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Maude March on the Run! By Audrey Couloumbis,

  • Title: Maude March on the Run!
  • Author: Audrey Couloumbis
  • ISBN: 9780375832468
  • Page: 367
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The papers call Maude notorious But 12 year old Sallie knows her big sister didn t do the things the stories say not on purpose anyway In fact, she and Maude have made a fresh start and are trying to live on the up and up But just when the girls are settling into their new life, Maude is arrested and before you can say jailbreak, the orphaned sisters are back onThe papers call Maude notorious But 12 year old Sallie knows her big sister didn t do the things the stories say not on purpose anyway In fact, she and Maude have made a fresh start and are trying to live on the up and up But just when the girls are settling into their new life, Maude is arrested and before you can say jailbreak, the orphaned sisters are back on the run In the sequel to the critically acclaimed The Misadventures of Maude March, Newbery Honor winner Audrey Couloumbis once again takes on a dizzingly fast, delightfully rowdy, and altogether heartwarming ride through the old west proving that half the fun of any journey is the getting there.
    Maude March on the Run The papers call Maude notorious But year old Sallie knows her big sister didn t do the things the stories say not on purpose anyway In fact she and Maude have made a fresh start and are trying to

    One thought on “Maude March on the Run!”

    1. All I wanted out of this book was for Maude and Marion to admit to one another that they have chemistry and to get married.But nope.Not to say this was bad It wasn t I enjoyed it a lot I liked many of the new characters they met along their trail to the Colorado Territory and I think that there is still a lot of promise should the author decide to work on a third installment I haven t researched whether this is said to be happening or not But seriously the above statement is ALL I WANT TO KNOW D [...]

    2. I thought the action moved a bit faster in this novel There are still some loose ends that you ll have to make your own mind up about, what is the relationship between Marion and Maude What favor did Uncle Arlen owe the Macdougals Is Arlen sweet on Ellie Will they appear in a next book on the trail to California So many opportunities for a third book in this series.

    3. Although the pace of the book seemed slow at times as they were making their way across the plains there was enough excitement, so to speak, to keep me reading a couple of jail breaks, a couple of shoot outs, and several Maudes finding their way into the papers.

    4. A grew follow up to the first book, which I also loved I also loved the additional love interest in this one I wish there was a book 3 I love the characters.

    5. Sallie and Maude s safe haven with their Uncle Arlen is not as permanent as they hoped He receives a telegram from in the Colorado Territory and feels honor bound to help an old friend in trouble Maude is still working as a waitress and baker at the saloon, Marion is in charge of the livery stable, and Sallie, still dressed as a boy, helps out in the smithy Things should be all right, but Sallie is uneasy without Uncle Arlen Turns out she s right Maude is recognized and arrested, Sallie and Mari [...]

    6. The second book in the Maude March series steps up the action with the two sisters now living in Independence with their uncle Maude working at a restuarantr, Sallie at her Uncle s stable, and Marion selling horses Then Maude is recognized and the trio decides to head west after the Uncle who has gone to the Colorado Territory to help a friend Once again the girls find them selves in situations where their undeserved reputation proceeds them and gets them into trouble And now there are reports [...]

    7. Recommended for Grades 4 to 8Sequel to The Misadventures of Maude MarchThink you don t like cowboy stories, that Westerns are only for your grandfather Think again This Wild West adventure stars a female teenage outlaw, Maude March, on the run from the Law accused of a bank robbery and murder , traveling West from Independence, Missouri to Liberty, Kansas, with her younger sister, Sallie, and their friend Marion who has some secrets of his own There is hardly a dull moment out on the range with [...]

    8. Maude s re entrance into regular life is short lived when she s recognized as a wanted criminal and arrested Sallie couldn t be thrilled to be back on the trail with her sister and their friend Marion Hardley Their journey isn t easy It s all filled with adventure Will Maude ever be just Maude or will the infamy of Mad Maude follow her forever What I thought Another great installment in Maude and Sallie s adventures Trouble seems to follow them I continue to enjoy Sallie s frank narration of ev [...]

    9. Very much like Cushman s historicals there s enough grit and grime to feel real, but aware enough of modern sensibility to make this suitable as a read aloud even for quite young children.I felt the multiple Maude s was a missed opportunity though the point seems clear to me I doubt it would to a child and it seems like a dropped thread than an subtle treatment of a theme.Sally s narration is brisk and endearing as always, I liked Maude even better this time around, and I can t wait for a thrid [...]

    10. Book two for Sallie and Maude March Maude is still wanted by the law, but the girls are with Uncle Arlen now It is a constant battle for the girls to hide from the law Marion is in and out with then on their adventures A good second book It just didn t hold my attention quite as well as the first book There must be another book as this isn t the end Will have to find it to see how it all ends.

    11. I love these books They take place in the pioneer days mid 1800 s and follow the mis adventures of two young sisters 11 15 as life happens to them The books are narrated by the younger sister, who is hooked on dime novels cowboy adventure stories , and we see how they become wanted by the law and end up on the run Very family oriented, very, very fun.

    12. This sequel picks up where the first one leaves off and the plot meanders in much the same way, with the sisters finding themselves in a series of misadventures until they are finally able to reach their destination The misadeventures though weren t as fun or fresh for me as in the first novel, but it was good to see how the story ends for Sallie and Maude happy.

    13. Not quite as entertaining as the first in the series, mostly because I really enjoyed the audio narrator on that one and read the actual book in this case There was certainly a lot of rollicking adventure though, and I do highly recommend it for younger female readers who really don t care about princesses and fairies.

    14. Another awesome Audrey Couloumbis book I could keep reading about Maud and Sallie and everyone else for a long time I love her storytelling style So many funny ways of saying things, and so many funny predicaments I will be buying her books for my girls to read when they are probably middle school age.

    15. Loved it, just as much as the first one Maude is a great character, and she really kicks butt I d have loved to have been her well, except for the part where she s accidentally branded as a cold blooded killer and horse thief A fast paced, well written Wild West feminist romp Kids especially city kids may need a lot of help with the background information and some vocabulary.

    16. The beginning of the book was difficult to follow, then all the different strands started coming together and I was able to keep track of the plot direction I enjoyed the continuation of the story but there is either a sequel planned or the author has left us to make our own conclusions about Maude s heart.

    17. This adventure has some fun points but has some plodding too I suppose the desperation of the characters just wasn t as real in this one compared to the first Maybe like others, a third book will be the best.

    18. Sallie does it again The second book about Maude March Branded as an outlaw by newspapers She and her sister Sallie have adventures than can be imagined Their story is told through the eyes of Sallie who prefers being a boy most of the time.

    19. This was a cute sequel to The Misadventures of Maude March This was still a good book although it did not have quite the zip of book 1 This still earned four stars to the first book s five stars I wish there were a book three, but I think this is it.

    20. Great sequel to The Misadventures of Maude March As narrated by Maude s little sister Sallie, the story is filled with lots of adventure and anxiety as the girls leave Independence in a hurry to join their in Uncle in the Colorado Territory.

    21. i dont know why but i think i liked this book beter then the first one it seemed thought out and well i just thought it was better all in all i believe this was a pretty ok series that wuldn t hurt to read.

    22. I actually couldn t get passed the first couple of chapters with this book It was captivating or very well written in my opinion.

    23. This was a decent sequel, though it kind of makes me wish this was a trilogy, just so the main characters can settle down some.

    24. We started our evening reading time with this book and then went on to read other boks for the competition This was just as good as the first one.

    25. this is the second book in the maude march books this one is really good also, and the two girls are still on the run but there is a lot things and excitement.

    26. This sequel was as delightful as the original Sallie is a wise narrator with lessons to learn as she falls into misadventures with these fun characters.

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