UNLIMITED BOOK Ñ Dangerous Calling: Confronting the Unique Challenges of Pastoral Ministry - by Paul David Tripp

Dangerous Calling: Confronting the Unique Challenges of Pastoral Ministry By Paul David Tripp,

  • Title: Dangerous Calling: Confronting the Unique Challenges of Pastoral Ministry
  • Author: Paul David Tripp
  • ISBN: 9781433535826
  • Page: 456
  • Format: Hardcover
  • After traveling the globe and speaking to thousands of churches worldwide, Paul David Tripp has discovered a serious problem within pastoral culture.He is not only concerned about the spiritual life of the pastor, but also with the very community of people that trains him, calls him, relates to him, and restores him if necessary.Dangerous Calling reveals the truth that theAfter traveling the globe and speaking to thousands of churches worldwide, Paul David Tripp has discovered a serious problem within pastoral culture.He is not only concerned about the spiritual life of the pastor, but also with the very community of people that trains him, calls him, relates to him, and restores him if necessary.Dangerous Calling reveals the truth that the culture surrounding our pastors is spiritually unhealthy an environment that actively undermines the wellbeing and efficacy of our church leaders and thus the entire church body.Here is a book that both diagnoses and offers cures for issues that impact every member and church leader, and gives solid strategies for fighting the all important war that rages in our churches today.
    Dangerous Calling Confronting the Unique Challenges of Pastoral Ministry After traveling the globe and speaking to thousands of churches worldwide Paul David Tripp has discovered a serious problem within pastoral culture He is not only concerned about the spiritual life o

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    1. This was a very good book and an important one The only basic criticism I had was that it was too short Given how many flat rocks this book is found to turn over, uncovering all sorts of creepy crawlies in the pastoral ministry, Tripp really needed to have a chapter on sorting out when a minister has been disqualified by his sin Tripp is clear that there is such a line, and that there are pastors who are not disqualified despite being a piece of work , but I am sure that there are a number of di [...]

    2. I knew the ministry was tough Figured that out the hard way I still love it and want to do it the rest of my life I thank God for it, but it s tough This book Dangerous Calling by Paul David Tripp was like the ultimate gut check for me Funny thing was that unlike what I ve been tempted to think so many other times, the culprit of my pain was me The biggest source of my failures You guessed it me.There is hope in this, however, because in a world of things I can t change, with Christ s help, I ca [...]

    3. Key point of the book from my perspective A pastor s ministry will never be shaped by his knowledge of Scripture and ministry skill alone but also, inevitably, by the condition of his heart p 52 Also, particularly important for our current, seminary ized pastoral culture Biblical literacy is not to be confused with Christian maturity Homiletical accuracy is not the same as godliness Theological dexterity is very different from practical holiness Successful leadership is not the same as a heart f [...]

    4. What an important book for the health of the church and those who fulfill the role as pastor Much of ministry burnout across America happens, I think, because pastors take on too many cultural expectations They are lauded and celebrated because we love to idolize our leaders And because we celebrate them we put them in a different category Apparently their needs are different, or at least less And then pastors themselves begin to believe the hype This is where the danger lies But, here s the thi [...]

    5. I liked this book for pastors I m sort of a pastor I really did It s an excellent book But it gets three stars because, searching my heart of hearts, I can t honestly say as requires for four stars that I really liked it I also can t call it amazing five stars I felt like Tripp kept saying the same thing over and over That thing was a good thing A very good thing But I got a little tired of it I also all criticisms are coming in the first paragraph sorry couldn t help but wonder how this book wi [...]

    6. This book is convicting Period.The only reason I didn t remain in a state of guilt is because Tripp continuously points one back to the gospel, the person and work of Jesus Many consider William Still s book, The Work of the Pastor, to be the must read book for pastors today While Still s book is wonderful, it doesn t quite fit today s context and temptations of pastors.This is why I consider Tripp s book to be the Work of the Pastor for our day It should be required reading in seminary, presbyt [...]

    7. This book is a dangerous blessing Paul David Tripp does a excellent job of calling pastors an other ministry leaders to consider not only their calling, but their relationship to the One who called them He is very open and honest about his own ministry trials, provides ample illustration of other ministry struggles, and manages to bring the Scripture to bear on all of them It would take a cold hearted reader to not be called to some serious soul searching while reading this book May God use it f [...]

    8. Main thoughts I take from this are that the lives of pastors are way harder than I ever imagined I never imagined all the pressures and weird temptations that they go through Main key phrases include preach the gospel to yourself, listen to people, do your job well, stay humble a lot of the things we normal people could stand hearing every now and then Well written book and seems to be a must have for any pastor or ministry authority.

    9. I think this book is required to any who s doing any sort of ministry or service, not only pastors The authors leads the reader through some heart checkpoint that sometimes are hard to face, but then he shines the light on the darkest parts of the minister s souls This book is able to help one repent and be safe from turning away from God as devil attacks the ministers severely with lies that sometimes are difficult to catch.Well this book catches them all.

    10. There are some helpful nuggets here and there, but I found myself annoyed with some of the premises and writing style For one thing, the seminary is for Satan premise grates on me The idea here is that folks go to seminary and learn to master the Bible, theology, etc and then begin to instrumentalize it for their own glory I m sure this is a narrative for many people, but I ve found the problem to be people thinking that seminary is supposed to supply them with than the institution actually can [...]

    11. This is easily the best book on Christian ministry that I ve ever read To all those who wish to read it, beware Reading this book will be like performing open heart surgery on yourself It is very painful, but very good for your health.

    12. This may be the best book I ve read all year It s one of the few books I constantly had to put down That may sound weird Don t you not put down a book you love you may be thinking But so much of what Tripp said hit me in the gut I found myself constantly catching my breath and then meditating and digesting his words.The dirty little secret of it all is I m not even a pastor This book is geared towards pastors but it s message is worth hearing for everybody Those sitting in the pew and working a [...]

    13. I like this book and I am not even a pastor And I am not going to preface this review with any sort of calling that God has on my life or whatever He might be walking me through I think this book is suited for any Christian for we are all saints who are being equipped for the work of the ministry See Ephesians 4 11 16 But I think it would be a shame for any Christian to look at the cover, dismiss it because Oh I am not a pastor.I consider those saints who are called by Christ as Pastor Shepherds [...]

    14. I think I would give this one 3 1 2 if possible It was a rewarding read with some really good content and a great central message Tripp is trying to confront and encourage pastors whose personal religious lives do not match their public ministries He has some great advice and practical prescriptions along the way, and I was definitely challenged and held in just the right ways But having said that, I did not like the writing style at all It felt like a presentation at a counseling conference or [...]

    15. Um dos livros mais confrontadores que li nos ltimos tempos Em suma, a voca o pastoral perigosa por causa daquilo que trazemos em nosso pr prio cora o Como o pr prio Dr Paul Tripp argumenta em v rias partes do livro Nosso maior erro est em esquecermos de pregar o evangelho a n s mesmos, esquecendo, assim, que j temos, em Cristo, aquilo que tanto desejamos obter horizontalmente.Particularmente interessantes s o os cap tulos 3 e 4, que tratam do dever dos semin rios de pastorearem os seminaristas, [...]

    16. There is danger in this book than just the title Paul Tripp zeroes in on the weights and sins that so easily beset pastors But he also offers help that is centered not in pressure or performance, but in the grace of Jesus Christ Every chapter in this book convicted me, but every chapter also provided much needed hope The only reason I cannot give this book a five star rating is one concept repeated throughout that I am not sure is practical the idea that pastors should be completely transparen [...]

    17. This is an excerpt from my full review, found via my profileIn summary, Dangerous Calling is an important book Any and every pastor should read it for the sake of their own souls 1 Tim 4 16 and the protection of their ministry and congregations Anyone in pastoral type ministry would easily benefit from the many insights in this book also Even if you are not a pastor or in ministry, then I am sure you have a pastor, and you need to know how to pray and care for them Despite my frustrations with [...]

    18. This book was a good read, full of insights into ministry and reminders of the dangers that easily creep in I like that Tripp shares examples of his own mistakes The teaching is solid, particularly the last few chapters as he sums up and clarifies the purpose of the book I recommend it to anyone in a pastoral leadership role.

    19. This book is an absolute must for all pastors, seasoned or aspiring, and it should be read by all Christians to better understand the dangers of their pastor s ministry Primarily, this book s a call to gospel driven ministry By that, I don t simply mean a ministry that upholds the gospel that is certainly the result This book is built on that vital premise of preaching the gospel to oneself everyday, transforming and solidifying the pastor into a gospel driven man who ministers It challenges pas [...]

    20. I can only say that I wish, under the providence of God, that I would have read this book 25 years ago It is a must read for any conservative evangelical pastor.Dangerous Calling is a book that is designed to help the primarily vocational pastor see his own work from a biblical perspective Tripp uses a term in his book several times He speaks of Gospel amnesia It is easy, and indeed all too likely that the pastor who preaches the gospel of the Lord Jesus often forgets that he needs that gospel i [...]

    21. IF YOU ARE CONSIDERING READING THIS BOOK, I WOULD ENCOURAGE YOU INSTEAD TO READ Calling Character Virtues Of The Ordained Life by William H Willimon ISBN 0687090334 It is robust, nuanced, aesthetic, vocation oriented, helpful, concrete, challenging, and encouraging I ve read Dangerous Calling twice and was disappointed both times I read Calling and Character and was amazed at how profound it was Use your time well and read Calling and Character instead If you have questions about Calling and Ch [...]

    22. Excellent book Tripp s humility and honesty with his own struggles give this material a chilling and powerful weight as warns of the spiritual dangers and temptations that often accompany pastoral ministry.One warning and one suggestion in reading it Read this book with yourself in view, not others It is too easy to slip into evaluating the health of other pastors or seminary students , whose hearts you don t know Be rigid to use the book in fostering your own humility Guard tightly against the [...]

    23. Chapter 1 dives into the middle of the pastor reader first thing three great reflection points Already making me stop prayerfully ponder.Chapter 2 Tripp lays out 9 signs that a Pastor is losing his way With brilliant insight, Tripp states, If you are not feeding your soul on the realities of the presence, promises, and provisions of Christ, you will ask the people, situations, and things around you to be the messiah that they can never be 36.Chapter 3 Tripp confronts what be calls academized Chr [...]

    24. The author follows his own advice to pastors, apply the Scriptures first to yourself But there s a flaw in this advice, and that is that some people have different weaknesses This author clearly struggles with pride He can t imagine a lazy pastor, or one who lacks compassion He is an achiever, and can t picture that other pastors might be in a different place on the spectrum He is excellent a the problems of the heart his convictions of total depravity and knowledge of his own heart have produce [...]

    25. Paul Tripp has quickly become one of my favorite authors There are things about him that I do not like He is too wordy at times and too sentimental But the strengths of his books far out way the deficiencies Dangerous Calling is a wonderful book addressing the heart of the pastor He talks about our sins, our fears, our failure to worship privately, our failure to be honest about our shortcomings, our failure to grow and mature, our assumption that knowledge equals maturity, our failure to live h [...]

    26. Great book I would highly recommend it to every pastor, but it would also be a great read for anyone wanting to understand how to better support, encourage, and pray for your own pastor Tripp reminds us that, as pastors, we face the very real temptation to hide our private struggles and portray a public persona that is much respectable than the reality But if you maintain a double life for long enough, you can wind up convincing yourself that you are really the ideal you are trying to portray, [...]

    27. Dangerous Calling brings to the forefront all of the pitfalls that lurk behind the shadows waiting to capture pastors Tripp diagnoses the indwelling sin of pastors masterfully Unfortunately, the book comes up short on healing Tripp tells you where the dangers are, but pretty much leaves you on your own to find the safety If you are in the ministry you should definitely read this book with your colleagues You will have hours of great discussion, and it will convince you of your need for each othe [...]

    28. Extremely insightful look at pastoral ministry and it s dangers and pit falls Tripp masterfully probes the struggles that pastors have, unearthing their sinful tendencies and encouraging us on to deeper trust in the transforming grace of Christ Dangerous Calling is both challenging and encouraging.

    29. This is a must read for every seminarian, teacher, pastor, every Christian leader How to maintain the indispensable quality of humility in life and service I wish I had read this book 20 years ago Too much Christian leadership is modelled after corporate success practices We must get back to the gospel and live it every hour day

    30. This is one of the most helpful and timely books for the church of Jesus I recommend this to any Christian, not just those who work as pastors or in some form of ministry We all need to be reminded of the truths of who we are in Christ and what we have been called to do.

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