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スキップ・ビート! 30 By Yoshiki Nakamura,

  • Title: スキップ・ビート! 30
  • Author: Yoshiki Nakamura
  • ISBN: 9784592186205
  • Page: 361
  • Format: Paperback
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    One thought on “スキップ・ビート! 30”

    1. This is such a fantastic series squeal So, as always, I must advise those of you who have not read the series to read them, starting with volume one Also, be forward about reading this review as it may not make much sense if you have not read previous volumes It is very focused on character story, growth and change.So in this volume, Ren continues to spiral further into his past as he delves deeper into his role as Cain BJ Kyoko is not sure whom is facing any Ren, BJ, Cain, ormeone else This als [...]

    2. Why please tell me why they don t publish it weekly.It s such great story and the art is excellent.And the main thing is that after all this years the QUALITY didn t slip.Unlike some other longlived mangas The STORY AND ART ARE STILL EXCELLENT

    3. There is something uniquely funny about this series I m immensely pleased that I chose this read this Kyoko is so remarkably funny, not just with her varyingly intense expressions and emotions, but her skills as an actor It s so funny.

    4. How long is too long for a manga series That s what I m starting to wonder with several of the series that I m reading right now It s not that Skip Beat is languishing exactly Kyoko has finally figured out that she likes Ren but it took 28 volumes to get there I fear we re going to have another 28 volumes before they finally get together.At least the plot is still changing It s not necessarily moving forward, but things are happening to keep me entertained Kyoko and Ren are fully immersed in the [...]

    5. This volume was all about Ren Or should we call him Cain Or BJ Or Kuon Half the time, we didn t know who he actually was, and neither did he The interesting thing is that by this point, Kyoko knows him so well that, even though she doesn t know who Kuon is, she could tell Ren wasn t himself or Cain or even BJ She could tell he was controlled by some other being, and in the end, that he needed her, whoever he was.Ultimately, finding out how and why Ren is shaped by his past is important to the st [...]

    6. Is Ren actingd if he is, which part is an act Cain BJ Is it possible the answer might be none of the above My heart breaks for himlove Kyoko s response.

    7. Die Dreharbeiten f r Rens neuen Film haben noch nicht mal richtig begonnen und trotzdem ver ndert die neue Rolle ihn schon Irgendetwas dunkles versucht sich in seiner Seele breit zu machen und Kyoko tut alles um ihm bei zu stehen Sie weis nichts von seiner Vergangenheit und deswegen weis sie nicht mit welchen D monen er zu k mpfen hat oder ist er vielleicht sogar sein eigener D mon Auf jeden Fall wird es wieder richtig spannend und man darf den neuen Manga auf keinen Fall verpassen.Die Heel Gesc [...]

    8. You know when the Red Riding Hood cover appeared I figured out that the covers may appear to have nothing to do with the content on the surface, but in actuality they are related This one I think is because Ren and Kyouko spend their first night in bed together just not how you d think, of course Their wedding night, if you will and I think the author will does Anyway, this volume went by faster than others There wasn t as much text to read nor anything that required mulling over There were a lo [...]

    9. And here we are at 30 volumes I think Skip Beat may be the longest running manga series that I m willing to keep reading It s not that long running series aren t any good many are but they require a lot of investment on my part Even a moderate length series requires years of investment as I wait for each volume to be released here in the US, which releases happen as often as every other month, or with those caught up with Japan only once or twice a year But, Skip Beat is fun in that regardless o [...]

    10. I fell in love with this manga immediately It drew me in and kept me there Sadly to say i have been reading it from the internet and hate to wait in between chapters I ve also been watching it s anime and I ve seen the first episode of the TV show extravagant challenge based on this manga But nothing beats the manga because it has all the extra details that are not shown elsewhere.I m writing this review for all of the volumes of Skip Beat because i tend to read them all together I enjoy Kyoko s [...]

    11. I loved that this volume seemed to be action packed than most SB volumes I have read, and was also a quicker read than most, while still remaining interesting But, I hated how so much time was spent by Kyoko as Setsuna worrying about Ren as Cain Heel Sure, his fighting scene was kind of uncalled for, and he got a bit too much into the role and started fighting the other actor for real , but Setsuna took her worrying far beyond what an actual sister would have done And, if she was that worried, [...]

    12. I have actually first watched the anime first about four years ago before reading finally it this year We all are aware that the anime series and the manga have different pacing and there will be a little tweak here and there when it s finally in its anime form and there will always be this kind of cliffhanger especially if it s still an ongoing manga which is evident in this case I liked the heroine, Kyoko all the things that she went through for the man she thought she loves and loved him back [...]

    13. In this volume, Kyoko as Setsu, Cain Heel s Ren sister, spends a lot of time worrying and second guessing how the sister of Cain Heel should act She feels she needs to be stupid, lovey and clingy Then she starts to second guess how Ren as Cain Heel thinks his sister Setsu Kyoko should act Headache yet I know I have one Then Cain and Murasame face off together rehearsing their first fight scene Murasame, being an ex Yanki, thinks he s a tough guy, but he has no idea what he is up against when he [...]

    14. Yes This Heel Siblings arc has totally sucked me in I love it And man Kyoko must have some insane will power because when Ren is Cain, I want to tear his clothes off and just let him have it I don t know how she resists I simply don t pAnd speaking of which, this chapter splash page was super sexy I love Cain in BJ s look Everything about Cain is bad ass and sexy If only Ren were like that this entire series hubba hubba Lol I also want this arc to go on forever because it s too awesome

    15. The Breath of Darkness arc has begun, and Kyoko is having a harder time dealing with Ren than she anticipated.Kyoko and Ren have started their roles as the infamous Heel Siblings Ren s character, Cain, is supposed to be a dark and tough American actor chosen to play BJ, the psychopathic villain in a new film Kyoko is his affectionate and protective sister, a role which requires her to be practically in love with her scary older brother While it s a challenge for the two as actors, Ren s actual p [...]

    16. 3.5 5 stars I love this series, but one volume at a time is not enough You need three or four to really feel like the story is moving This volume is darker than some of the previous volumes I m not sure how I feel about this arc I feel like the double life Ren and Kyoko are living is muddling the overall story I like that we re learning about Ren s past, but his interaction with Setsu Kyoko as he plays Cain feels off Or I should say Kyoko is off Also I don t like the side story with his cast ma [...]

    17. I love this series especially with Ren and Kyoko s individual character development as well as their relationship Nakamura does a great job moving the characters forward even though they do take a few steps back I can t wait till this comes out in English reading it in Japanese while not impossible is really hard for me I also love Nakamura s artwork The faces are no longer squished as they were earlier in the series I love how she s also able to transform Kyoko without losing Kyoko It s the eye [...]

    18. This was a rather dark volume Ren seems to be fully immersed into his role as Cain Heel and B.J too much at some parts, as it seems to Kyoko and it is starting to worry her Ren is of course also scared of his slips and by now, I presume, he is very happy he has his sister Setsu there as support I am very curious to see what will happen with Ren and Kyoko during the filming process The situation they are in is definitely shipper heaven To see Ren struggling so much is actually fun, but because o [...]

    19. I have to say this volume of my ongoing guilty pleasure is a bit of a mess Ren continues to struggle with the Cain Heel role and Kyoko, ever loyal, stays by his side as Setsu But, aside, from a hilarious attempt to count herself to sleep, the fact that they re in these roles leaves less opportunity for the moments we love Yes, Ren is just as manipulative as ever, but Kyoko s loyalty to character keeps her from truly rising to the occasion Less Ren, Kyoko, would make this one better.

    20. El manga avanza lento.Ha pasado s lo un d a de filmaci n y ya hicieron toda una telenovela de esto, como era de esperarse Ahora en vez de centrarse en Kyoko, la historia se ha centrado en Tsuruga y en su pasado en donde parece que sus acciones llevaron a la muerte de alguien que parece ser su hermano mayor Y el papel de B.J est despertando a la persona que era cuando ocurri todo eso, una oscuridad a la que siempre est aplacandoPero con todo la historia va lenta Muuuuy lenta.

    21. The plot thickens in this volume I will not give away any huge details but finally Ren is starting to flesh out a little I m also liking the fact that it is starting to click with Kyoko that she than likes Ren Okay I have one tiny spoilerish tidbit read the end of Act 182 I always laugh out loud when ever the president enters the picture and I wasn t disappointed.

    22. I m really starting to miss the humour of this series The Ren backstory stuff is fairly dark and there s not much to alleviate it well To be fair, I still find the incestuous Heel siblings deeply hilarious in concept but ehhh I usually spend Skip Beat volumes trying not to laugh loudly enough to attract attention from the bookstore staff and that wasn t much of a struggle today 3.5 stars

    23. This was such a hilarious series Kyoko was such a quirky character and was always doing stuff to get into trouble I liked the transformation of her character throughout the series and how she found out that instead of having to rely on a boy she could make it on her own There was a love triangle that I also enjoyed very much.

    24. In this volume, we get to know a little bit about ren s past It was sweet how kyoko worries about ren She knows that the only thing she could do to get him out of the dark is being with him There were many sides of him I hadn t expected to see.

    25. This is still wonderful and fantastic, but the BJ story feels very drawn out to me It probably has something to do with the set up and slower releases This is very action packed, not something I very expected from this series As always, I can t wait to read .

    26. This is still one of my favorite series I love Ren and Kyoko Ren past is starting to be revealed in this volume and some of the things he is doing is very different then the Ren we are used to Highly Recommend this series Can t wait for the next volume to come out

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