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The Good Good Pig: The Extraordinary Life of Christopher Hogwood By Sy Montgomery,

  • Title: The Good Good Pig: The Extraordinary Life of Christopher Hogwood
  • Author: Sy Montgomery
  • ISBN: 9780345496096
  • Page: 423
  • Format: Paperback
  • When Sy Montgomery opened her heart to a sick piglet she had no inkling that this piglet, later named Christopher Hogwood, would not only survive but flourish The Good Good Pig celebrates Christopher Hogwood in all his glory, from his inauspicious infancy to hog heaven in rural New Hampshire, where his boundless zest for life and his large, loving heart made him absoluteWhen Sy Montgomery opened her heart to a sick piglet she had no inkling that this piglet, later named Christopher Hogwood, would not only survive but flourish The Good Good Pig celebrates Christopher Hogwood in all his glory, from his inauspicious infancy to hog heaven in rural New Hampshire, where his boundless zest for life and his large, loving heart made him absolute monarch Christopher Hogwood came home on my lap in a shoebox He was a creature who would prove in many ways to be human than I am from The Good Good PigA naturalist who spent months at a time living on her own among wild creatures in remote jungles, Sy Montgomery had always felt comfortable with animals than with people So she gladly opened her heart to a sick piglet who had been crowded away from nourishing meals by his stronger siblings Yet Sy had no inkling that this piglet, later named Christopher Hogwood, would not only survive but flourish and she soon found herself engaged with her small town community in ways she had never dreamed possible Unexpectedly, Christopher provided this peripatetic traveler with something she had sought all her life an anchor eventually weighing 750 pounds to family and home.The Good Good Pig celebrates Christopher Hogwood in all his glory, from his inauspicious infancy to hog heaven in rural New Hampshire, where his boundless zest for life and his large, loving heart made him absolute monarch over a mostly peaceable kingdom At first, his domain included only Sy s cosseted hens and her beautiful border collie, Tess Then the neighbors began fetching Christopher home from his unauthorized jaunts, the little girls next door started giving him warm, soapy baths, and the villagers brought him delicious leftovers His intelligence and fame increased along with his girth He was featured in USA Today and on several National Public Radio environmental programs On election day, some voters even wrote in Christopher s name on their ballots.But as this enchanting book describes, Christopher Hogwood s influence extended far beyond celebrity for he was, as a friend said, a great big Buddha master Sy reveals what she and others learned from this generous soul who just so happened to be a pig lessons about self acceptance, the meaning of family, the value of community, and the pleasures of the sweet green Earth The Good Good Pig provides proof that with love, almost anything is possible.
    The Good Good Pig The Extraordinary Life of Christopher Hogwood When Sy Montgomery opened her heart to a sick piglet she had no inkling that this piglet later named Christopher Hogwood would not only survive but flourish The Good Good Pig celebrates Christopher

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    1. Onvan The Good Good Pig The Extraordinary Life of Christopher Hogwood Nevisande Sy Montgomery ISBN 345496094 ISBN13 9780345496096 Dar 272 Safhe Saal e Chap 2006

    2. I just finished this book last night after buying it Saturday afternoon I started crying near the end and didn t stop for about 30 minutes It reminded me of all of the animals I ve loved, and it expressed the relationship I had with most of them Especially my doggies, Sidney and Ruffles I actually told them they were good, good doggies over and over again when they got old and didn t feel good So you can imagine the waterworks that followed when I got to the end of the book It also referenced my [...]

    3. I heard Sy Montgomery, the author of this book, speak about it at the Children s Literature Institute at Simmons College in July 2007 I knew I had to read it It s a true story about her amazing pig Christopher Hogwood and about how he brought the author close to other people in her small town in New Hampshire I absolutely LOVED this book It s like the Charlotte s Web for adults I give The Good Good Pig my highest recommendation.Sy s husband, Howard Mansfield, has written a picture book about the [...]

    4. I ve been a sucker for books about animals since I began reading at the age of 3 I must have read Lightfoot the Leaping Goat at least 100 times in my childhood and every other animal book the public library had I am a fan of James Herriott and every book about gorillas, chimps, dogs, horses, Elsa the lionessd I found Moby Dick unbearably sad Just thinking about those whales gives me pangs of empathetic suffering I also have read widely in the scientific literature about animal cognition and emot [...]

    5. This is one of those books you can sit down and read at one sitting and never get bored with it A sweet story of the runtiest of runts who grew up to be big in than the obvious pig way A loving pig who made an impact on many human and animal lives, a pig who helped the quiet author reach out to the new community around her and touch lives through sharing her pig I loved this book.A wonderful combination of heartwarming, uplifting, good writing and even sobering at times it will be one of this y [...]

    6. OK, so I know that I m an easy reviewer and it s not that hard to get 5 stars from me unlike some reviewers I know who are discerning, namely Eileen and Anita However, every once in a while a book comes along that not only is a good story, with vivid characters, excellent writing, and enjoyable pacing, but it also touches your heart The Good Good Pig is one such story I am a people person and at the beginning of the book, I had a difficult time relating to Sy Montgomery, although I do appreciat [...]

    7. So let me come clean and say that I happen to be a big fan of stories concerning human to non human relationships Having said that, however, the act of reading Sy Montgomery s book The Good Good Pig felt like being trapped in some stranger s finished basement and forced to flip through family albums of uninteresting trips to uninteresting places I look around and see delightedly engaged faces surrounding the family album I watch as fingers point towards photos I ve seen thousands of times featur [...]

    8. I WANT A PIG RIGHT NOW.That s mainly what I got out of this book Christopher Hogwood is truly amazing I ve never spent a lot of time around pigs, so I never realized how much personality they have In The Good, Good Pig, Sy Montgomery tells a lot of heartwarming stories about Chris how the entire community saved scraps for him, how he ended up bringing them lifelong friends they wouldn t have otherwise known, how he loved his bath times, how he simply loved with his whole heart There were also a [...]

    9. I took this book, recommended by my daughter, with me as I waited to have a water pump replaced in my Echo The wait was a long one, but enjoyable As I sat reading,surrounded by others, I found myself often laughing out loud because of the antics of this pet animal Christopher Hogwood, the main character of this memoir, lives with a loving couple, both writers, one who travels extensivley and is most knowledgeable about animals all over the world Sy Montgomery and her husband love the pig they ra [...]

    10. I wasn t sure what to expect when delving into this one I think pigs are cute, but hearing about a couple raising a monster pig didn t quite sound like my thing But in reading this book, I not only got to know the pig and love him but also to really appreciate the author s unique perspective on life She built a family around her of friends and animals that was far from ordinary, but so complete I was suddenly envious of her crazy, small town where neighbors would come from miles around to help h [...]

    11. What a shame that this book wasn t better The major problem I found with it was that I didn t care for the narrator author I had a hard time putting my finger on what about the book bugged me until about halfway through when I realized, oh, I don t like her and I think it s just because I don t care for her voice and tone She seemed very braggy about everything animals just love her she s just so awesome that animals are comfortable with her And everything, I mean everything was about her Which, [...]

    12. I loved this very touching book that I think is one that most animal lovers would enjoy Besides one enormous, pampered pig, there is a cast of other animal friends a smart, Frisbee loving border collie named Tess and numerous, endearing chickens, the ladies, as the author refers to them But there s to this memoir than cute, touching animal anecdotes though it has plenty of these It s also very much about the author and her life, both personally and professionally, and it left me feeling spiritu [...]

    13. I really wanted to love this book I am a sucker for animal stories of all kinds I weep over long dead animals I ve never even met But I just didn t connect with this author or sadly, her animals It was missing that indefinable thing that draws the reader in to the world contained within the pages of a good book.

    14. What an absolutely amazing tenderhearted book The words just flowed, the love just flowed Sy Montgomery is a naturalist and has written many books about animals She and her husband, have friends who had litters of pigs, and they took in a runt and raised it I learned so much about pigs It became her friend, her companion, and ended up being quite famous I laughed, I cried I was so taken by this book, and it made my heart so happy to read it What a delight.

    15. I enjoyed this a lot than I thought I would Essentially it s a story about the writer s life in rural New Hampshire with a pet pig names Christopher Hogwood I have to admit that most of the time small town life stories do not hold my interest But this was a story about a pig and I have a soft spot for books about animals and since this book was for free in the laundry room s communal book shelf I figured I had nothing to lose except time Sy Montgomery really likes animals For her, observing and [...]

    16. There are so many things to love about this book It doesn t try to be anything but an honest, loving story about a couple and their journey with their pig, Christopher Hogwood One of my absolute favorite aspects was that this book was unconventionally educational Sy Montgomery has written several other books about her research and adventures with various exotic animals ie pink dolphins of the , silverback gorillas in Zaire, vampire bats in Costa Rica, etc I assume that this writing style is some [...]

    17. I had read this book quite some time ago and had forgotten I thought it was familiar but picked it up at the library anyway and as soon as I looked at the pictures in the book, I remembered it vividly However, I skimmed through it again just to revive my memories of Christopher Hogwood.This is the story not so much of a very lucky pig who was saved and adopted by a couple, but the story of several lucky people who were inspired, enlightened, and befriended by one very talented, smart pig Anyone [...]

    18. This was a quick, cute read Sy and Howard take in a tiny runt of a pig litter, expecting it to die within days But with love, food and attention, this little tyke not only survives but lives a glorious life as the star attraction of their small town Pig slop, poop and media attention are the key topics addressed over and over and over and quickly it becomes apparent that this pig runs the show not only for his immediate family but for the town in general I can t imagine a town where an escaped p [...]


    20. I really liked the story of Christopher Hogwood In addition to being a heartwarming and fun book with a story about awesome animals we can t forget the Ladies and Tess , I learned some things about pigs as well I loved this quote from the book it sums up how I see animals as well But Christopher had made his desires known We simply obeyed, as was our mission and our privilege p 244, large print edition.

    21. I just could not get in to this 245 page overly effusive ode to an animal The author seems to believe both literally and figuratively that her pig s poop don t sink but I am not sure what made this pig so extraordinary I was also a little offput by the author herself She came off a bit braggy and I was really uncomfortable with how she shared her stories about her parents.

    22. I thought that The good good pig was a informational book but not too informational to the point where you feel like you re reading non fiction while reading the book it didn t seem like every page was just straight facts, there was an actual story during the first few chapters i learned a lot about the pigs skin and fur which was very interesting to me, before reading this i didn t know there where stripped pigs in the world Overall i thought that it was a good book and i would recommend it to [...]

    23. I have been a vegetarian on and off throughout my life, and I expected after reading this book that I d be off pork at least for the foreseeable future For some reason, it didn t have that effect on me or sell me on the joys of raising a pig, although Christopher Hogwood seemed to be very popular among those who made his acquaintance I did fall in love with the author She seems like the kind of loving, quirky, completely original woman that I would love to have as a friend.

    24. The Good, Good Pig is the story of Christopher Hogswood, who came to live with Sy Montgomery and her husband as a baby Chris was a farm pig, and the runt of the litter, too sickly to live Sy took Chris in and nursed him back to health The Good, Good Pig is the story of Chris s good, good life As someone who has a potbelly pig, I loved this book Sy describes pigs and their quirky habits perfectly I read three quarters of the book and stopped, not finishing it for nearly two years, not because it [...]

    25. Sy Montgomery is quickly becoming one of my favorite authors This book chronicles her life with Christopher Hogwood, her 700 pound pig It made me laugh and cry Great read for animal lovers I also recommend her book The Soul of an Octopus.

    26. This book struck a very strong chord with me Within the first couple of pages we learn that Montgomery s father is struggling with lung cancer My dad was diagnosed with lung cancer at the beginning of the year From that moment on, this book took a completely different tone with me.The Good Good Pig is really just as much about Sy as it is about Christopher Hogwood Maybe even a little Sy s growth in her community and with her fledgling family is coincided by Christopher s growing both literal an [...]

    27. He really was a good pig Sy Montgomery is an experienced author who has led a remarkable life of adventure She has searched for the elusive golden bear in Cambodia, swam with the pink dolphins in , communed with the gorillas in Africa and stalked as well as been stalked by tigers in India Ironically, Ms Montgomery s most resonant revelations came to her through the good grace of her kind hearted pig, Christopher Hogwood Cynics need not apply There is a fair dose of saccharin contained in this pr [...]

    28. The book I read was called The Good, Good Pig by Sy Montgomery The authors purpose for writing this story was to share her experience of raising a baby piglet into the pigs natural life The theme of this book is when you are in a stressful situation there will be something out there to keep your mind off of the stress For example, the reason the author got the pig to begin with was because her father was dying and her friends had just had a large litter of piglets and they had a runt and needed [...]

    29. Sy Montgomery lives and writes in Hanover, NH when she is not traveling the world searching for Pink Dolphins, man eating tigers or Golden Moon bears Christopher Hogwood came into her life as the runt of the runts much as Wilbur appeared in Fern s life in the celebrated Charlotte s Web But there the comparison ends for, though, Christopher does indeed talk, it is in pig language And the people who love their farms and this particular pig are wonderful listeners Christopher s charm and zest for t [...]

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