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Pretty Amy By Lisa Burstein,

  • Title: Pretty Amy
  • Author: Lisa Burstein
  • ISBN: 9781620611197
  • Page: 461
  • Format: Paperback
  • You d think life couldn t get much worse than being arrested on prom night But you d be wrong.No friends My two besties, Cassie and Lila, are now officially parentally banned.No summer of freedom Instead, I ll be working at a convenience store, earning money just so I can cover bail.No future Just a series of humiliating rehabilitation techniques designed to teach meYou d think life couldn t get much worse than being arrested on prom night But you d be wrong.No friends My two besties, Cassie and Lila, are now officially parentally banned.No summer of freedom Instead, I ll be working at a convenience store, earning money just so I can cover bail.No future Just a series of humiliating rehabilitation techniques designed to teach me a lesson.The only silver lining is Aaron a mystery wrapped in a leather jacket and wielding car keys who just happens to show up right when I need him Now I only feel alive when we re driving together, the wind in my hair.Maybe finally getting a life only happens once you think your life is over.
    Pretty Amy You d think life couldn t get much worse than being arrested on prom night But you d be wrong No friends My two besties Cassie and Lila are now officially parentally banned No summer of freedom Inst

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    1. PRETTY AMY brought me back to the chaotic halls of my own high school I too had a friend like Lila, who always had to be the prettiest one in the room I too was a middle class white girl who was as exotic as a blueberry muffin oh how I love that line And, most importantly, I too had a tendency to define who I was by how others saw me, by how easily I fit in, and how well I was liked Truth be told, I m still a little like Amy.Lisa Burstein knows how to capture adolescence and the turbulent teen y [...]

    2. Turned out being much intense than I expected, Pretty Amy is a contemporary novel filled with disasters and mistakes, during a hard journey to self discovery Amy lacks self confidence She always has This is what causes her to have trouble fitting in as well as constantly worrying about what others think of her Her voice is very melodramatic which makes her sound like a genuinely lost, broken teenager High school is hard and demanding in a lot of ways especially socially It would be easy for a l [...]

    3. Rated 4 stars Four Stars A rocky road for a teenage girl who struggles to find her identity.It is prom night for Amy As her mom drops her off, she receives an earful on her poor choices, her bad influence friends and her attitude Not once does her mother offer any encouraging words or even tells Amy she looks pretty in her dress No matter, Amy still intends on making this the best night of her life She, along with the narcissistic Lila and the rebellious Cassie, plan to have a fabulous time at t [...]

    4. 3.5 stars It s easy to believethat someday I will just like A.J unlocked from his cage.That the bars I ve put around me will fall away.That I will feel like that little girl again.Finally and beautifully free When I first saw the cover to Pretty Amy I thought it would be a light fluffy easy going read, but once I picked up I realised it went much deeper than I originally thought Amy has been looking forward to her prom for a while now, on the night she gets dropped off to her friend Lila s house [...]

    5. And the award for the most obnoxious, pathetic and mind numbingly boring protagonist goes to Amy I m giving this up even before I ve read halfway through the book that s a personal first.I m so pissed at this book Its blurb led me to believe I was in for a thoughtful coming of age story Boy, was I mislead It reminds me a little of Curtis Sittenfeld s Prep I slogged through pages and pages of endless whining, insecurities and incredibly bad decisions with no personal growth in sight I probably sh [...]

    6. This book came highly recommended so I decided to give it a try.Pretty Amy is a coming of age YA novel about Amy, a graduating senior who is hanging out with the wrong crowd beautiful Lila and trash talking Cassie Amy finally feels like she fits in, but during a fateful prom night her life changes forever, and she has to finally grow up.This novel is well written and while Amy is hard to like sometimes because of her bitterness, anger and frustration, we somehow get the sense she ll turn around [...]

    7. 2.5 StarsAmy is friends with Lila and Cassie Well, I m not sure you would call these girls friends but they hang out together Amy ended up falling into their group after not fitting in with anyone else She keeps hanging around these two because somehow, they make her feel like she belongs, and in her eyes, they re cool After planning to go to prom with Lila and her boyfriend, and a couple of other boys rounded up for dates, the girls are stood up and decide to crash the prom without dates They d [...]

    8. Wow This was wonderful PRETTY AMY was so, so real As a teenager and a writer, I can say that this book had merit as both My prom night this year was unbelievable and fun and so, so stressful Getting arrested afterwards It s something that everyone is secretly afraid of I remember that last year, half of our tennis team was arrested for underage drinking at a party, and all of the sports in season were screwed so yes, this premise is very real PRETTY AMY addresses many of the problems that most h [...]

    9. We ve all been Amy at some point in our lives, even if we didn t spend prom night in jail A must read for lovers of contemporary YA

    10. THIS REVIEWON B S BOOK BLOG AUTHOR INTERVIEWAn ARC of this title was provided by the author for review Unfortunately, I am only myself I am only Amy Fleishman I am one of the legions of middle class white girls who search malls for jeans that make them look thinner, who search drugstores for makeup to wear as second skin, who are as sexy and exotic as blueberry muffins and one of the only girls I know to get arrested on prom night I think I ve learned at some point in my high school life that op [...]

    11. Flying through the pages of Pretty Amy was like a trip back to the halls of my high school the cliques, the heartbreaks, the searching, the uncertainty Amy is searching but she doesn t even really know what she s searching for or perhaps even that she s searching She s found a group of friends who make her someone, but is that someone who she really WANTS to be Is it really who she is Unfortunately, I am only myself I am only Amy Fleishman I am one of the legions of middle class girls who search [...]

    12. Pretty Amy was not at all the book I expected it to be I was expecting a fluffy prom book, something like Ditched Hijinks, misadventures and pretty dresses That was all kinds of wrong The book is like that for approximately five seconds, and then it s very clear that this book is deeper and darker Pretty Amy is not a fun, feel good book, not a prom book, even though Amy does have a prom dress like the one on the cover.Actually, Pretty Amy is mostly about trying to find your identity in the unfor [...]

    13. 3.5 5 StarsBefore I read Pretty Amy by Lisa Burstein I thought Amy and her best friends were going to be arrested because of a silly prank I was really excited to find out what exact crazy prank was pulled I created scenarios, in my mind, of some prank ideas Would Amy, Lila and Cassie splatter food on the outside of Lila s boyfriend Brian s house Or maybe they would steal the boys cars.Instead, Pretty Amy was a story of the effects of not only being arrested but recovering from ruining your life [...]

    14. Originally Posted at iliveforreading 20When I saw Pretty Amy s cover on , it immediately caught my interest That dress is GORGEOUS I then went on to reading the blurb and then further went on to request for a review copy from Lisa Burstein because this sounded like an original premise for a contemporary YA novel And it was just that Pretty Amy explores what every teen would never dream of being arrested on prom night That alone makes you curious doesn t it While I enjoyed most of the story, I di [...]

    15. FINAL RATING 4.10 STARS CATCHALLPretty Amy was an extremely powerful book It certainly wasn t the easier thing in the world to read, and I definitely struggled and some points It was heartbreaking and real It really managed to ring true even though it was do dramatic and unusual The premise was exotic, but the issues and topics it covers are decidedly notE HEROINEAMYAmy was a really relatable character More than anything, she wants to stand out and have attention She has an awesome sense of humo [...]

    16. Ever had one of these moments when you finish a book and think That was definitely NOT what I expected Like, you saw a cover and read the description and it never prepared you for what might be inside The synopsis for Pretty Amy is a good example of that.Seriously, read it again and tell me the first thing that comes to your mind A nice contemporary Maybe something in the way of David Leviathan or Janette Rallison not that I ve read Janette Rallison, but the cover makes me think of My Fair Godmo [...]

    17. 4.5 out of 5 stars First I want to give this some cover love I adore the cover Yes, it s a girl in a pretty dressbut she s in a jail cell I love it Second, it s titled Pretty Amy which automatically makes it cool since that s my name Okay now onto the review I really loved this book I am slowly but surely becoming a contemporary lover This book is absolutely raw and realistic I think everyone can relate to Amy in some way This was a fantastic book that follows Amy through a hard time and her str [...]

    18. Pretty Amy was not what I expected and that is such a good thing I expected the story to be lighter and fun, and again, I am so happy that I was wrong.Amy s story is not dark, it may be slightly depressing and sad but it has it s funny moments too.I am amazed on how Lisa Burstein s writing was able to draw me in and remind me what it was like to be a senior in high school again every time I was forced to put the book down I had to remind myself that I am no longer that teen and that I am married [...]

    19. I started reading Pretty Amy expecting a light story about high school drama on prom night Instead, I got something much deeper.Pretty Amy is the story Amy, a high school senior who s friends with the wrong kind girls just to feel accepted The book begins on Prom Night when Amy and her two best friends Lila and Cassie get stood up by their dates and an act of revenge ends up getting them arrested Talk about a prom night from hell.Whatever I was expecting, it was not this Pretty Amy was way bette [...]

    20. While most teenagers go to prom their senior year, Amy Fleishman goes to jail In this witty story about a teenage girl trying to fit in and find her place in life, Amy s easy life is about to turn upside down Her mother goes ballistic and her lawyer wants her to testify against her best friends, the only two girls that ever accepted her as she was Hard headed Amy vows her loyalty to her friends and refuses, conscious that she may be spending the next year in jail What s a girl to do when she s f [...]

    21. For me, the wonder of PRETTY AMY is in Lisa s ability to dive layers deep into the teenage experience As readers we like to talk about relating to a main character I don t think it s essential that we relate to the main character, so much that we sympathize with her And that s an important distinction with PRETTY AMY I wasn t an Amy in high school, but that didn t matter I still felt for her, rooted for her, wanted so badly for her to grow through the novel into the strong girl that I knew she c [...]

    22. I was lucky enough to get a sneak peek at this before it comes out I loved every minute of PRETTY AMY Amy s so relatable and likeable and has this awesome snarky personality that made laugh Out loud That s right, I totally LOLd I highlighted a ton of great lines The pace was great It was real and raw yet funny This is contemporary YA at it s best, and I highly recommend everyone read it the second it comes out in May.

    23. ARC provided by Entangled Publishing for review When I first read the synopsis for Pretty Amy, I was expecting a funny story about a girl who was arrested on prom night Imagine my complete surprise to find out that this book was actually deep, intense and emotional.Pretty Amy tells the story of Amy Fleishman who has never stood out Amy never had many friends and she was never part of the popular crowd In fact, nobody ever seemed to notice Amy Until freshman year when she befriends bad girls Lila [...]

    24. If, like me, you view your high school years as something best left never revisited, and if, like me, you wonder if you really existed in high school, then perhaps you should approach reading Lisa Burstein s Pretty Amy with caution You might experience some post traumatic related flashbacks.Despite the somewhat optimistic cover, featuring a young girl in a puffy prom dress, Pretty Amy is anything but light and puffy It will make you think, occasionally shudder, and perhaps cry a little.Amy Fleis [...]

    25. For a detailed review, take a look at my blog.Before I go ahead, let me just state, that I LOVED this book And the main reason for that is the character Amy I have to admit that I was, and sometimes still am, an Amy myself Not sure where I belong and who to trust, not knowing what is right and what is wrong in my life There are just two main differences between Amy and me I am not sixteen, but twenty one and I learned to embrace my own weirdness There are days when I m struggling, but basically [...]

    26. hey everyone I have the lovely opportunity of reading an ARC of this lovely book being part of the blog tour for pretty Amy information to come In the meantime, check out our blog read a holiczBUT it is This book was good in a life directing sort of way It s like you re watching this girl s life slowly decay I personally thought Amy was a little na ve and childish She could have just made the deal with the lawyer And the whole I don t want to be like everyone else thing she had with her old fri [...]

    27. I will admit that Pretty Amy was completely different from anything that I thought it would be In fact, it is completely different from any book that I have ever read The raw and gritty nature of this book is definitely not for youngsters however I do believe that it is an important book for teenagers to read and for their parents to read also.I spent the majority of the book wanting to punch the main character, Amy, in the face Reading the book as both an outsider and as someone who never exper [...]

    28. I was so happy when the publisher sent me an eARC of Pretty Amy I started it right away and finished it in one setting It was a fast and interesting read and it wasn t at all what I was expecting, but I loved every minute of it Amy is a normal teenage who feels like she is all alone Her parents don t understand her and pretty much ignore her, and her two best friends, Lila and Cassie are the bad girls They smoke, drink and have sex When Amy started hanging out with them, she lost her best friend [...]

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