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Earth, Air, Fire & Water: More Techniques of Natural Magic By Scott Cunningham,

  • Title: Earth, Air, Fire & Water: More Techniques of Natural Magic
  • Author: Scott Cunningham
  • ISBN: 9780875421315
  • Page: 275
  • Format: Paperback
  • A water smoothed stoneThe windA candle s flameA pool of water These are the age old tools of natural magic Born of the Earth, possessing inner power, they await only our touch and intention to bring them life.
    Earth Air Fire Water More Techniques of Natural Magic A water smoothed stoneThe windA candle s flameA pool of water These are the age old tools of natural magic Born of the Earth possessing inner power they await only our touch and intention to bring t

    One thought on “Earth, Air, Fire & Water: More Techniques of Natural Magic”

    1. The meat and potatoes of European folk magic, the actual craft the witches of old used to practice This is pure spellcraft at it s finest The book is backed by years of research and experimentation This book continues where his first book ,Earth Power, left off This book is a must Natural magic uses the four elements of the planet Earth, Air, Fire and Water to perform your spell There are no fancy complicated rituals or tools Natural magic is all about combining your personal power with the powe [...]

    2. This book is amazing if you wanna do non religious oriented magick with the sense of the earth elements embedded into it Its a amazing book i finished withing almost one day and it teaches you everything you need too start and every little question you have is awnsered in it.It has everything from magnet magick too sea magick I guarantee that if you read this and your into metaphysical subjects you wont be disspointed

    3. This book was an unintentional re read It was in my to read pile and then I noticed that I already read this book on my account Shows how well I remembered this book Well as it turns out this was one of the first books I read when I was 10 and trying to learn about Wicca This was definitely a trip down memory lane Now as an adult I have a brand new appreciation for this book and it reminds me once again how creative and brilliant Scott Cunningham was The beginning and back of the back has the ba [...]

    4. This was a pretty decent book and I enjoyed reading it for the most part Scott Cunningham as always writes beautifully and descriptively while including a lot of very useful information The layout of the book is simple, clean, and concise which I really appreciate in a spell book Some of the spells included in this book, about half I d say, were very good I thought and are actually spells I would try myself But the other half felt sort of restrictive to me or weren t useful to my practice I felt [...]

    5. A wonderful book for those earth oriented among the ranks It is good for learning to ground energies, relate closely to the natural world, and understand the need for natural as well as spiritual connectivity, including earth safe initiatives.

    6. I really don t know what to say about this book other than there is a lot of info in it Lots of spells with the elements and even some new correspondences for them Most of the things in this book be done easily and expensive which is something I ve always loved about the author So really, if you re into this subject, this is another great book to have in your collection.

    7. I loved the spells on the Moon and clearing crystals and the stars spells I really read as much as I wanted as there were so many spells This is a very special magical book that will be treasured

    8. I give this book a 3 simply because some of it for me was a little much but the other half was a very open minded and explained how to mor or less connect with yourself.

    9. I read Earth Power in August 06, and it cracked me open with its exploration of magical power drawn from the physical elements themselves, not from deities or some airy fairy out there world I finally got around to reading Earth, Air, Fire, Water, the continuation of Earth Power Unfortunately, I ve changed too much since then to have the same great experience with this one Recipe books of spells containing laundry lists of components and poorly written incantations Meteorite Charge my rite Reall [...]

    10. As someone who s been experimenting and digging into the world of magic, this title took me by surprise, just a little bit.As a big user of tools, this book really was very minimalistic in terms of what tools you need Basically, this book pushes this idea that you can use the world around you and the elements to work your craft I was expecting candles, oils, the works I am used to using but this title really pushes the idea that you don t need that and simply only need the elements Hence my 4 s [...]

    11. I read this when I was starting out in Wicca and I LOVED this book If you are someone who wants to learn about the elements and their correspondences etc this is a great starter book Let Scott be your guide into the worlds of Earth, Air, Fire and Water He always has great stories and folklore to go along with his spells and charts I think that this is an excellent book for any newcomer to Wicca who wants to get to know the four elements a little better I highly recommend this one.

    12. Didn t find this as catchy as the first part in the series, which was really a shame since I was so excited and having so much fun the last time What I did like in this handbook was that the author had included so many charms about stones, magnets and candles Now that is something I can and probably will get into, so, I guess Mr Cunningham still managed to inspire me even though I wasn t too into this book of his.

    13. This makes for a decent introduction to natural magic, with a solid basis on the four elements The spells are simple and the section on creating your own rituals is full of useful information But this definitely is Scott Cunningham at his poetic worst I just really don t jive with all the dippy neopagan imagery or the bad rhymes But, of course, that s personal taste.

    14. Another great follow up from Cunningham This book expands on the concepts of natural, elemental magic introduced inEarth Power Techniques of Natural Magic, giving sample rituals and information.

    15. Loved it I love Cunningham s ability to put it simply I used to believe that everything had to be done perfectly with expensive supplies and complicated rituals I know now that its a matter of heart This is a must have in any Witch s library

    16. another great one from Cunningham simple to read and easy to follow so far my favorite author of this subject a must read and it s the companion to earth magic which I look forward to reading.

    17. An enjoyable, easy to read, easy to understand book with lots of ideas for a natural and non religious form of magic.This is a book I often re read so it s not just recommended for beginners to The Craft.

    18. Scott Cunningham brings us another well written and informational book about elemental magick, including storms, lightning, wind, snow and ice, and various techniques using the well known earth, air, fire and water.

    19. This book continues with Earth magic techniques Scott Cunningham is widely known as a leader in the field All of his books are great for the beginner offering a wide variety of information in an easy to understand style.

    20. This was the first book on wicca Iever read Blew me away because I had no idea of wicca s existence, yet I had been practicing it for some years Though today I am a non religious pagan This book gave me much insight into the paths of nature.

    21. this was an interesting bookits full of different ideas and spellsbut it is not one of my favriote pieces of work do by scott

    22. Very informative, some good information and practices in the book I did dip in and out and tend to read what I needed and take notes, better than a 3 star but not as great to have 4

    23. I like how the spells in this book are based on using the things you find in nature than a bunch of tools.

    24. This is a great little book with plenty of ideas for your magickal workings Well written, down to earth pun intended and easy to understand Not restricted to any particular dogma.

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