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Bait By Karen Robards Joyce Bean,

  • Title: Bait
  • Author: Karen Robards Joyce Bean
  • ISBN: 9781593558611
  • Page: 216
  • Format: Audio CD
  • It s a business trip that takes attorney Maddie Fitzgerald down to New Orleans, but it s hardly business as usual when a man breaks into her hotel room and tries to kill her Barely escaping with her life, the sexy, stylish thirty two year old brunette calls the police and finds herself face to face with FBI agent Sam McCabe Unnerved by his questions and his good looksIt s a business trip that takes attorney Maddie Fitzgerald down to New Orleans, but it s hardly business as usual when a man breaks into her hotel room and tries to kill her Barely escaping with her life, the sexy, stylish thirty two year old brunette calls the police and finds herself face to face with FBI agent Sam McCabe Unnerved by his questions and his good looks Maddie is told she s been targeted by a hired killer, one who has eluded McCabe for years Apparently, she s been mistaken for another woman, an FBI informant of the same name who was also staying at the hotel that night McCabe grills her, and then disappears Shaken, she finishes her business and returns home to St Louis.But days later, Maddie is attacked a second time, and again McCabe returns to question her He convinces her that the only way she ll ever be safe again is if the killer is caught, and the quickest way to nab him is to use her as bait Maddie reluctantly agrees, and sparks fly and then ignite as McCabe shadows her But their unexpected romance throws McCabe off his stride and puts Maddie in the hands of a killer.
    Bait It s a business trip that takes attorney Maddie Fitzgerald down to New Orleans but it s hardly business as usual when a man breaks into her hotel room and tries to kill her Barely escaping with her l

    One thought on “Bait”

    1. One word Fail.Honestly, I don t know whether to laugh or cry.As usual, a whiny, needy, old school stupid heroine ruined a solid 4 star read Or was it the lame plot in the second half Let s see MILD SPOILERS The heroine was forced to work for the mob seven years ago She was arrested and charged with being an accessory to first degree murder as well as with money laundering and racketeering But she never went to prison because she was super smart She died , got herself a new identity and thus outw [...]

    2. I guess I have to make peace with the fact that romantic suspense is not for me I don t like to generalize, but most of what I ve read so far managed to be bad on both the romantic and the suspenseful sides the romance is usually formulaic and insipid, and the detective plot is unsubstantial and unsatisfactory.This book fitted perfectly that mold.What I especially didn t like the damsel in distress kind of heroine she trembles, she shivers, she faints, she has to be carried around the unbelievab [...]

    3. Maddie Fitzgerald barely escapes being killed in her hotel room on a business trip to New Orleans She hopes it was a random act and can get back to her life Sam McCabe, FBI, thinks otherwise To him she is the latest in a string of professional hits throughout the South being carried out by a serial killer leaving clues So far they have been one step behind 9 murders He thinks the killer will be back, thinking she might be able to identify him He wants her under guard Maddie has secrets that she [...]

    4. Karen Robards is hit or miss for me I ve read a few of her books that were quite good and others, like this one, that were just fair The theme plot itself appealed to me but the execution didn t work as well as I d have liked.

    5. A cute story dragged alot for me I found myself skimming alot If you like suspense this book is for you If your looking for suspense involved with romance don t read it The romance began towards the end and never really got steamy for me.

    6. I thought this book was horrible However, to be fair, I didn t realize that it was romantic suspense , which saved it from being a one star I found the audio version on line through my local library and downloaded it to my ipod Based upon the brief review that the library network provided, the book sounded like a crime suspense novel focusing on the FBI s hunt for a serial killer crisscrossing the country taunting the agents with clues to the next victim.So the story had such a good foundation i [...]

    7. I enjoyed this suspenseful story and the interesting characters Maddie has a near death experience and just wants to brush it under the rug, until Sam McCabe from the FBI enters the picture and wants to know all about it With a past she wants to forget Maddie tries to get Sam out of her life but it seems a killer has other plans, for the both of them.

    8. Yes New author for me I really enjoyed this Lots of action check Heroine who was not tstl and in fact did stuff for herself check Actual chemistry between leading characters check Sure, there were a few plot holes and too cute devices, but the pace of the story made this a very fun read.For fans of Someone Like You.

    9. This is the most boring book I ve ever read The main character, Maddie, is extremely annoying The hero Sam is yawn worthy and inept as an FBI agent Please, pass on this snooze fest

    10. REVIEW OF AUDIO EBOOK JULY 3, 2014 3.8 starsNarrator Joyce BeanI had put off reading this for years as I hadn t liked Robards books that were written in the last ten years, apart from a few I was, therefore, pleasantly surprised that this didn t end up a DNF, especially when the reviews haven t exactly been glowing.The Story The book starts off with a burst of action suspense when Maddie escapes an attempted murder It sagged somewhat after this despite my enjoying every scene that involved Sam M [...]

    11. Maddie Fitzgerald, owner of a small advertising agency in St Louis, travels to New Orleans in hopes of snaring a large account to save her struggling company While there, a man breaks into her hotel room and tries to kill her but Maddie manages to escape Only to be followed by FBI agents, headed by Special Agent Sam McCabe, who s tracking a serial killer and thinks Maddie is his next victim Maddie does not trust the FBI and refuses their offer of protection, but when someone shoots at her in her [...]

    12. 3.5 Stars I thought this was good granted I think I liked it because I listened to it on audio instead of reading it When listening on audio I m able to zone out a little bit when stuff gets boring I think that the author spent too much time trying to lead us on about Maddie s past I think could have been done with letting us in on the secret much sooner.The killer was whack the whole reveal was so crazy I felt a little let down with that.Zelda the dog was my favorite character although I did [...]

    13. This was a very good romantic suspense read The main characters Maddie Sam made for an interesting couple At first they were like oil wateren you could see the way they gave each other the look , and so did everyone else There was no hiding the attraction between them I felt so sorry for Maddie, all the crap she had been through in her life and the terror she was experiencing in real time as well.The love scenes between Maddie Sam were hot and steamy to say the least.Loved the little dog in this [...]

    14. Maddie has just been attacked by a man in her hotel room Sam is the FBI agent who is investigating the attacks She is not the only victim During the investigation Sam figures he could use Maddie as his bait to catch the attacker Sam falls for Maddie, but resists getting close to her Eventually he does get involved with her only later finding out that there is to Maddie then meets the eye Sam s team has run the fingerprints in the hotel room hoping to find the attacker and the only set of prints [...]

    15. Interesting characters, and a complex plot, but not, in my opinion, Ms Robards s best book The characters, particularly the good guys and gals, are well developed, but the villain is not he s one dimensional.The heroine is a strong woman, who has a lot of baggage, but has overcome her past and made a success of her life The hero, an FBI special agent, has a traditional background, little or no baggage, and a fiercely strong work ethic Their romance develops slowly, but surely, despite his discov [...]

    16. 2.5 rating.Not my genre romantic suspense , it was a gift from a friend thank you Gina I do not care to read pages and pages of description of the male chest This story did have a surprising twist at the end that should intrigue the author s many fans.

    17. If you like romantic suspense then you ll love this When Maddie survives an attack on her life the FBI get involved the trouble is, Maddie has a secret past which she doesn t want them to discover FBI agent McCabe is determined to keep Maddie safe, whether she likes it or not Needless to say they re both wildly attracted to each otherA good storyline with likeable characters McCabe could almost be a rival for Morelli The only criticism I have, which stopped it getting 5 stars, were the parts inv [...]

    18. Attorney Maddie Fitzgerald survives when a hired killer attacks her in her hotel room by stabbing him in the leg with a pencil FBI agent Sam McCabe informs her that she apparently has been mistaken for another woman of the same name who was also staying at the hotel that night Shaken, she returns home to St Louis, only to be attacked again Now Sam asks her to act as bait to help him capture the man who has evaded his grasp for years Their unexpected romance throws McCabe off his stride and puts [...]

    19. This book was reading for a book club It sounded like a pretty good book, though I had reservations about it since I am not a fan of romances But I talked with others in the club that were reading it and they said that it was pretty good so I went ahead and got it It was OK There was a little too much harlequin for me, and I thought it was very predictable But I did like the characters and would love to see them developed in a better story If you like romance, and a little bit of suspense, it s [...]

    20. This was a good, solid romantic suspense thriller I enjoyed it, there were some interesting twists and I really liked how strong Jay, the female lead, is she pulled herself up out of a lot of horrible life situations I don t think I ll be rereading this book, but it is definitely worth reading and I plan on checking out of Karen Robards work.

    21. Robards descriptive abilities painted vivid pictures but the extent of detail was often annoying.From my point of view, not a page turner.I didn t care about the heroine Maddie until very near the end when her back story was revealed.

    22. What a load of crap Who, when being chased by the mob, decides it s a good time to have a quickie Did not hold my interest Not a good one from Karen Robards.

    23. Overall, I thought this was a alright story The fact the author used lots of the story to describe stuff was really annoying though There were a lot of parts where I felt I was skimming through, while looking for something to happen or just reading the dialogue.Questions Comments I couldn t help but notice how every so often the author would throw in a big word A big word for me is typically one that I ve or my smart hubby have ever heard of For ex alacrity, enervating, truculence, deleterious, [...]

    24. In Bait, a failed attempt is made on Maddie Fitzgerald, a young woman who runs an advertisement agency This same killer is being hunted by the FBI agent Sam McCabe Maddie is resistant to any FBI protection because of her checkered past She changed her name and took on a new life after fleeing from the mob She returns to St Louis where the killer continues to come after her and McCabe and company protect But really the novel is about the developing romance between Maddie and McCabe.This novel fai [...]

    25. I really enjoyed this book I literally just finished this book like 10 minutes ago I was very surprised at the ending I won t ruin it for someone else, but it definitely wasn t someone that had even crossed my mind as the killer I love it when authors do that Karen Robards really pulled it off on this one Robards really has a gift for being a descriptive writer In terms of setting and the description of a person, it gets really detailed I enjoy that You get a good visual of what she wants the re [...]

    26. Sam McCade is an FBI Agent who has been on a killer s trail for a month, the killer likes to tease him with hints before the kill This time the hint is that a Madeline is to be killed the killer attacks 2 Madelines in the same hotel in one night One dies one lives When Sam learns about the Madaline who lives he thinks he has his first break.In the meantime, Madeline who goes by Maddie doesn t know if the hit was to be on her or not But the FBI has already left her out to dry once, and she sure d [...]

    27. As other have said, and I have to agree, Karen Robards is a real hit or miss author Some of her books are fantastic while others aret so much This one seemed to have great potential but fell off somewhere in the middle end It was easy to read and I got through it pretty quickly but I noticed that I was skipping huge bits of texts I read and not missing anything For about 2 3rds of the book, I was basically only reading the dialogue There was way too much description about thing that didn t matte [...]

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