capaz de esquecer a poca a que pertencia para ficar com a mulher que amava
    Tempos Esquecidos H algum tempo atr s Caleb Hornblower era um viajante do tempo que ficou preso no s culo XX Mas o seu maior problema n o era voltar para o s culo XXIII era n o ser capaz de o fazer deixando para tr s

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    1. I m embarrassed to add this to my list of books read Wow, this was almost appalling It s very well told I wouldn t keep listening to Nora Roberts if I didn t find something to like about her books but there is so much ick factor in this one It s one of her earlier books from the late 1980s So Much Sex between two people who have only just met each other and seem to fall in love based on nothing than physical attraction And the guy is not very nice He nearly forces himself on her than once, and [...]

    2. Nora Roberts seems pretty awesome, often stepping in as the voice of reason whenever there s a romance fandom kerfuffle it happens than you might think I wish I could have felt as positive about this book, but it was just bad On a technical level, it was far competent than a lot of romance novels I ve read and than a lot of novels, period , but it suffered from many of my typical problems with the genre.An accident knocks 23rd century pilot Caleb Hornblower yes, really Am I missing some sort o [...]

    3. No recomendado por VeronicaProp sitos de este desaf o Leer de principio a fin libros considerados malos Mi intenci n es encontrar al menos UNA cualidad buena en ellos y rese arlos objetivamente siguiendo 20 puntos a desarrollar brevemente Los puntos var an seg n el g nero del que se trate Si tienen ganas de No recomendarme otros libros pueden comentar por ac o AC Cualquier g nero es bienvenido Cuanto m s variado, mejor

    4. Puuuuf que libro m s malo, no he podido pasar de la p gina 11.Es un insta love en toda regla nada creible Con deciros que en la primera p gina el tio estaba fatal porque habia tenido un accidente y en la 4 pagina ya esta ligando con la otra Fatal fatal que libro m s malo Habia escuchado hablar muy bien de esta autora pero como todos sus libros sean como este Por ahora no leere m s sobre ella Felices lecturas

    5. Nora Roberts is definitely the master of telling intriguing stories In this story, love blossoms between two individuals belongong to two different time periods The hero Caleb, is a space traveller from 23rd century who gets pulled back in time to the 20th century while he tries to escape a blackhole.The heroine Liberty is a scientist, an anthropologist, who studies human behaviour The story hooked me from the beginning.

    6. Space pilot crashes in a time not his own and falls in love Anthropologist falls in love right back No evil villain, no spies or criminals, nothing but two individuals meeting.This scenario could be ho hum in a less talented author s hands, but Nora Roberts makes us proud to be readers The personalities and plot are very good, the setting wonderful I especially like the secondary characters, who happen to be her parents.I ll read this again and again Don t miss the companion story, Times Change [...]

    7. As Liberty Stone stood on the cabin s porch watching the storm rage overhead she had no regrets about being tucked away in the Oregon mountains A cultural anthropologist, she was spending time at the place of her birth to write her dissertation on the last five years of extensive research She was looking forward to the solitude Then she saw the light shoot across the sky and the unmistakable sound of a crash.Caleb Hornblower, a freelance cargo pilot from the 23rd century, is on a routine flight [...]

    8. A time travel novel that does it for me Amazing sci fi quality You can tell Nora is a fan or have done her research.Amazing characters that, once again, convinced me love can happen, no matter how little time you have spend together That when two people match, it can be so perfect.This is one of the reasons I love Nora Roberts books She s so good at writing relationship, writing people, it s not hard to believe the characters really love each other, even as they are getting to know each other.Lu [...]

    9. One of Nora s older short stories, I was skeptical about this one because of the time travel element There just doesn t seem to be an obvious happy ending to one of these stories, and I ll admit, she impressed me with the way she handled this one However, because it was older, the language and overall tone of the novel was dated enough to distract me from what could have otherwise been a relatively cute love story Caleb Hornblower accidentally finds himself back in the 20th century, after crashi [...]

    10. Liberty Stone s an anthropologist who s interested in learning about the past than living in the present but when she witnessed what she believes to be a plane crash, she finds herself enchanted by the man she rescues Caleb Hornblower s not what he seems He s from the future and he s determined to find his way to his own time Although his future doesn t seem so appealing when he has to leave Libby in the past This one, while not awful, just didn t work for me It wasn t horrible but it wasn t th [...]

    11. I am a sucker for time travel romances There I said it I haven t read one that I don t like yet, however, this one was just OK for me It was predictable and not all that believable which sounds silly when you re talking about time travel because of course it s not believable, but The best ones are the ones that make you question if you re positive that that it could not happen The book was well written and entertaining It was a quick read and worth the time that it took to read it.

    12. Cal has unknowingly traveled back in time to the twenty first century where he meets Libby, a scientist on holiday at her family s cabin Cal is hurt when she finds him and thinks he has a concussion when he starts acting strangely due to his time disorientation They find something in each other that they never expected to find This book had an interesting concept, but did not draw me in It is a light quick read.

    13. 3,5 Deverei chamar ao livro regresso ao passado ou uma vis o do futuro Pois n o sei, apesar do livro ser de 1989 acho interessante como a autora conseguiu ter uma vis o daquilo que poderia vir a acontecer no futuro Foi o primeiro livro de fic o que li da Nora, e foi interessante apesar de n o me ter pr priamente cativado, talvez pelo meu cepticismo com a fic o Estou curiosa para ler o seguinte

    14. I don t have high expectations in terms of plot for a romance novel but the story was so minimal in this book that it was just boring There was no real conflict between the characters, and there weren t any supporting characters other than a brief parental drive by , so there was no tension romantic or otherwise I know there s a second book with this one but I won t be reading it.

    15. This story wasn t my favorite Nora Roberts story but it wasn t bad either Apparently time travel just isn t my thing in romance Plus this had a little too old fashioned a feel to it The narrator was ok, but he didn t feel right for this in my opinion Maybe had it been dual narration it would have been a bit easier to listen to, but the story just never really sucked me in.

    16. I didn t realize this was written in the olden days before cell phones It was pretty well written hello, it s Nora Roberts but it s pretty much just soft porn, of which I m not a big fan If you like soft porn, time travel, or anything written by Nora Roberts you will probably like it much better than I did.

    17. Enjoyed this bookI enjoy these quirky plots This author is great at weaving such a great story Would recommend to others Loved it

    18. A quirky enjoyable listen Enjoyed both Libby and Caleb s characters Picked up the next one in the series to see where things land.

    19. InterestingNot a normal Nora Roberts type book but very good It was a mixture of what is now and what is the future.

    20. Vintage Nora Roberts lacks the depth of modern nora Plus 80s Nora was a little too rape y for me I think.

    21. I usually love a good Nora Roberts story, but this was a disappointment Really too much sex I just started skipping the pages and pages of sexual encounters.

    22. Love conquersAn interesting love story No one tells a love story better than Nora Roberts The story is a quick read because you just don t want to put it down.

    23. good idea for a book but poorly written no twists or any kind of plot turns and very bland nothing going on but internal thoughts about whether to go back in time or stay Plus one uninteresting trip to town.

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