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Demon By John Varley,

  • Title: Demon
  • Author: John Varley
  • ISBN: 9780441142675
  • Page: 438
  • Format: Paperback
  • Titan, Wizard, and Demon have enthralled a generation of readers with adventure, humor, horror, and dazzling imagination Now, in the epic conclusion of John Varley s masterpiece, the satellite sized alien Gaea has gone completely insane She has trapped humans in her mind She has transformed her love of old movies into monstrous realities She is Marilyn Monroe She is Titan, Wizard, and Demon have enthralled a generation of readers with adventure, humor, horror, and dazzling imagination Now, in the epic conclusion of John Varley s masterpiece, the satellite sized alien Gaea has gone completely insane She has trapped humans in her mind She has transformed her love of old movies into monstrous realities She is Marilyn Monroe She is King Kong And she must be detroyed.
    Demon Titan Wizard and Demon have enthralled a generation of readers with adventure humor horror and dazzling imagination Now in the epic conclusion of John Varley s masterpiece the satellite sized a

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    1. I read the first two books of John Varley s magnificent Gaean trilogy, Titan and Wizard, when I was in high school, back in the mid eighties and I really enjoyed them Somehow, inexplicably, I never read the third, Demon When I began reading again in 2008 after graduating from law school and then especially when I connected with in 2011, I remembered the trilogy and decided to finish what was started.Demon was first published in 1984 and completes the trilogy of humanity s encounter with a living [...]

    2. For the most part, I absolutely love this trilogy On the idea front, it s wild with some of the coolest and strangest story combinations, from a life as a movie set to an intentionally perverse Greek Mythos setup to the enormous annihilation of humanity in the Fifth Nuclear War some twenty years after book 2 , to the fact that we re on an all out trip to overthrow a god here on the artificial moon.Cirocco Jones is something around a hundred and twenty years old at this point and she s completely [...]

    3. SPOILER WARNING As I m combining the reviews of all the books in The Gaean Trilogy in this entry for Demon, there may be spoilers ahead though I ll keep them to a minimum With that in mind, I ll get my solid recommendation to read these books out of the way The story and characters are interesting Gaea is a fascinating concept, and definitely a place I d love to visit and the Titanides are one of the coolest alien races ever invented.I first read Titan when I was a teen ager I can remember the h [...]

    4. It strikes me, as I finish up Demon, that John Varley s trilogy is in many ways a mirror image of Arthur Clarke s 2001, a Space Odyssey While both stories begin with humans exploring alien technology in the outer solar system, Clarke s is all about the computers, space travel, and alien technology, while Varley s is all about human relationships Clarke s aliens are aloof and cold, leaving behind technology just in case humans manage to develop into something interesting Varley s Gaea is intensel [...]

    5. This is a strange book It s a lot to take in It s got zombies, centaur like creatures, lesbians, witches, a giant Marilyn Monroe and so much .So I read it again I bought the Gaea series directly from John Varley s site It cost money, of course, but he signs it and the money goes directly to him and if anyone deserves some loot to go directly to him it s John Varley.I need to read of him And you need to read this series He s the sort of writer who adds diverse characters, diverse sexualities an [...]

    6. I review all three books here Titan, Wizard and Demon.Ah, Varley, what am I to do with you First and foremost, this trilogy is highly enjoyable, if quirky and eccentric in some places Varley has a strong sense of how people work and his wisdom in his understanding of human interaction plays well in building a strong plot, and several subplots that add to the story s attractiveness I thoroughly enjoyed reading these books when the came out, and I thoroughly enjoyed listening to them when I found [...]

    7. What if you could talk to god, and ask one thing What would you ask of him or her John Varley played with this concept in this trilogy together with ideas of cultural variations, religion and psychological developments It was exciting, novel and conspicuously distinctive from most science fiction works of today.The book was written in 1979, and in 1980, it was listed as the first official winner of the Locus Award in Science Fiction But considering that time frame, all the books in the series ar [...]

    8. Disappointingly, the most conventional book in the trilogy surprising since it mostly concerns the build up to war with a 50 foot Marilyn Monroe avatar Varley falls back on war novel stuff, half baked politics and too much deliberate withholding of important plot points in service of the big reveal to really pull off a satisfying conclusion.

    9. This book is a serious mindfuck It s best to start at the beginning of the series to get the full effect.

    10. This novel is much better than the two that proceed it in this trilogy But I still have some issues with the work I greatly enjoyed Varley s first novel _The Ophiuchi Hotline_ and much of his first story collection _The Persistence of Vision_ and looking ahead in his oeuvre, I thought _Steel Beach_ was very impressive when it came outhave to see what I think when I reread it in the next couple of years _Titan_ and _Wizard_, however, did not bear up as well as my adolescent memories of them would [...]

    11. This is the final volume of the Gaea trilogy by John Varley I found it totally a worthwhile read and the characters were fleshed out enough to be their own and likeable My one and only downer on this was my own failing I ve not read many trilogies and hardly ever back to back to back, and I became a bit like someone that had a visitor that has over stayed I began to be ready to move on to something else, yet I was too involved with this story I never considered dropping it.This series is probabl [...]

    12. Dammit, book 2 Wizard had lost its cool because the main plot was no longer driven by how cool traveling through space in a Big Dumb Object is, but because the BDO s AI had started to develop all sorts of whims and act like a child.It s gone worse in Demon The AI now manifests itself as a 15 m Marilyn Monroe All kinds of references to Hollywood movies of the 40 s and 50 s now abound There are circuses, zombies, airplane battles, medieval knightsThe style with which the series began in Titan is n [...]

    13. SpoilersThis is one of my favorite epics The rapist of the first novel turns out to be mind controlled, which seems like the author is to chicken to let a villain be a villain All of the hero s have addictions or mental illnesses, is this a character hook technique The final battle is a little overblown, but there is a logical reason for it Wish they would e publish all of Varley.

    14. Probably the best of the three, I guess I will happily give this trilogy back to the annual book sale from which they were purchased.

    15. Sorry I read this trilogy so quickly Now I won t have the pleasure and trepidation of getting lost in Gaea for the first time.

    16. Spoiler Alert Demon is the final book of The Gaea Trilogy and it brings the story to a very satisfying conclusion Author John Varley is easily the most whimsical of all science fiction writers for the past 30 years and even though this series begins with its feet on the ground, it ends up tearing a hole in the sky.For a synopsis of the previous two novels, Titan and Wizard, please see my books list.In Demon, the planetary brain, Gaea, has reconstituted herself as a 50 foot tall image of Marilyn [...]

    17. the longest, the slowest, the last, of the Gaea trilogy by Varley there are many emotions evoked by this work, but the first is relief only the first of the three books can really be read independently, and some points of this one dipped severely, but there is relief that it survives certain endemic aspects the fact that apparently everyone has sex to express varied attachments and sex, while never simple, is always positive maybe this is a particularly seventies sort of sf culture, but i think [...]

    18. Great end to the series This whole trilogy is a skillful balancing act, in at least a couple of different ways It s a great blend of hard SF and crazy fantasy and it blurs the line between a three book epic and a set of linked stories It is a single story, but each book is set decades apart, and each has a very different feel Varley takes the original premise a long way, and the sum is greater than its parts.Demon veers much further towards fantasy than the two previous books Titan and Wizard It [...]

    19. Demon jumps ahead another 20 years after Wizard Robin has returned to her home in the coven habitat Chris has remained on Gaea, and is slowly turning into a creature and like a Titanide a centaur race native to Gaea Cirocco is still around, but no longer does Wizard work Gaby is dead, but keeps returning to Cirocco in dreams Gaea has gone completely nuts, prancing about as a 15 meter Marilyn Monroe while making and screening movies in her own bloodthirsty fashion Meanwhile, back on Earth, the [...]

    20. I found this the best book of Varley s Gaea trilogy, not because it is a better story they are all pretty good stories not because the characters are better developed he always does a pretty good job at developing his characters, but because he reined in his tendency to speculate very badly in my opinion on future outrageous social trends that he seemed to take so much pleasure in in the previous two books I m not against SF speculating on social trends that s virtually the main raison d etre of [...]

    21. Storyline 3 5Characters 3 5Writing Style 3 5World 1 5 I should begin this with an admission that I loathed the first two in the series I approached them because they were both nominees for some of the leading science fiction book awards I continued reading the series simply to see how it ends and to be able to give my own assessment at its conclusion My expectations for this were extremely low, and in many ways Varley didn t disappoint I think Gaea the planet remains an absolutely ridiculous wor [...]

    22. I was a little disappointed with the final installment of the trilogy.Things just got a little too absurd for me So much time had been spent in the first two books describing in great detail the physical aspects of Gaea While it makes sense that the psychology and emotional aspects of this character must be plumbed, I found the descriptions, similes, and extended metaphors to be off putting.The characters, though developed since the second installment, felt like pieces pushed around on a chessb [...]

    23. I m sorry to say that this book did not hold up over the years Last read by me in the mid 1980s, I returned to Gaea in 2017 8 only to find that whatever I found charming about these books had faded away This last one in particular was just difficult to get through, and was frankly a bit too weird It had a long build up where our God alien Gaea is now fully insane and obsessed with films of Earth, to the point that she has built her latest avatar as a 50 Marilyn Monroe And it just gets weirder Se [...]

    24. I will have to go back and read this trilogy to see if I like it as much the second time since I read these books about 12 years ago All I can say is that the first time I read them I really enjoyed them the first book is slowest but the second book really engaged me and the third book was a great climatic conclusion I really liked the characters, especially of the one that in some ways is the true heroine, Gabby The books have it all comic, exciting, serious, tragic, and spectacular Would make [...]

    25. I m not quite sure what to say about the final volume of the trilogy Yes, it ties up most of the loose ends efficiently and satisfyingly, and the few it leaves unanswered are wisely left undone The characters not only keep true to themselves, but grow convincingly to boot All of that is hard to do, let alone do so welld yet this was the weakest of the three, imho The plot, while solid, seemed rushed There was a lot of stuff crammed in, to the point that things that might have needed a little ti [...]

    26. While not the best book that I have ever read, it was also not the worst I really enjoyed Titan, I thought that was a great book from start to finish The second book, Wizard, was slow at first but built to a great and fast paced finish As the third book, and how Wizard ended, I was really looking forward to this one However, I just didn t really like this one I didn t care for the characters, the plot was boring, and I thought the ending was ridiculous I also felt that the book was written for t [...]

    27. This one rounds off the trilogy and there is little point trying to read it unless you hace read the other two first However, if you have read Titan and Wizard, then here is the conclusion Written on a large scale not quite space opera, but the world is BIG and with numerous respectful nods to the lead examples of other genres particularly war films and Hollywood this brought the whole epic to a satisfactory conclusion but still left me wanting , and with a few tweaks, John Varley could have wri [...]

    28. An interesting mixture of SF, fantasy and, well, just about everything else, even so than the two novels that preceded it Lacks most of the tedium of Titan, but, while tying all the loose ends satisfactorily or less, it s a messier affair than Wizard Again, like the other two, it s quite butchered in parts by the Croatian translator, who, while having a few fine ideas, manages to pull off multiple baffling, painful mistranslations, especially of set phrases, making the book sillier than it has [...]

    29. I ve so enjoyed reading this series Thanks cyberkedi for sharing Books like these are what make me such a sci fi nut in the first place They were imaginative, witty and engaging They don t start from your point of view with your assumptions so there is no limit to what can happen.It did seem the end was rather abrupt I wish it could have gone on a bit longer.I ll definitely be looking for John Varley books in the future, though a quick glance at tells me a lot of them are out of print.

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